The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 35

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Queen’s Tears

“I think living here is nice. You don’t need to find a place elsewhere,” commented Queen Sisi.

When Queen Sisi saw our place, she nodded with a soft chuckle. We just had a tour of the first floor. Honestly, we didn’t even fancy up the first floor. The fountain had just been done. The rubbish left behind after it was repaired was still dumped there. The flowers on both sides of the garden had yet to be planted, and pretty flowers had yet to sprout from the soil we dug up. I didn’t think there was anything worth seeing. I wasn’t sure Queen Sisi was genuinely interested or if she was mocking us. Perhaps she just really wanted to live with Veirya.

We didn’t let Queen Sisi upstairs. Though the Elven Queen wouldn’t turn against elves and side with humanity, since she was sensible, a fact which really relieved me, I didn’t want to let the two Queens meet. The less trouble I had, the better.

“Are you not going to give me a tour of the second floor?” questioned Queen Sisi.

Queen Sisi’s aim seemed to be to meet with the Elven Queen on the second floor. The greetings and shock from Veirya’s pregnancy had subsided, so Queen Sisi took the reins again. At the start, I thought my guess that Queen Sisi visited our place for the Elven Queen was on the mark, albeit not knowing how Queen Sisi knew the Elven Queen’s whereabouts.

Queen Sisi was cognizant of the fact that I deliberately didn’t let her meet the Elven Queen. My desire to hide the Elven Queen probably made it more evident the Elven Queen was at our place. Furthermore, the Queen Sisi knew that I knew what she was thinking; therefore, she brought it into the open and forced me to take her upstairs. Queen Sisi’s question wasn’t actually a question but a command. I, consequently, had to take her upstairs and let her meet the Elven Queen.

I sighed to myself. I had no choice. I tried to explain, “Mm, there are only bedrooms on the second floor. However, there are injured elves, who are recuperating upstairs, which is why I think it is best not to disturb them.”

“That doesn’t matter. I came to see my good friend. After all, she was once my comrade when we fought together. I basically know what happened with the elves. I know what happens in my territory, after all.”

“Did Queen Sisi just cast a glance at me?” I wondered.

I knew what Queen Sisi hinted to me; she wanted to tell me that, despite me being in the northernmost area, she was still informed of everything that happened there. I, however, saw through her ruse. It was a senseless threat; Queen Sisi only knew about the incident. The only thing I didn’t know was how she found out.

With a subtle grin, I remarked, “It appears Veirya and I kept our secrets quite well, then.”

Queen Sisi’s expression stiffened on her face, although she quickly replaced it with a smile. She pinched my face, “How interesting, Little Doggy. If you’re a dog, you should know what you should and shouldn’t say, right?’

“Sorry, Your Majesty. I do not work in the imperial capital.”

Queen Sisi unhappily pursed her lips: “I see that you are blurting out my weakness. So then, shall I ask that question from that day again? The question is the exact same.”

“Coincidentally, Your Majesty, my answer happens to be the same.”

Queen Sisi softly giggled and then grabbed the rail to head upstairs. I sighed to myself. It was unavoidable in the end.

The young man and Achilles weren’t wrong; Queen Sisi did, indeed, want to attack the elves. Else, she wouldn’t need to see an Elven Queen who had fallen from power – unless she actually swore a sisterhood oath with her, planned to take her back to the imperial capital and take care of her for eternity. That wasn’t the sort of person Queen Sisi was, though.

Queen Sisi was the type to eat someone bones and all. Perhaps a vampire would be a more appropriate term to address her by than a human. She sucked the life out of people before finally throwing their corpse away and complaining they tasted bad. That was her true nature.

I followed Queen Sisi upstairs to the elves’ room. The Elven Queen probably shared my thoughts: if we could be less one problem, then let us be less one problem. I noticed Angelina still hadn’t stepped out of her room, though, albeit still eating as per usual. She’d sneak out to use the toilet, but I didn’t have the foggiest clue as what she was hiding from.

Was it because I rejected her last time, I wondered. What flipping right would she have to be upset and angry about, though?!! She was Veirya’s mom for Pete’s sake!! What sort of mother gets jealous of her daughter?! Shouldn’t she be happy to see a man be faithful to her daughter? It wasn’t time to be worrying about Angelina, nevertheless. After all, Angelina was an adult and wouldn’t be wilfully angry as a child.  The priority was the meeting between two Queens.

Queen Sisi knocked on the door. Ciara pulled the door open. She wasn’t particularly surprised to see Queen Sisi. In fact, she calmly bowed: “Esteemed Queen Sisi, it is a great honour to meet you here. Our Queen has yet to recover, unfortunately. We are not in the elven lands, either. Therefore, please forgive us for not being able to provide you with the best reception.”

“That’s not important. I can’t ask an injured woman to salute me. Plus, I came to visit you; hence, you don’t need to stand on ceremony.”

Queen Sisi pressed her hand on the Ciara’s breasts and pushed the latter away. She looked eager to enter. She could no longer wait to see her final goal, the Elven Queen. I followed her into the room. The Elven Queen lied on the bed as usual and didn’t greet Queen Sisi. I didn’t know if she was feigning to be asleep or if she was actually asleep. Queen Sisi couldn’t hide her smile when she saw the Elven Queen. She then immediately switched her smile for a heartbroken demeanour. She walked over and knelt down in front of the Elven Queen. Queen Sisi’s switch was shockingly fast. Queen Sisi could definitely score an Oscar. Heck, she already had tears in her heterochromia eyes!

“My most beloved elf, what happened to you…? What exactly happened to you…? Heavens, I never thought they would do something so cruel to you. I-I, my heart hurts… Dear, Dear, tell me, what exactly happened? What do you want to do? I will definitely help you. I will definitely avenge you! Tell me, dear, you can tell me anything!!”

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