The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 43

Queen’s Flames

I got back in the carriage. I gently rubbed my left leg. I ran about as if I was in normal condition. As a result, the pain was excruciating. It felt as if my bones were crunched together; I don’t even dare to let it budge. I didn’t know what the state of my leg was, but I felt at risk. My body told me that, if I ran again, I’d lose my left leg forever. However, protecting my daughter was more important.

I needed to get Leah back. There were less than two hours before nightfall. I had to find her within that time frame. The moment Queen Sisi struck should was also when the chapel’s plan commenced. Nobody could be certain of what would happen at night. The chapel might even be informed of succubi’s unique traits and opt to kill Leah when she transformed into her mature form. In her child form, she was just a kid, so people would be reluctant. If she was in her mature form, however, she’d be a threatening succubus.

The carriage stopped again. I felt an intense pain sensation shoot up my left leg as soon as I stepped onto the ground, nearly bringing me to my knees. I desperately supported myself with my cane. I carefully continued walking. Every time my left foot made contact with the ground, I’d experience the pain. My body was at its limit. I took in a deep breath to withstand the pain. I then looked over my shoulder: “Go and find the elves. Have them prepare a carriage to take the mother and daughter to the elven forest tonight. You don’t need to come back after; I’m certain your carriage is being watched. Call three carriages over for me and have them line up here with their doors open.”


The coach didn’t ask any questions, which was great. I had no patience for explanations with my leg hurting and the frustration. If somebody were to ask me what I was doing, I’d definitely fly off the handle.

The carriage departed. I turned back to look at the brothel. I knew the ignorant would think I was perverted and sick. They’d be thinking that I was already rotten, yet continued to visit the brothel. I saw lots of disdainful and ridiculing gazes on me, but I didn’t concern myself with them. Two succubi lingered for a moment when they saw me then spun around and ran inside. I stood at the door. Soon, a strange smell came to me.

“So you came looking for me in the end. Smart move,” said Sophia, smiling. “Judging from your appearance, I know I cannot say silly things to you; else, you probably will smash my head with your cane. I will be forthright with you. We noticed Leah heading toward the city door and finally stopped at an abandoned ruin. There is nobody guarding the place. I suppose they are worried leaving to many people there will attract attention.”

I grabbed Sophia by the arm and irritably shouted, “Where? Take me there!”

I startled Sophia. She giggled in a soft voice: “Suddenly grabbing a woman by her arm and dragging her away is not what a gentleman would do. You can rest assured; I will definitely help you, as Leah is our most venerated succubus. However, I want to ask you what your relationship with the woman with Leah is.”

“She has nothing to do with me! Don’t worry about her!”

“Yeah?” remarked Sophia, with a squint. She had a smoke: “As you wish, then. Are we heading straight there now? To be frank, you do not look as though you can fight. The same applies for us succubi. I doubt there will be any fruitful result if the two of us try to force our way through. In my opinion, we should go and ask Her Majesty for men.”

“No, if we ask Her Majesty, they’ll know we know. I don’t have any more time to wait, either. Come with me now. I have to rescue my daughter!!”


Current time at an abandoned ruin outside the Imperial City located not far away.


Angelina slapped a man’s hand, and then coldly glared at him: “No touching the child, understood? Nobody besides me is allowed to approach her.”

“Tch, what does it matter…? She’s going to die tonight, anyway. What’s there to be concerned about?”

The man grouchily sat down to the side. He scanned Leah, who was curled up to one side, with his eyes narrowed. Leah hugged her knees as she trembled on the ground. She didn’t dare to look up at the group of men. There was only one lit up oil lamp on the table in the ruins. There was beer and strong grape wine on table. Long swords were lined up on the table. A group of people, either sitting or standing, had their arms folded as they waited.

Angelina softly sighed. She stood in front of Leah with her arms folded and forbade the men from speaking to Leah again. Leah was a kid, but the men, who were uncultured and no concept of law, saw her as a mere toy.

Angelina felt somewhat sympathetic towards Leah, but she beat herself up inside. She was fully aware of what she was doing. She, personally, led Leah there, and she would kill Leah at night. She knew Leah would transform into an adult at night due to her succubus nature. She was experienced, because she fought with demons in the past. That was what they waited for. Killing Leah meant killing the new Demon King. While they were at it, they would kill demons they captured from a number of places, thereby fabricating a fight scene. Subsequently, the chapel would become the organisation that slew the Demon King.

Angelina rationalised, “Once this is a success, my daughter will come to my side. Veirya is only a warrior to kill the Demon King. Since the Demon King still exists, Veirya will be on the frontlines to combat the Demon King. She’ll definitely appear when the chapel forms a group to prepare for subjugation. That’ll be my opportunity to reconcile with my daughter.

Leah is an adorable girl, has never done anything wrong and I don’t want to hurt her, as a knight would never be willing to do so, I have no choice. My husband dedicated his entire life to the chapel. I must protect the chapel for my husband’s sake. The chapel stores all of the traces of my husband’s life. I don’t want to lose the chapel. However, what I want even more is to live together with my only daughter. If the chapel’s plan succeeds, I’ll be able to obtain everything that I want.”

Despite her reluctance, Angelina would give up everything for her daughter and husband.

“The only thing that I can do to compensate for the torment my conscience suffers is to protect the current Leah,” Angelina told herself. She gently pressed her hand to her heard and quietly muttered, “May God forgive me.”


Current time in the imperial palace.

“Remember, your mission this time is very simple. Use the chapel’s handprint to trick them into opening the doors. Then, storm the chapel. As long as they’re affiliated with the chapel, kill them all regardless of who they may be. Do your best to apprehend those wearing dark red robes. As for the knights, kill them all. You’re the elites in the military. Do your best,” commanded the officer.

The officer whipped his purple cape on his shoulders. He had a short sword attached at his waist. For insurance purposes, the soldiers also wore soft armour, covered their short swords with their capes and wore robes covering their armour. Hence, nobody could spot anything unusual about them under the dim light. Queen Sisi stood on her balcony and silently watched the soldiers with a smile on her face. She stretched her hand out and softly giggled, “Pass me my hand instrument, red wine and delicacies. Tonight will be a very joyous night for me! Let my flames of fury burn to their hearts content! I want to see the chapel in flames from here!


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