The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 05


“Are you packing up to flee first?”

As soon as I arrived downstairs at the building where Achilles stayed, I saw him about to get into the horse carriage. Achilles instantly looked as if he saw a ghost when he saw me. As a matter of fact, he nearly screamed. His complexion was pale, a result of having the living daylights scared out of him. I aggressively raised the cane in my hand to block him off from the door he was about to pull open. I grinned: “What’s the matter? Is my sudden visit that much of a shock? That’s quite unlike you. Also, I think you can erase any delusions of escaping. I already have the town on lockdown. It’s impossible for you to leave. Now, let’s discuss what’s to come next.”

Achilles was thrown into disarray when he saw me. He grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eye. In disbelief, he stammered, “H-how… how are you st-still alive…?”

I kept my grin on: “Of course I’m still alive. Isn’t it a beautiful night? It’s the same as the night where we held the Fire Torch Festival. It was just a bonfire party, big deal. Also, you got your hands on the flavouring, right? Don’t forget our payment. I’m not here to discuss that with you now, though. I’m here in regards to the chapel.”


“Simply put, I won’t waste time talking about your matter with the chapel, as it’s pointless to talk about it any further. After all, your plan failed; I’m still alive, which means that you have to pay me now,” I interjected.

I grabbed Achilles by his collar, looked him straight in the eye and went on in a stern tone: “I know your kind, businessman. I guarantee you agreed on a new price with the chapel, didn’t you? Well, it’s all in the past now, so I don’t plan to pursue the matter with you. With that out of the way, I want to know about the chapel. If you can’t provide me with what I want right now, you can forget about leaving this place. You’ve already earned my hostility by attacking me. Don’t forget: while this place may be run down and small, it’s Lord Veirya’s turf. I don’t think anybody will find out if I do something to you.”

Although threatening somebody with their life was an extremely low-grade approach, the most ordinary and simple conditions were best for these sorts of situation where we already turned on each other. The chapel wanted to kill me, while Achilles was ready to split the money with the chapel after I was killed. To add, he planned to leave tonight to avoid any vengeances, only to find out that I wasn’t dead. Put simply, if he didn’t pay the chapel, then he’d offend the chapel. Achilles was faced with a decision he had to make. He either offended the chapel or me.

He’d be fine if he offends the chapel. Offend me, on the other hand, and I could prevent him from leaving the town. Subsequently, a death threat was the most effective way to threaten Achilles. Businessmen valued their life most. They could put their lives on the line for money, but once they pocketed the money, they’d do everything in their power to survive. The dead couldn’t enjoy the merry and prestige that money could buy them. As such, he’d definitely protect himself so that he could take the flavouring and sell it.

Achilles sighed. He pinched his forehead between his eyebrows and hopelessly replied, “To be honest, I didn’t want to do it. The thing is, you asked for too much money.  Frankly speaking, I have an even bigger backer for this deal, and she’s none other than Queen Sisi. Like you, I am serving the Queen. She takes the majority of the cut. Combine the two transactions, and neither the chapel nor we earn much.”

“I didn’t ask for your reasons. If you had a problem, you could’ve mentioned it beforehand. You want to play the pitiful card with me now? It has nothing to do with me even if Queen Sisi wants me, as long as I get my share. Additionally, you discussed the deal with the chapel, which proves that they’re also facing a financial shortage. I don’t intend to direct my revenge at you; I intend to get revenge on the chapel. Tell me everything you know about their circumstance. Now, what is the chapel’s current issue?”

Achilles heavily sighed again: “Before I tell you that, may I ask you a question?’

“Go ahead.”

“Are you getting revenge for what you went through or?’

“They hurt my daughter and Veirya. I couldn’t care less what happened to me. I knew there was a high risk involved with the deal; it was a gamble. It had nothing to do with my daughter and Veirya, however. I can’t forgive the chapel for hurting them. Not only will I not forgive them, but I’m going to destroy them.” I answered. I clenched my teeth and glared at Achilles with a frigid gaze: “Now do you understand my reason? It’s in your best interest for me to burn the chapel with my rage. Don’t wait until it burns you.”

“… All right. Coincidentally, Her Majesty has the same goal. Let’s do this: make a trip to the imperial capital with me, and I’ll tell you everything on the way there.”

Achilles made an invitational hand gesture. I dallied for a moment before asking, “Is it that important? Why do I have to go to the imperial capital? Can’t we just talk about it here? Besides, don’t you think this is too abrupt?”

“Not at all. Since you want to be involved with this, I think you should come to the imperial capital and speak to Her Majesty. What you want to do is something that Her Majesty minds, after all. I know what you’re thinking. You can bring your daughter along. Once you reach the imperial capital and speak with Her Majesty, you’ll be able to get more of what you want.”

Doubtful, I scanned Achilles. He sighed: “I know, I know. I won’t run. Since you said that you plan to oppose the chapel, though, Her Majesty would most likely be willing to see you.”

“My question is why Her Majesty wants to attack the chapel.”

“As you already understand, I don’t need to explain too much. Although the chapel formerly had a decent relationship with Her Majesty, the taxes that they’re taking is eating into the taxes Her Majesty receives; it’s causing issues for Her Majesty. In addition, the war is already over; therefore, Her Majesty requested they reduce their military power, yet they struck up a relationship with the adventurers Her Majesty wanted to eliminate. Thus, she now wants to take action against them. That’s why I think you’d be very willing to discuss this matter.”

“An enemy’s enemy is a friend…?”

Come to think of it, my body still remembered the feeling of Queen Sisi’s foot… Truthfully, it made me shiver. She was proud and dignified, yet just as cruel and vicious. I really didn’t want to go near her. She was akin to venom. You might be temporarily have your thirst quenched, but it’d definitely take your life. If it was a necessary part in getting my revenge, nevertheless, I was willing to go and see Queen Sisi. I wouldn’t back down. I’d rather let Queen Sisi abuse me than see Veirya and Leah get hurt.

“All right. I’ll go grab Leah. I’ll bring Leah along to the imperial capital with you.”


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