Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 68

Younger Sisters, Elder Sister

Vera accepted the breakfast offered, but she prioritised caution over satiety. She was treated well. They wouldn’t provide her with such a luxurious home just to poison her; it wouldn’t make any sense. Reasoning so, she picked up breakfast in the end and, while eating, demanded, “I want to know where I am.”

The amber coloured drink was similar to tea. It was sweet, but it wasn’t sickening after a few sips. There was also some soft grilled food. It was different to bread, which underwent a lot of processing before it was served. If she had to describe it, it’d be grilled fruit.

“This is Travest, Princess Vera.”



Unfortunately, the answer only served to confuse Vera even further. She tried to put the puzzle together in her head: “Travest is Ikana’s imperial city, but why does Travest need me? Does kidnapping me serve a purpose? It’s too aggressive, isn’t it? If Ikana wanted me to come here, all she needed to do was say the word. Though I’m more surprised than I am angry, I do want Ikana to explain the situation to me.”

With her hunger satisfied, Vera regained her courage. She stood up and, in a loud voice, she demanded, “I am Troy Galadriel Rosvenor’s daughter, Vera. I am a descendant of the Galadriel tribe, a descendant of the Elven Queen. I hereby demand an audience with your King. Either Ikana or Abner will do!”

The maids packed up the tray then bowed: “Queen Ikana is on her way. She ordered us to deliver you your breakfast as well as prepare a room. We have completed our task. Queen Ikana is on her way.”

“The truth is I’ve already arrived.”

The two maids froze for a moment then turned to respectfully salute the owner of the voice at the door. Leaning against the door, Ikana spoke before Vera could: “So, you’re not the Vera from Galaluocia but the North, King Troy’s daughter?”


Ikana let out a heavy sigh and then ambled over. Vera watched the woman with pretty purple hair and red eyes. She took a step back because she was slightly afraid. After all, Ikana was the one who put her through all those perilous situations. Ikana’s assassins killed plenty of people. She even almost drowned the youngster with his ship. Everything was her brainchild.

Vera did think Ikana didn’t sport the appearance of a cunning individual, but Ikana’s beauty exceeded what Vera imagined. Vera was so startled she didn’t dare to utter a word. Ikana hopelessly smiled. She touched her head and explained, “I’m very sorry, Vera. This was my fault. Technically, it is not my fault. My order was, indeed, to bring Vera here, but I was referring to the other Vera, not you. The person I sent on the job was just excruciatingly stupid. I offer you my sincerest apologies for this incident. I know a simple apology is worthless, but that is all that I can provide you. I am the Queen of a kingdom where men are superior to women, and it does not belong to me, either. As such, besides an apology, I can only provide you with this room and breakfast. Oh, plus dinner and lunch. You can have anything you’d like as long as we can prepare it.”


Vera found herself speechless after Ikana’s explanation. Ikana scratched her head and continued, “While I know that what I am about to say is shameless, the innocent should not shoulder this mistake. I imagine you’re aware of what sort of person your father is. Your father is already coming here with his invincible navy. He has resolved to raze this entire city. You must know it will be a massacre. My point is… I hope you can dissuade your father. He will listen to you as your father. Vera, I know it’s shameless for me to ask for your forgiveness and aid after what I’ve done, but this is a misunderstanding. I harbour no ill-will toward you.”

“I understand.”

Vera wasn’t angry. She was furious. The fear and despair she initially suffered made her feel idiotic. Further, it was unfair to make her bear the kidnapping for nothing. She was innocent; however she didn’t have any retort for what Ikana said. As a matter of fact, she couldn’t even bring herself to ask for compensation.

Vera was dismayed to discover that she, the child people have always labelled as a smart child, a claim that even she bought into, was unable to utter a word in front of Ikana. Ikana figuratively walked all over her. Ikana was at fault, and her kidnapping excuse was awfully lame, yet Vera couldn’t even make a complaint after what Ikana said. All she wanted to do was go and convince her father.

“I really don’t want Dad to become a murderer. That’s not how my father’s legacy should end. It shouldn’t. My father is a hero. He’s not a murderer. My father shouldn’t do this. Moreover, the other people here are innocent. He shouldn’t be here,” reasoned Vera.


Current time at the border of the shore.

“Ship up ahead! Ship up ahead! Attention! No large ships are allowed to enter Travest’s docks today! Ship up ahead! Ship up ahead! Do you hear me?!!! No large ships are permitted entry into Travest’s docks as of today!! You, argh!!!”

The soldiers on the small shore fearfully watched the huge ship approach. The ship totally ignored their warning and completely disregarded them. The ship with a metal end for charging other fleets charged straight toward Travet’s tiny ship. After leaping into the water, the soldiers turned around to witness the ship charge straight into their sealed-off docks. The huge ship ignored the shallow waters and continued its charge onto the shore.

The soldiers on shore surrounded them. Ying whipped her sword and hostilely declared, “We’re here to rescue our Princess. Get lost if you know what’s good for you!”


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