The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 06

Family Harmony and National Affairs

Obviously, I wasn’t going to agree to join such a crazy campaign. Challenging Queen Sisi as she stood at the time was a one-way ticket to hell. Not only did I not agree to join him, I wouldn’t even speak to him again. He hastily approached me and emotionally said, “You may have misunderstood something. I did not say that I would kill Queen Sisi or force her to abdicate her throne. Of course, if it comes down to it, I will do so. Nevertheless, if possible, I would prefer it if you could save Queen Sisi from her current self. She no longer listens to us, but she extremely trusts you. I believe she will sincerely take what you say to heart. That is why I would like to ask you to give her a reminder. She must not attack the elves. I hope you can stop her from killing herself!! We have no way of waging the war! Unfortunately, Her Majesty has become too haughty; this really will lead to the demise of this nation!!”

“Her Majesty wants to attack the elves?!”

I paused for a second then shut the door again. I didn’t think Queen Sisi would open fire on the elves in that manner. I knew she couldn’t sit still and that some things would certainly be conducted, since the nation just settled down. With that said, I didn’t think Queen Sisi would choose to attack the elves out of all things. The elves had just ended their internal turmoil. While it did appear to be a great opportunity to attack them, a foreign attack would encourage the elves to unite.

Was it really a wise idea to fight the elves in the forest? The last Empress to fight a war against the elves fought for her biological son, but even with guns and canons in their arsenal, the fight turned out fifty-fifty. Humanity wasn’t that far ahead compared to elves this time, however. Still, was it really a wise idea to be attacking your former allies as soon as the war against the demons was over?

I think it was a very irrational decision. Moreover, the war would have a direct impact on me. I just negotiated a deal to trade elven flavouring with the elves; if a war broke out, the deal will be called off. As a matter of fact, if the elves’ shame turned to rage and they retaliated, we’d be the first to bear the brunt of their attack, since we were their neighbours. If Queen Sisi was going to fight, then she’d fight without a care. She essentially cut me off from my lifeline and money!!!!

There was no way I’d allow Queen Sisi to go through with the idea. It was just… would I actually be able to convince her otherwise? Would I be able to walk away with a favourable result if it was me? It was dangerous for me, but I had to try and stop her from enacting her plan. If she attacked the elves, my source of income would be cut off. If I failed to stop her, I’d need to notify the elves that humanity might attack them. At the end of the day, I had no loyalty devoted to humanity’s nation to speak of.

I didn’t care what happened to the kingdom, but I sure as hell couldn’t cut off my income supply. Since Veirya chose to return to the North with me, the North had to develop. For the North to develop, money was a must. The only way the North could make money was through exporting flavouring. If we couldn’t trade flavouring, was I supposed to export wooden bowls for people to beg for money?!

After mulling over it for a while, I replied, “I won’t oppose Queen Sisi. Regardless of what the case may be, she hasn’t done anything wrong during her reign. To add, suppose you do successfully remove her, can you find someone better to replace her? In saying that, I will bring it up with her. I don’t think waging war on the elves is wise, either.”

At the same time, I pulled open the door again to indicate I didn’t want to talk anymore. In other words, I wouldn’t change my opinion. That was my bottom line. The look on his face gave me the impression he still had something  to say; nevertheless, I didn’t want to talk anymore. Instead, I smiled: “I haven’t finished breakfast yet. If you like, you can join Lord Veirya at the table for breakfast. What do you think?”

“N-No, thank you… I-I am not worthy… How can I share a table with Lord Veirya? I cannot do that! I cannot do that! I absolutely cannot do that!” The young man froze for a moment then vigorously shook his head and waved his hands.

The young man went down the stairs fast as if he was fleeing. I chuckled to myself as I watched him run. When he reached the entrance, he quickly gave Veirya a deep bow before leaving. Unfortunately, Veirya never spared him any attention. As a matter of fact, when I returned to the table, she asked me who he was.

“You met him before,” I said to myself.

“Did. He. Say something?”

I didn’t lie. I picked up a piece of bread and dipped it into the milk in the bowl. I answered, “No, nothing. It was just something he wanted me to tell Her Majesty.”

Veirya nodded and didn’t pursue it any further. She wasn’t interested in the matter between us in the least. Well, I wouldn’t need to explain anything, then.

Angelina glanced at me, and then softly giggled: “Something happened between you two last night, right? I don’t think that you two need to hide it, though. I mean, just strip down. Plus, you two should have a child. Just unload inside; why do you need to spray it on her clothes?”


I spat a mouthful of milk out on Angelina. She froze in response but didn’t get angry. Instead, a mischievous smile crept up onto her face. She tightly hugged my arm and gently pinched my face. She then gave me a kiss on my cheek then smiled: “Are you hinting something to me? You also got liquid on me, huh? Do you want to get the authentic stuff on me at night? I’m done with that. I like you very much. I really like you. I’m a little old, but I don’t mind. Additionally, I’m much better than my disappointing daughter. See, the last time I kissed you, I made you go crazy, didn’t I? Also, my body will be more seductive at night… You can play with it however you please. I guarantee I’ll give you an enjoyable experience like no other.”

“Don’t do this; you’re Veirya’s mother…”

“Let go.” Veirya’s reaction was more serious and calmer than me. She went straight for the dining knife and aimed it at her mother: “Don’t. Agree. She’s. Very mischievous. You’re mine. So. I won’t allow you to go to her.”

“Meanie. Veirya, it’s wrong for you to do that. If you’re not going to take the initiative, you can’t just lead him on…”

“Papa… why is this happening between you and Sister Angelina, too? Why is there are always traces of other women around Papa? Also, didn’t you sleep together with Leah last night? Why did something happen with you and Mama Veirya? Did you go and have a tryst with Mama Veirya while Leah was asleep last night?”

The voice that I heard from behind me was ice cold. I shuddered. Anna couldn’t hold back her laughter. She covered her mouth and didn’t say anything. Our spat was very amusing to Anna…


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