Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 71

Huge Fox

“We have to go back and save him… We have to go back… and save him… He’ll die for sure. We must save him…”

Liu Yue sobbed as she shouted at those around her with all of her might. She kept tugging Ying and Daisy’s cloaks, but neither of them turned around. They considered the youngster a disposable. The youngster came on his own accord to die. They, therefore, decided he could conveniently hold the line for their retreat to the ship. The ship was stuck. Still, they could provide Liu Yue with better care on board.

Ying was worried about when they could rescue Vera. Her King was scheduled to arrive with the navy soon. The mission assigned to her as a bodyguard was to protect the four sisters, but she let her King down. Troy might not blame her; nonetheless, her pride would suffer a big blow. She couldn’t accept her failure. If she lost Liu Yue, as well, she’d rather kill herself to repay her King. The youngster came over on his own accord to hold the line, which gave her a perfect chance to escape. She never cared about the youngster whatsoever. She considered him nothing more than a brat who barged into the Imperial Palace because of the four girls.

Liu Yue didn’t want to give up. She desperately sobbed and shouted to those around her, “Please… Miss Ying… Daisy… Please… Please save him… They won’t kill you, but they’ll definitely kill him… Please, please bring him back! Please…”

Ying wouldn’t go back to aid the youngster and neither would Daisy. Nobody would. He was someone they could do with or without. They had only known each other for days. Even humans considered their meeting to be one they couldn’t care less about, let alone an elf. Liu Yue was different, though.

Liu Yue cherished her encounter with the youngster. She went through many things during her days with him. He was the type of young man she had never met before. The boys she met in the past were different to him. Maybe it was because she went through so much with him, saw so much and had the strange feeling that she couldn’t give up on him.

“Liu Yue, have a good rest.” Nona set Liu Yue down on the bed.

The group arrived on the ship. The guards went to prepare the cannons and their guns. Nona consoled her sister. She, herself, was in agony over the sight of her sister crying, but she understood they couldn’t go back. They intended to rescue Vera. If the rescuers were also captured, then all of their previous efforts would be in vain. Nona didn’t think it was nice to let the youngster march to his death. Nevertheless, if she had to choose between the youngster and her sister, she’d choose her sister without any hesitation.

“Nona… Nona… Please… I beg you… take me back… take me back… I… I have to save him!”

“Don’t do this… Don’t do this… Liu Yue, Liu Yue, please…”

Liu Yue was still bleeding, yet she clung to Nona’s sleeve and worried about saving the youngster. Nona couldn’t hold back her tears. Nona tightly grabbed Liu Yue’s arm and, in a shaky voice, pleaded, “Please… Liu Yue, don’t make me worry… Please… He’s somebody we’ve only known for a month, and we’re bound to go our separate ways… You’re my beloved sister. You’re my sister who’s been with me for so long. I don’t want to lose you. Don’t leave us… That’s all the youngster amounts to… We’re going to have to go our own separate ways, so, so, we don’t need to worry about any story with him, right…?”

Liu Yue released her grip. Grimacing, she quietly argued, “I don’t quite understand… I don’t quite understand… I don’t quite understand… Why can’t we consider the possibility of meeting again…?  Why…? Can we disregard how we part just because we won’t meet again? Wouldn’t life be too cruel if that is how it works?! That’s not how I want things to end. We have to part with a smile if parting is inevitable! I don’t care about the length of time together as long as it was extraordinary and memorable!”

Liu Yue raised her arm up and bit herself. The blood flowed down her throat and into her digestive system. Her fur stood up again. Her eyes turned redder. She warned, “Nona… you best move out of the way; else, I might have to hurt you…”

Ying ordered, “Prepare the formation, gun powder and ammunition. We only need to hold this place for a while. His Majesty’s navy will soon arrive. Hold this place down. I still have something to do. Make sure to protect Liu Y-.”


Nona’s scream came from behind. Ying swiftly looked over her shoulder to see the imposing, huge fox behind her. Liu Yue’s transformation was different to her usual one. Her gaze didn’t look so violent when she transformed in the past. This time, she had a very aggressive aura.

The fox licked its leg, which led to the wound rapidly healing. She whipped her head then peered toward the imperial palace. She sped toward it as if she was a wild gale.

Daisy, surprised, exclaimed, “Something’s amiss, isn’t it…? That’s not Liu Yue’s normal state. Wait. Also… also… how did Liu Yue have mana to transform?! Nona! Nona!”

Daisy sprinted to the cabin. As she thought, she saw Nona sitting on the bed holding her belly and in tears. Daisy rushed over and pulled Nona’s hand off. There were teeth marks. Nona had her blood sucked from her.

Liu Yue was a descendant of the Moon Fox Tribe. She was a huge fox. However, her father was Troy, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. The Galadriel Tribe was a tribe of blood-sucking dark elves. Accordingly, despite Liu Yue being a fox, her teeth had the ability to absorb blood, too. Nona was Troy’s offspring at the end of the day.

Liu Yue was merciful, evident from the fact that she didn’t suck Nona completely dry. She only sucked a portion of Nona’s blood, but that was enough. A dog that had tasted blood was no longer a dog. A fox that has tasted blood was no longer an ordinary fox, either…


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