The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 26

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Three Women…

The curtain on Veirya’s issue was closed for the meantime. At the very least, she had that strange drug. While I was afraid that it was yet to be resolved, with one annoying matter crossed of the list, I was already relieved as it was. In saying that, I still needed to think about whether or not I could do something about the Elven Queen and Queen Sisi.

“Should I tell the Elven Queen to not become the sinner of elves?” I asked myself.

The issue was that I couldn’t get involved with the matter. Rather, once I get involved and failed to get on the good sides of both parties, I’d be in trouble with them regardless if the Elven Queen returned, or Queen Sisi captured the elven lands. According to the most fundamental principle of being the wise one who protects himself, I shouldn’t dip my hands in the matter. What if the Elven Queen really had been possessed, though…?

I needed some who looked harmless and the Elven Queen wouldn’t remember or fear to beat around the bush with her. Who should I send? Veirya? Yeah right. She wouldn’t do. Queen Sisi wanted Veirya to get involved. I, therefore, couldn’t allow Veirya to get involved. Angelina certainly couldn’t get involved. Among those around me could talk…

I looked at the head on my thigh. She lied on the chair similarly to a kitten. Leah peacefully basked the sunlight. Leah was a child; Adults wouldn’t be too mindful of her when she spoke. I doubted the Elven Queen would tell Queen Sisi a child stopped me because, if she did, Queen Sisi would likely mock her until she committed suicide. If Leah went, Queen Sisi would instantly figure out what I was planning, but the Elven Queen wouldn’t. The strategy, then, was to tell Leah, and then have her go and send the Elven Queen some subtle directions. At the very least, I couldn’t allow the Elven Queen to become an elven spy. Obviously, whether or not she became a spy was none of my business; I merely wanted to prevent my only method of making money being gutted.

Thinking I had figured out everything that needed to be done after Queen Sisi arrived, I decided I could have a bit of a rest. I still didn’t understand what exactly Queen Sisi was coming for, nevertheless. There was no way she was visiting for a stroll. I surmised it might have to do with the Elven Queen. Those were all my own assumptions, though. How was I supposed to know? She might’ve been coming to kidnap me for all I knew. Was there anything Queen Sisi wouldn’t do?

I gently scrubbed Leah’s ear and softly sighed. I had just returned to the North; I yet to enjoy any laidback days, and I had to get busy again. I thought I had finally escaped Queen Sisi’s grasp, only for her to come to the North. Lucia gave me three problems, too.

Initially, I had plans to build a friendly relationship with Queen Sisi when I went to the Imperial Capital, but I certainly wasn’t planning for it to become what it did. Our current relationship made things incredibly troublesome. It wasn’t wise to stay with Queen Sisi; that much was for sure. It was nowhere near as relaxing as being with Veirya.

Circumstances already escalated enough to be extremely complex. The North should’ve been the most peaceful place in the entire empire, yet it became the location Queen Sisi focused on most just as she previously did with the imperial capital. I thought I had left the imperial capital. Only to realise I actually hadn’t.

“Can things get any more complex? I feel as though things here have developed into something undesirably convoluted,” I complained to myself.


Okay, I take that back.

When I heard the sudden loud and cheerful voice outside, I just wanted to smash my head on the table. Veirya, who sat opposite me, placed down her cup of water, finding my reaction unusual: “Lucilia has arrived. Are you. Not Happy? Isn’t she. Our friend?”

“She is, but she came at a bad time…”

I didn’t want to say another word. The situation between humanity and elves was sitting on the fence. On one hand, there was the passionate and energetic elf heroine. On the other hand, there was the human Queen, who was brimming with ambition and wanted to conquer the elves.

I sat there thinking, “Did the two of them make an appointment? Why are they here at the same time? We’ll have one interesting situation if all three of them gather. An exiled Elven Queen, the elven heroine who exiled her and a human Queen unable to contain her ambition. Surely this is the most terrifying moment!! The two Queens made things hard enough to deal with as is; if a Lucia I can’t control joins the fray, I’m doomed! This is the worst situation possible! I reckon the wisest and safest decision now is to just leg it. It might be easier to come back and deal with them once they’re done fighting…”


Current time on the path leading to the North.

“How desolate. Nothing here has changed after the last major war.”

Queen Sisi lowered the curtain then lied down on the big, soft bed in her carriage. She grabbed two pieces of fruit from a plate and ate them. Her carriage was majestic and massive. From the perspective of a normal individual, they might not consider it a horse carriage but a house. It took six horses to her pull carriage. Around her horse carriage, she stationed fully-equipped soldiers. The flags representing her fluttered in the wind. It was definitely a sight to behold.

The last time Queen Sisi was in the North, she wore the soldiers’ armour and rode an ordinary horse. Then she only had a measly number of bodyguards accompanying her. Queen Sisi gave her everything for the war, putting even humanity’s fate on the line. Perhaps that was the reason humanity was able to triumph in the war.

Queen Sisi was different to her past self. She had plans for the upcoming war against elves, but she didn’t take it to heart. She had seen the elves’ military; she had been to their forest once in the past. The residence of even the Elven Queen was only comparable to a town in humanity’s lands. The elves small population numbered fewer than humanity’s guard unit. Queen Sisi presumed humanity wouldn’t even require strategy to conquer the elves. She believed they could mow the elves down with sheer brute force. In fact, Queen Sisi had a certain idea, which was to procure the miraculous weapons that could spray fire from the dwarves and completely burn down the elves’ forest. The forest wasn’t that important to humanity anyway. Queen Sisi didn’t care about the elves; neither was she one who understood warfare.

Queen Sisi neglected something. Numbers certainly were important in war; but nevertheless, it wasn’t the most crucial factor in war. To top it off, Queen Sisi didn’t research the elves.

Queen Sisi looked at her hands with her eyes narrowed. She softly chuckled and said to herself, “Little Doggy, we’re about to meet again… What will you use to provide me with a reception this time, Little Doggy? I truly look forward to it. How many interesting things will you be able to bring up with regards to the Elven Queen? I’m very eager to find out. You’re the only one who can make me look forward to something so much. Entertain me, Little Doggy, before I conquer the elves.”

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