My Yandere Succubus Daughter is Mommy Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 03 Ch. 22

Dark Lane

Veirya leaned her head over, startling Anna, who then looked over her shoulder. Veirya looked at the letter in Anna’s hand and asked, “A… letter?”

Anna felt slightly awkward with the letter in hand. She dryly chuckled then nodded: “I-It was from home… They are probably asking how I am doing.”

Veirya didn’t appear interested in the letter. Anna thought Veirya would ask her about the contents of the letter, but Veirya didn’t plan to. Veirya was more interested in the letter itself. Couriers delivered letters to the North in a single batch.

Veirya suddenly said, “If I remember correctly, your home. Is in the imperial capital.”

Anna froze for a moment then quickly nodded. Honestly, she was slightly touched. She never thought Veirya, who had no interest in anything, would remember where she came from. Anna was the descendant of imperial guards. However, she was unable to join the ranks and became an adventurer instead.

With her eyes on the letter and, in an absolutely serious tone, Veirya asked, “So, we only received that one letter?”

Anna didn’t quite dare to admit that to be the case, but Veirya gave her an ordinary nod without any expression or changes. Veirya then turned and went back into the house. Anna watched Veirya leave. Feeling somewhat worried, she wanted to call out to Veirya, but Veirya looked lonely, yet strong, as always. Anna blankly looked at Veirya’s back.

Anna contemplated, “Is Veirya somewhat disappointed? After all, there was once someone with the surname Wei; however, that woman sent someone else a letter after her man died, while Veirya’s man ran off to the imperial capital, and we haven’t heard from him since. I can’t tell which one is more tragic.”

Anna looked down at her letter. She wasn’t sure how to feel. She gripped the letter, putting a bit more force into her fingers, thereby nearly stabbing her fingers into the letter within. She took in a deep breath, and then bit down on her lip. She chased after Veirya to call out to her. When she went to call out, though, Veirya suddenly spun around, startling her. As a consequence, Anna nearly tossed the letter out.

“Pack up.”

Veirya’s words were simple and resolute. She picked up her coat from the table. Anna dawdled for a moment; she looked around at the dining room then felt confused: “I have. Is it not clean?”

“I meant. Your luggage.”

While Anna shrieked, Veirya draped on her white undershirt, which immediately glued itself to her back due to the medicine on her back. Veirya flicked her short hair. She only just realised she no longer needed to take care of her hair anymore. She ignored the fact that her undershirt was stuck to her back, which had yet to heal, and wore her coat on. She then picked up her cape and draped it on her back. Anna exclaimed, “What are you doing, Lord Veirya?! Your wound has not healed, yet!! If you do that, then…”

Veirya didn’t seem keen on listening to Anna’s shouting. She subtly frowned: “We’re going to the imperial capital.”

Anna wore a stunned look. She pondered, “When the day started, Veirya applied medication to her wound, ate breakfast and didn’t have any plans. Just half an hour later, however, she suddenly wants to go to the imperial capital?! It takes a week to reach the imperial capital from here. Is she heading there without any preparations?”

“But your wound has not healed yet…”

“It’s fine,” replied Veirya, shaking her head and strapping her sword to her belt. “We will travel through the night. Going as fast as we can. To get to the imperial capital. Go and prepare.”

“Is it that ugent?!”


Veirya left Anna speechless. As such, Anna had no choice but to obediently go and pack her luggage. Veirya wasn’t in a hurry. She sat on her chair and waited for Anna. As she was also an adventurer, Anna packed very quickly except she could cry bitter tears due to Veirya’s sudden decision. She pondered, “Who does that? She was fine half an hour ago; all of a sudden, she wants to travel through the night to reach the imperial capital. Seriously, you don’t have to go that far even if you miss your man, do you? Moreover, what would you do if you do meet him? Veirya isn’t the sort of woman who’d throw herself into her man’s arms after seeing him. She’d just eat and drink with a poker face. Is my cooking bad or something?”

My presumption was wrong. Veirya wasn’t the sort of woman to tirelessly wait at home in loneliness. If she truly felt lonely or frustrated, she wouldn’t wait. She’d go straight to you.


Current time inside the Imperial Capital.

Because I turned down the pope, I noticed the chapel’s knights didn’t welcome me. They stuck to us whether that was on purpose or not. They didn’t interrupt us, but I didn’t want to have them watching me. I didn’t go closer to the chapel. However, I was always aware it was impossible to find out anything from their main doors. I merely came here to take a look. I left with Leah.

Leah was slightly upset, as Angelina was somewhat cold to her. Nevertheless, I made it up to her with a peculiar candy. The candy was similar to the cotton candy found in the world I came from except that it was scary sticky. Leah cautiously licked the white candy, thereby leaving a trail of saliva on it. The people around all felt somewhat awkward when they saw her lick it. I quickly grabbed Leah by her hand: “Leah, Leah, can you not lick it?”

“Eh?!” Leah was shocked. She tried to bite the candy. It looked as if her face was glued to the candy. Startled, she griped, “Papa… biting doesn’t work…”

I pulled the candy off Leah’s face. She sadly looked at me. It was awkward… There was nothing wrong with licking it… but… but… seeing Leah stick her tongue out to lick a white candy felt… felt… really sexual…

I did a lap around the chapel with Leah. At the back of the chapel, which was where a dark shadow was cast down on the structure, was a small lane. Not many people came out from there. On both sides were tramps lying on the ground with burlap draped over themselves. They seemed to be waiting for something. The place was nowhere near as bright as the surrounding area; it was the equivalent of the dark side of the imperial capital. Nobody paid any attention to the area, and nobody approached it. They immediately turned and left, pretending as if the place didn’t exist even when they saw people there.

I peered into the small lane. Then, I looked over to the chapel. I tightly held Leah’s hand and quietly said, “Leah, don’t speak from now. Hold tight onto Papa and don’t run around.”

Leah immediately tightly clung to my arm and pressed herself against my body: “Mm, got it, Papa!!”

I went over to the individual lying on the ground in the small lane.


*The Surname Wei is the same character in Veirya’s name in Chinese.


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