Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 65


“Received a present from your lover, did you?”

“Whoa!” Liu Yue was startled.

Liu Yue looked up to see Vera sitting there with a mischievous grin. Liu Yue quickly covered Vera’s mouth with her hands. She nervously looked around then realised that she was in her own room. Silly Liu Yue forgot to lock her door.

Liu Yue put the necklace back inside her collar. She nervously explained, “What are you saying…? He and I are clean… We’ve only known each other for a short time. There’s no way we’d have feelings… Furthermore, he’s just an ordinary man. He’s far from the husband material I want.

Liu Yue seized Vera’s hands: “Don’t tell Dad about this… The youngster is just different to the boys I’m used to. He’s a little cuter than they are.”

Vera nodded. She then pulled her hands back and folded her arms. Nose scrunched, she asked, “I know. We’re all the same, so why does he feel differently about? Even an idiot can tell he likes you, right? We’re all together, so why does he like only you? Are we lacking the charm of a female…?”

Vera wasn’t particularly fond of the youngster and most definitely didn’t want to have anything to do with him; however, the four of them were together. It didn’t make sense for him to like only Liu Yue. Her analysis went as follows: “If I think about it carefully, Liu Yue has never left us spend time alone with the youngster. Does her perceive the rest of us to be kids? Does even he think that way? If that’s how it is, then Liu Yue will be the one Dad likes when we arrive home… She has the charm to capture the heart of a youngster, which means that she is only a few years away from capturing Dad’s, right?”

Vera had prepared to launch her attack on her father once she succeeded the throne. As an elf, her views on the matter were different to humans; she could be with anybody she liked as long as they loved each other.

Liu Yue touched her face and shook her head: “Actually, I, myself, don’t know. It must be due to the fact that we met first. Everything that happened afterwards was because of me, after all. But who cares about him now? He was just another passing person. I won’t have anything to do with him from now. I just consider him a good friend. That said, you mustn’t tell Dad about me and him.”

Vera stood up: “You have a point. I won’t tell Dad. We’ll be able to see Dad tomorrow, so I’m excited at the moment. Daisy is sea sick again. Miss Ying is taking care of her.”

“I know.” Liu Yue nodded.

Vera noticed Liu Yue was wagging her tail. Lots of things in the foreign nation, and Liu Yue would be glad to play around there. With that said, she was jumping with joy to see her father again.

After the two sisters wrapped up their conversation, Vera went back to her room, while Liu Yue had a bath. She was very meticulous and dedicated to getting her ears and tail perfect, since she was going to see her father tomorrow.

After Liu Yue’s bath, she wore on her bathrobe and cheerfully groomed her hair and tail. She opened the door a little to allow the cool ocean breeze to enter, helping her cool off. The warm fire by the side gently flickered. Liu Yue softly hummed a soothing melody.

It was bound to be a peaceful night. The only sound outside was the soothing sound of the waves and the cool breeze. Being rocked on water wasn’t pleasant, but it was comfortable when Liu Yue first boarded.

“Done,” remarked Liu Yue.

Liu Yue flicked her gradient black and red hair. She then went off to one side to shake her tail dry. She gently combed her fur before lying back on her bed. She couldn’t sleep. She was aware she couldn’t fall asleep even if she kept telling herself to. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from conjuring all sorts of ideas as to what would happen tomorrow whenever something good was coming up. In turn, she’d be so excited that she couldn’t sleep… As a result, she’d only felt more and more excited.

Liu Yue continued to roll around but couldn’t sleep. Instead, she felt hot and a little moist under her blanket. She’d be cold if she didn’t cover herself, though. She, therefore, got dressed. When she went to the door, however, she suddenly recalled the youngster who chatted with her until she was sleepy every night was no longer here…

“I’ll just have to get through those nights on my own from now…” Liu Yue told herself.

A life with nothing happening was the most torturous type. Liu Yue fumbled through her room. There were no books there. If she was going to play cards, she’d need to wake her sisters up…

“Waking up my sisters… Ah, forget it. Daisy is still sea sick, Nona won’t wake up once she’s asleep, Vera… Oh yeah, Vera might not be asleep yet. How about I go find Vera? There’s not much the two of us alone can do, but there are some games we can play, such as chess. I just need to play until I fall asleep,” decided Liu Yue.

Liu Yue went to her door and pulled it open. The deck was considerably dark. It was as if a cloudy day swept away the moon and stars. The flames on deck were out, as well. Liu Yue hesitated for a moment then grabbed a lantern from the wall in her room.

A fox might have decent sight at night, but it wasn’t as enhanced as when she was in her fox form. Nevertheless, when she was close to Vera’s room, she saw a few shadows going back and forth on the deck. Liu Yue didn’t pay attention to them because she couldn’t get a clear visual of their faces.

“Surely they’re just guards,” thought Liu Yue, only to then stop herself. She deliberated, “Hang on, they went into Vera’s room? Guards aren’t allowed into our rooms; only Miss Ying is allowed into our rooms. She’s taking care of Daisy. Daisy’s room isn’t close to Vera’s room, so what are they doing?”

“Mm! Mm! Mm!”

Liu Yue saw two people carrying out a bag that kept on wriggling around and resisting. Even Liu Yue had the common sense to realise what they were doing. She went to shout, but a cold wind suddenly blew against the back of her head. She took a heavy blow to her head. She perceived she was surrounded in darkness. All she could feel was the cold deck and hear the footsteps…


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