Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 24

Girls Arrive on Shore (Totally Wet)

The golden medallion in the sky reflected off the ocean surface. The four sisters watched their ship approach the docks. The North only had two docks, one in the East and one in the West. Furthermore, the Eastern dock belonged to the military. As such, the sisters were excited to see countless boats of varying sizes in addition to people coming and going. It was their first time seeing such a lively dock. The sun had just come up, but the docks had been busy for what seemed to be hours beforehand.

Owing to it being too large, their ship wasn’t allowed to be completely moored; therefore, they had to switch to smaller boats to head over. Two small boats were lowered down from the ship.  Ying and Tanya extended forth their hands to stop the eager sisters: “Be careful. We will teach you how to get down into the boats in a bit. For now, let us go over and speak to them first. Young man, come with us. It’s your nation, so it’ll be easier if we have you.”

The youngster nodded: “Understood.”

The youngster nimbly grabbed onto a side of the ship. He climbed down the soft ladder and onto the small boat rocking on the water surface.

Daisy told Tanya and Ying: “We can climb a ladder!”

The four sisters’ eagerness brimmed in their eyes. Ying sighed: “All right, then. Come on down. You must be careful, though. These soft ladders are very wobbly, and so is the boat down below. Don’t fall into the water.”

“All right.” Daisy nodded and then looked at the soft ladder.

Daisy was first to grab the rope. Though it was somewhat foreign to her, she took her time climbing down and then hopped onto the boat. She let out a breath of relief. The youngster nervously looked at her. Daisy excitedly looked up at her sisters and shouted, “Jump, jump! It’s safe. You must be careful!”

The three sisters exchanged eye contact. They were incredibly curious about the city on shore. Nevertheless, the dangerously rocking boat on the water down below, the tall black walls of the ship as well as the ladder that was swaying in the wind, evoked fear. Daisy had always been training; she was relatively more physically conditioned than they were. Climbing the ladder, therefore, looked dangerous to them. It was scary to see Daisy swinging back and forth on the ladder. Although they wouldn’t be in trouble if they fell, their clothes would be ruined.

“I’ll go next, then,” Vera declared.

Seeing her sisters have their fear written all over their faces, Vera had to go down first, since she was the eldest. She looked down below then took in a deep breath. She discretely cast Fall Assist Spell on herself. That way, she’d be much safer even if she fell. At least it would give her room to manoeuvre if things went south. She stepped over the side of the ship and then slowly stepped onto the ladder. The soft ladder immediately began to swing, which led to her shrilling as she tightly gripped the rope. Her small body was akin to a leave being blown in the wild wind. Frightened, Daisy quickly stretched her hands out to prepare to catch her sister. Her two sisters still on deck extended their hands out to pull their sister up out of a conditioned reflex; nevertheless, Vera didn’t reach out. It wasn’t because she was brave but due to fear. She was afraid she’d fall if she took a hand off.

Ying leapt over to the top of the rope. She shouted, “Don’t be scared, Miss Vera. Don’t be scared. Tightly hold onto the rope. Don’t let go. Now, carefully step down, ensuring your foot is set each time. Go step by step. Don’t rush. Don’t panic. Understand? Don’t panic. Young man down below, are you ready?!”

Vera trembled, not daring to budge.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. Climb down step by step. Climb step by step.”

After much encouragement, Vera finally shakily and slowly stepped down on the ladder to gradually climb down. Unfortunately, it looked dangerous as her hands were weak. The youngster grabbed the rope and tugged downwards, increasing the tension on the ladder, thereby making it easier for Vera.

Vera finally reached the boat at the bottom. She sat down on the boat. Still terrified, she quivered. Nona checked the ladder and then climbed down. The ladder was a lot steadier with the youngster pulling on it. Moreover, Nona was more physically conditioned than her elder sister. She ran about every day, after all, indirectly training herself as a result. And so, despite the danger, Nona successfully reached the boat without any trouble and then hugged her elder sister.

Vera managed to regain her composure quickly. Her eyes soon looked lively again. After recovering, she looked as though her interest was piqued and wanted to try it again.

Liu Yue was last. She looked at the ladder and the youngster. She took in a deep breath to cheer herself on. It wasn’t too bad to her since she was always earnest in physical education class at school.

Liu Yue turned around and grabbed the ladder then climbed down. When the young man saw her pure-white legs underneath her red long skirt, he turned around to stop looking. The other three sisters suddenly realised what they just did, too, so they quickly pressed down on their…

The three young girls all wore pants for ease of movement. The three dressed to match their pants. Liu Yue was the only one who couldn’t wear pants, since she couldn’t fit her big tail in pants. Noticing the risk, she yelled, “Turn around! Daisy, make sure he doesn’t peep!”

The young man swiftly turned his face away. With a red face, he yelled, “I won’t!!”

Despite never even getting a glimpse, the pure youngster couldn’t stand it already. Liu Yue slowly descended and then felt the fear of floating. However, she slowly went down and soon reached the small boat at the bottom.

The youngster kept his head turned, while Daisy intently watched him as if she’d decapitate him if he turned his head.

It was supposed to end then and there. Even Ying thought it was safe and time for her to turn around. Suddenly, something hot and red pressed up against the youngster’s face. He instinctively took a step back, thereby releasing the ladder he kept his foot on to stabilise. As a result, Liu Yue, who was still on the ladder, immediately lost her balance.


The youngster instantly realised what he just did, so he quickly leapt over.

“What’s wrong?!!” exclaimed Ying.

Ying quickly poked her head over the edge to look down. She was reassured when she saw it was nothing serious. Falling into the water at that height was nothing serious. Moreover, the youngster had pulled Liu Yue to the edge of the boat. Liu Yue didn’t look hurt, but she had to come back up and grab a new set of clothes.


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