The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 24

Leah’s Question

The following was my analysis:

What exactly did the chapel want to do? At present, the chapel only recruited unemployed adventurers. The recruited adventurers could be considered unemployed drifters. Actually, perhaps unemployed violent drifters would be more appropriate. By the looks of things, they intended to oppose Queen Sisi to the bitter end even if it meant resorting to violence. No matter how I thought about it, though, even if the chapel took in the adventurers, they’d still be no match for Queen Sisi.

Queen Sisi had the power of the entire empire behind her. The entire empire’s military was at her command. A mere chapel had no chance of putting up any significant resistance against an army. Even if the chapel took in the adventurers, that wouldn’t change the outcome of the fight. In saying that, the chapel wasn’t some sort of vassal state or something similar to the Spring and Autumn period during Eastern Zhou’s era. Thus, they could feed a large number of people. The chapel was facing a financial crisis. They tried to feed the group of adventurers in spite of their predicament, but they couldn’t be feeding them out of good will. They definitely had a goal.

Now, what purpose do the adventurers serve? Adventurers only serve a purpose when the Demon King exists. Without the Demon King, the adventurers were mere commoners, ordinary soldiers and young and hot-headed villagers. However, they became respected saviours in the eyes of those living in areas demons invaded owing to the existence of the Demon King. Without the Demon King, they’ll go back to being who they were.

Adventurers weren’t legitimate military personnel. Queen Sisi even massacred them, which meant that, frankly speaking, they were just fodder. Although the Demon King is dead, Veirya was bestowed with the glory of the war, not the adventurers in question. Their might meant and means nothing. They don’t serve to threaten other powers on a diplomatic level, and they can’t provide fame. Regardless of how I wracked my brains, I just can’t figure out what purpose those adventurers serve unless the Demon King was revived.

Veirya already slew the Demon King. After she slew him, we rarely ever heard any mentions of demons again. The demons had to bear with humanity’s attitude as they lived their lives. They were poverty-stricken to the point they have to steal food from humanity. The mountains and forests were ruled by humans; hence, the originally proud and powerful demons turned into rodents. The North, the demons’ formerly most prosperous location, became hunting grounds, where they were the prey.

The demons no longer had any hope of making a comeback. Even if a Demon King were to appear, nothing would change unless they could summon some sort of demon that would be sufficiently threatening to humans. I imagine they’d have to summon the previous Demon King to achieve that. He was dead, though. I, personally, saw his head roll over to Queen Sisi’s foot. It was sitting on her wall as a trophy. So, what exactly did the chapel want and why were they feeding adventurers?

All that came to mind was the chapel wanted to spread a claim that the demons would be revived so as to turn the world back to its former state. But nonetheless, it looked impossible no matter how I looked at it. No human would believe demons would be revived. No demon could intimidate humans as they once did. Further, the chapel wouldn’t be able to find anyone to replace the Demon King. The idea was fated to exist only theoretically. The chapel would never succeed with that plan; there were just too many missing factors for it to succeed. Consequently, the chapel could only have one plausible aim.

Coincidentally, the adventurers were unhappy with the Queen. The chapel wanted to recruit everyone displeased with the Queen. Their purpose wasn’t significant, but the chapel only needed them on their side. Additionally, the chapel might choose a time, a good time to assassinate the Queen and be done with it.

The plan seemed beyond foolish, but it was the only feasible plan I could conjure with the variables on hand. I really wondered if the chapel was actually foolish. It took just one brain cell to realise it was futile to try and oppose the Queen. You couldn’t even call it plan; it was straight up suicide. The chapel was an organisation that had existed for a long time. Would they really opt for such a foolish plan? I didn’t buy it. I seriously didn’t buy it. I couldn’t help but feel something wrong. I was inclined to think there was more to their conspiracy; alas, I couldn’t figure out what possible plans they were cooking.

Out of all of the things they’d done thus far, taking in adventurers was the most incomprehensible one yet. If I could figure out what their goal in doing so was, I’d be able to determine their goal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out what purpose the adventurers served. I needed more evidence.

There was one more thing to do, which was to find out if the chapel did buy weapons or not and where the weapons were if they did. It didn’t appear to be much of a challenge to transport weapons in the capital, since the guards at the doors weren’t strict with their inspections. When we arrived, the guards just skimmed over our gear in the rear, and then let us through. In saying that, I couldn’t say for certain if it was due to Achilles accompanying us.

“Papa, what is that?” asked Leah, suddenly tugging on my arm. I was surprised when I reacted. Noticing my reaction, Leah unhappily pouted: “Papa is thinking about something again when you’re still having lunch with Leah!! Papa, look over there; look over there!!!”

I looked in the direction Leah pointed. There was a man on one knee, gently holding a female’s hand. The woman was clearly stunned and oblivious to what just happened. She couldn’t withhold her smile. People passing by applauded to cheer on the man while cheering and shouting. The people at the eatery nearby raised their glass of wine to offer them a toast. Everybody looked over in their direction. The people gave them their blessings underneath the warm sunlight and wind.

“Papa, what are they doing?”

Curious, Leah supported her face in her hands and watched them. The smiles on the crowds face brought a bright smile to hers, as well. She was still holding her fork and a small grilled fish. I contemplated the question then smiled: “He’s proposing. The man is expressing his sincere love for the woman. After he expresses his love, if the woman loves the man, the two of them can build a family.”

“Love?” Leah repeated the word then turned to look at me: “Papa, what does love mean?”


I dawdled when I looked at Leah’s eyes. I remember Veirya asked me the same question. I had no answer for Veirya back then, and I still didn’t have an answer.  What is love? I didn’t really understand it myself. I knew everybody would eventually come to understand it but explaining it? I didn’t know how to.

“Papa isn’t sure how to explain it, as everyone defines it differently. See, that man loves that woman, but Papa doesn’t love her. Leah, in the future, you’ll understand love. Nobody can really explain it until they meet the one who can set their heart aflutter.”


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