Son-con – Vol. 19.5 Ch. 01

Big Globes

“Ah, Liu Yue! Over here! Over here!”

Liu Yue always wondered what the circumference of Nona’s unique sensing ability was. Nona’s ability allowed her to sense the location of her family members. As soon as Liu Yue arrived inside the Imperial Palace, Nona called out to her, bearing in mind that, not only did she not ride the imperial family’s carriage in but didn’t inform her sisters when she’d arrive, either.

Nona cheerfully ran up to Liu Yue. Seeing the way Nona ran, Liu Yue’s dignity as a woman took a blow. She always thought Nona’s breasts that made others green with envy from a young age were merely thanks to her developing relatively earlier. She later realised her assumption was wrong. Nona didn’t develop early – she never stopped developing! By the time they came of age, Nona’s breasts had already grown to the point that Vera wanted to rip them off and plant them on herself. When Liu Yue ran, only her tail and ears moved. As for Nona, her breasts jiggled instead.

“I really should tell Nona not to run in Vera’s presence next time; else, she’ll get herself killed,” Liu Yue thought to herself.

“Dad’s fifteenth anniversary as King of the North? Look how clean and tidy the Imperial Palace is! Have you prepared a present?”

“I haven’t… I couldn’t decide on what to give Dad. We’re not children, so giving him some hand-made stuff would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? I mean, even we would feel awkward, right? Then again, I can’t afford expensive stuff; therefore, all I could do was come with Mom. Mom prepared a strange present.  It’s fur that I’ve never seen before. I think it’s some rare animal’s fur. I don’t know where she got it from.”

“I don’t know what to give Dad, nor have I seen anything worthy. All I can do is express my thoughts to Mom and Dad. Mom also prepared strange present for Dad. Come to think of it, it seems to be a crown that Daisy and Mommy Nier are gifting together. It’s a nice crown. Grandmother Sylvanas isn’t around. She said she was heading back to prepare a present for Dad. It’s probably going to be some treasure or something from the dragon race. Sister Freya and Miss Luna have prepared presents. I think we’re the only ones without anything.”

Liu Yue instantly figured out what Nona was thinking: “So that’s why you were looking forward to me coming. You wanted to give Dad a present together with me? You three have prepared a lot, right?”

“Liu Yue, have you forgotten we’ve been separated for a long time? Two years ago, Vera went to the elven lands to undertake magic training from Grandmother Vyvyan. Daisy then went to Hilles City and stayed with Grandmother Elizabeth, so I was left alone with Dad.”

“I’m so envious of you.”

Liu Yue didn’t lie. She genuinely felt that Nona was the most blessed one among them. Vera and Daisy were most likely quite lonely, especially since the four of them all really liked their Dad. However, Vera and Daisy had to leave their dad to undertake training, which was the equivalent of giving up their right. Although Nona wasn’t going to get the chance to succeed a throne, she was able to continue spending happy days by their dad’s side. Imagine Daisy and Vera’s jealousy…

“Envious or not, let’s put that aside for now. I think we should focus on deciding what to give Dad. Liu Yue, you live outside the palace; you should know what sort of present would make a boy happy, right…?”

Liu Yue sighed. In a hopeless tone, she answered, “And you’ve just pointed out the problem. I only know what to give boys. Is Dad a boy, though? I never gave Dad any presents on Father’s Day since I didn’t know what to give him. I don’t know what to give Dad, myself. Additionally, what could we buy Dad in the Imperial Palace? There’s no guarantee we’ll find something for Dad even if we went out.”

“What do we do, then? We can’t give Dad our bodies, can we?”

“Where did you learn to say something so censor worthy? Even if we did offer up our bodies, Dad wouldn’t accept it, would he? Have you still not figured it out? Dad prefers the relatively older type… We’re just kids to him. He’s not interested in children. Of course, I think you might succeed, Nona.”

Ling Yue sighed. If she could, she’d jump at the offer in a heartbeat. Foxes got as jealous as everyone else. She, too, wanted to prove to her mother that she was equally charming. But nonetheless, Ling Yue never considered her a rival, while her father always viewed her as nothing but a child. Offering her body would probably be courting humiliation.

Nona jolted. She then scratched her head. Puzzled, she said, “But I asked Sister Freya. That’s what she told me…”

“Never tell Dad Sister Freya told you that. She was just joking. If you tell Dad, I bet anything Dad will scold Sister Freya… Let’s put Dad’s present aside for the meantime. The two of us won’t be able to come up with anything good. How about asking Vera and Daisy? We might be able to come up with something good if the four of us combine our minds.”

“Mm, Vera has returned, but Daisy is still on her way. She’ll probably arrive tomorrow or the day after. We must prepare Dad’s present beforehand; else, a belated gift will be meaningless.”

“I know. That said, it’s best not get our hopes up. The possible presents we could give Dad are far and few. Oh, Vera, you’re here.”

Just when the two started heading into the Imperial Palace, they saw Vera, who happened to be coming out. Vera greeted Liu Yue when she saw her. Her gaze shifted down to Liu Yue’s breasts in the most natural manner possible. While the fox’s breasts weren’t as ample as Nona’s, her body did qualify to be classified as curvaceous. As a result, a tinge of hostility surfaced in Vera’s eyes.

“What are you looking at me that way for? I never provoked you. Don’t blame your own issue on me. I came here to be happier this time,” fired Liu Yue.

“I know. Dad’s present, correct? I get it. So, Liu Yue, do you have any suggestions? I’ve been looking forward to a good recommendation from you. Don’t worry about money. There are lots of people we can loan from, after all.”

“It’s not a question of money but what to give.”

“Aren’t I asking you precisely because I don’t know?”

“I don’t know, either. Let’s just have a good think. Speaking of which, I want to see the so-called crown. I’ve attended elven handcrafts class before. It’s said to be exquisite; I want to take a look at the real deal!”

“Easy done. Come with me.”


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