The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 37

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Cut Finger

Queen Sisi successfully distracted me with a topic that would otherwise utterly fail. I, too, had just found out the meaning behind the kiss not too long ago. I had always wanted to brush it off for the meantime before fixing the misunderstanding. However, the Elven Queen’s reaction irritated me and left me at a loss. Veirya also knew, after all; she looked at me with a very abnormal gaze. I knew Veirya might say something to me after Queen Sisi but not for the meantime.

Queen Sisi seemed content after successfully breaking me and the Elven Queen up. I found myself anxious. While I spoke to the Elven Queen and we both knew what to do beforehand, I was worried she’d ally with Queen Sisi out of spite. Queen Sisi was most likely aiming for that. Queen Sisi was unlikely aware the Elven Queen and I kissed. She merely tested us, as I sided with the Elven Queen. She just unexpectedly hit the bull’s eye.

Queen Sisi was definitely elated for it was the first time she managed to silence me after all the verbal exchanges between us. I was helpless. The Elven Queen was always of the belief that I kissed her, knowing full-well what the significance of it was, which led to her feeling betrayed.

Queen Sisi was hoping for the Elven Queen to get angry. A normal person wouldn’t do crazy things, but someone who let their anger cloud their judgement may just do crazy things. If the Elven Queen wasn’t blind, she may very well have given me a School Days ending.

Anna and I prepared dinner; Leah and Veirya sat at the dining table with Queen Sisi. Leah sat in Veirya’s lap; she was still somewhat afraid. Queen Sisi appeared to be satisfied already, though. She knew Veirya wasn’t someone she could have a good conversation with, which was why she didn’t speak. Instead, she drank the most expensive drink available in the North, bearing in mind that the cost of it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning to her. As she sat there and drank, she wore a spooky smile and spaced out.

I didn’t know what Queen Sisi’s end goal was. All I knew was that she planned to find a good opportunity to attack the elves via the Elven Queen. In addition, Queen Sisi’s ambition was literally hidden behind just a paper-thin veil at that point. She wasn’t there to test the waters. From the dominating aura she had, it was obvious she was absolutely determined to go through with her agenda. But nevertheless, I believed it wasn’t her sole goal.

By my estimations, Queen Sisi should’ve had another goal in mind, namely Veirya. Veirya was already pregnant, though, thereby forcing her to put that plan on hold for the meantime.  In saying that, was Queen Sisi even the type of woman who would give up so simply? No, she wasn’t; she never gave up. I couldn’t let down my guard yet.  I was scared out of my wits, seeing Queen Sisi and Veirya sitting together. I wasn’t scared of only Queen Sisi. If the idiot, Veirya, had a slip of the tongue…

Though Leah hadn’t cried or made a scene, I was able to sense Leah’s unease after hearing Queen Sisi’s remark about being my daughter. She’d occasionally steal glances at Veirya’s bulging belly. She knew that it was fake and the result of a drug. Still, it was unsettling for her. I forgot to take that into consideration. I never thought about having a child with Veirya. She didn’t look as though she’d earnestly give birth and lead a modest life…

Indeed, it was a challenge for Leah. Veirya and I both expressed that we wouldn’t betray her even if we did have a child. However, Leah had experienced being abandoned by her father and starving every day. Subsequently, she was particularly sensitive about the topic. After Queen Sisi mentioned it, it triggered me, too. If I could marry Veirya in the future, we’d definitely have a child. The question, then, was what would Leah think about that? How would she live together with us in the future?  Those were problems.

I felt Queen Sisi came to torment me. Not only did she throw off my life that I went through so much to put in place, she even bombed me with dilemmas and difficult problems.

Immersed in my own thoughts, I suddenly heard Anna cry out, startling me. So accordingly, I stopped bringing down my knife on the meat. I suddenly felt a sharp painful sensation on my left hand. Only then did I realise that I had finished cutting the meat and that I’d cut my finger off if I continued cutting. Though I had subconsciously stopped, I still cut into my finger. Anna quickly grabbed my hand and anxiously exclaimed, “Sir, are you all right?! Why were you so careless?! You would have lost your finger if you cut down!!”


Before I had the chance to speak, Leah and Veirya rushed into the kitchen. Leah emotionally yelled, “What?!! Papa!! What happened to your finger?! Y-You cut your finger while making dinner?! You won’t lose it, will you?! You won’t, will you?! You won’t… lose it this time, will you?! Does… does Leah need to go and look for Sister Lucilia?! Sister Lucilia would definitely have a way to heal it!!”

“There’s no need to; don’t be so anxious, Leah. It’s just a minor cut. Don’t be so worried.”

Ever since I lost my foot, Leah was particularly nervous about any injuries that I suffered. She reacted as though all the wounds that I received were fatal. Leah grabbed my hand and looked at the cut. She then stuck my finger in her mouth and sucked on my finger. In the past, I said that she might’ve done so due to her race. Leah’s tongue was deft and sensitive. She was just sucking her father’s finger, yet I oddly enjoyed it. After several repeats, Leah spat my finger out and carefully stroked it a few times. It stopped bleeding. She then said, “Done, Papa. You must be careful next time…”

I didn’t have time to reply, though, for Veirya copied Leah and did the exact same thing.

Veirya also licked my wound, except it was more similar to a dog licking a bone because of how vigorously she licked it. In fact, it made me worry that the wound would end up bleeding again as a result of the pressure. Veirya didn’t say a word, while I didn’t think it was all that nice… it just… hurt somewhat. Veirya spat my finger out; she looked at me and, with a serious look, stated, “Two times. Will be better.”

I knew that I couldn’t win an argument against Veirya; hence, I gave up.  It was whatever she says it was, I guess.

I noticed Queen Sisi also came to the kitchen. She curiously scanned the surroundings as if it was her first time in a kitchen. Okay, maybe my guess was right. It was her first time in the kitchen.

When Queen Sisi noticed my gaze on her, she suddenly shuddered and took a step back: “Don’t look at me! I won’t lick your finger for you!!!”

“I never even thought about asking you to!!!”

It sounded as if it was a joke, and it was Queen Sisi, who was teasing me. Very soon in the future, however, I teased Queen Sisi with that line whenever I saw her. After all, she wouldn’t suck my finger…  That said…


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