Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 63

Last Day

“You’re planning to go home? That’s sudden. The situation has settled, so I did want to invite you to have fun in my nation since you won’t have the chance to visit frequently.”

While Queen Vera had ascended the throne, she still treated the four sisters nicely. The four sisters had yet to hold a united opinion, but Ying decided to inform Queen Vera of their plan to depart, nonetheless; it was a risky place to be. Queen Vera wanted to keep the four sisters, though. She wasn’t trying to gain something from them; she purely wanted to let the sisters enjoy themselves.

“Thank you for your warm invitation. It is just that it, honestly, is not safe here. We plan to leave before schedule in consideration of the four Princesses’ safety. We are grateful for your hospitality. We will come back for a vacation when things have settled down here. Now is not the best time for them to stay, however. King Troy is on his way here. It would be better for you to discuss the details with him.”

“I see. I shall not force you to stay, then. That is fine if you consider it to be the safe option. I will prepare a gift for you to take home. May I ask approximately when will King Troy arrive?”

“Oh, no, King Troy will not come here. He will be going to the navy base before coming here. We will go to there to meet him.”

Troy’s original plan was to pick up his kids straight from there. Due to their differing opinions, however, Troy decided to make a compromise and meet them at the navy base, which would allow them to decide what to do. Troy agreed it was a decent idea to take his daughter’s on vacation in a foreign land except it wasn’t safe. That said, with Troy’s arrival, unsafe situations were no longer a concern.

The navy base was the safest location; therefore, it would be safe for them to meet there. It only took one short day for the four sisters to reach the navy base from where they are. That was why they had to leave if they were going to go. There was no time left for them to have a vacation.

The four sisters already packed their luggage and were planned to leave. Queen Vera waved her hand, and the youngster walked over. He didn’t know what was going on. Queen Vera gave him a smile: “Go and prepare a gift for the four sisters. Not only is it my gift to the four sisters, but also my regards to King Troy. Prepare it properly.”

“Prepare a gift…? What is it for?”

The youngster already searched for the sisters first thing in the morning. They, unfortunately, already left, so he didn’t see anybody when he reached their place. Subsequently, he went to Queen Vera. After he made a round of patrols, he came back to hear Queen Vera call for him.

Queen Vera wore a matter of course type of smile: “Of course, that would for the Princesses to take back to King Troy. Prepare it properly, but be quick. Just take something available in the palace at the moment.”

“Th-The Princesses are leaving?”


Ying nodded. The youngster couldn’t hide his emotions. Queen Vera could see the despondent look in his eyes. She supported her face and asked, “Are you telling me you don’t want to part with the four sisters? I don’t blame you. You young ones are likely to develop feelings for each other when you’re together. However, the Princesses should leave now. You don’t need to look so despondent. You’ll have countless other meetings and departures in life that are yet to come. It’s just one part of your life.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” responded the youngster. He took in a deep breath and gave Ying a small nod: “I shall go and prepare the gift now. Please wait a moment.”

“No need. We don’t need to wait. We will be waiting on the ship. Just deliver it onto the ship. We will leave once we receive your gift. Thank you for your hospitality during this month. We will send an official envoy to see you afterwards.”

Queen Vera nodded and responded with a smile: “All right. We shall meet again, then. We definitely will. As long as we communicate, we will surely have more and more opportunities to meet. Furthermore, I would really like to see your lands. It must be a beautiful place.”

Ying nodded and bowed: “Indeed. I am merely representing myself, alone. In saying that, I would welcome you to the North. I am sure the Princesses would love to see you visit us in the North. Now, then, goodbye.”

“See you again.”

Ying had made up her mind. Though she was just a bodyguard and, therefore, couldn’t speak on her master’s behalf, the four sisters were just children. Plus, Vera was right. At some point, the assassins changed targets from Queen Vera to the four sisters. There was no other way to explain why they’d attack the four sister’s carriage.

A bodyguard could protect their target once or twice. Still, trying to protect someone in a crowd was a tall order. The best solution was to leave the dangerous place. Although she didn’t know what exactly the assassins were after – they could’ve been trying to frame up Queen Vera – the best way to protect the four sisters at present was to leave.

Liu Yue was a little despondent on the carriage, but she wasn’t angry or act wilful as either option would be risking the sisters’ lives. She wanted to continue with her vacation. Since the four of them were at risk, she couldn’t stubbornly stay, however. She felt something was missing, which was something she felt she’d regret once she couldn’t see it again. She didn’t comprehend why she felt that way, though. She asked herself, “What is it that’s weighing on my mind?”

“We have arrived.”

Their journey to the ship was peaceful. Ying was on edge the entire time. Fortunately, there were no assassination attempts. Perhaps they were wiped out during the last assassination. There shouldn’t have been any assassins left in the imperial city, so there shouldn’t be any ambushes. It should, therefore, be safe on board.


Present time where the ship was docked.

“Are they going to flee now? Wait, no, there shouldn’t be any more assassins left in the imperial city, so they must be trying to mobilise now.”

“Yes, the ocean is our territory, however, so what do we do? Shall we send our battleship over to intercept them?”

“Can our ship compare to their ship? If it can’t, we need to think of another way. That’s a ship, while we’re sailors. Does anybody remember the faces of sailors? We’re the ship’s sailors now.”


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