Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 04

Daughters Who Love Their Father

“In that case…” said Ying.

Ying drew her long sword then walked toward the trembling young man. Daisy was just bluffing with empty threats before, but Ying was absolutely serious.  The young man’s fingers twitched on the ground. Beads of sweat coursed down his forehead. In spite of that, he didn’t move his hands away. He bit down on his lip and closed his eyes.

“Don’t!! Sister Ying!!” Nona tightly hugged Ying around her waist and cried, “Sister Ying!! Please don’t! Please don’t hurt him! He’s not a bad person! He didn’t hurt us, and he doesn’t intend to hurt Dad. He just has a request for Dad. Please. Please take him to see Dad. With you there, Dad will be safe!!”

Liu Yue heaved a heavy breath. There was no way Ying would fall for coquettish pleas. If giving Ying a hug could resolve it, Vera wouldn’t be scared out of her wits. Ying was a very serious individual. It all fell apart the moment Ying got involved. Ying would never let somebody of unknown origins approach their dad unless he really did leave behind his arms.

Vera anxiously observed Ying. Frankly, she was afraid of the expressionless bodyguard since somebody expressionless and emotionless was practically without weakness. Vera couldn’t read her at all.  She wasn’t close to the latter in the slightest. Ying rarely spent time around the four sisters. However, she was certain Nona’s coquettish act wasn’t remotely enough to dissuade Ying. They were at an impasse. Vera had no idea what to do and most definitely had no idea how to convince Ying. Luna, alone, would be easy to deal with, but Ying…

Ying blankly looked at Nona, who was hugging her around her waist. Nona blinked her pitiful eyes. Ying’s expression didn’t change. Ying didn’t make the next move, either. After a short moment, she slowly set down her sword. Her face was slightly flush. She went to touch Nona’s head, but she paused. Ying noticed that she had lost control of herself, so she quickly cleared her throat. She then turned to face the young boy and sternly instructed, “Remove your clothes.”


“Remove your clothes.”


Nona shrieked and then quickly covered her eyes with her hands. The thing was she didn’t cover her eyes. Instead, she furtively watched from between the gaps in her fingers.

Vera looked perturbed. Liu Yue was the only one who quickly spun around to give the young man her back. The young man fearfully got to his feet. He grabbed his buttons and shakily asked, “D-Do I really have to undress…?”

“Undress. I must ensure you don’t have any weapons that could hurt His Majesty before taking you to see him,” Ying answered. She ran her blade across his dirty clothes to signal for him to hurry up: “Remove everything, including any underwear. Nobody cares about your body.”

As soon as he heard he could see Troy, the fire in the young boy’s eyes lit up again. He brashly removed his clothes and tossed them onto the ground. While he had to undress in front of several females, he fearless removed everything, thereby revealing his thin and dirty body. Ying scanned him: then told him, “All right, come with me.”

The guards made way. The young boy fearfully glanced over to the four sisters. The four sisters, who were passionate at the start, avoided him as if he was the plague. He didn’t want to have them look at his nude body.

Vera blankly looked at the naked young boy and Ying. Nona surprised Vera. Nona was ignorant from all accounts. Vera truly wondered if the coquettish act was what made the expressionless machine surrender. It was also her first time seeing the young boy’s naked body, leading to her remarking to herself that was how men looked.

Liu Yue didn’t care about his body; she was just apprehensive about getting close to Ying. Perhaps it was her instinct as a wild beast, but her instincts told her that Ying was extremely dangerous… She didn’t mind the fact that the boy was dirty as Ling Yue always told her not to judge a person by their appearance. She said to look into their eyes to judge their character. There were no wicked thoughts in the young boy’s gaze. To the contrary, they gleamed with loyalty and bravery. So accordingly, Liu Yue thought well of him. Of course, after seeing his body, she couldn’t resist recalling her father’s body when she once went to the hot springs with him.

Liu Yue’s thinking went as so: “Dad’s body is truly perfect. He has perfect proportions, symmetry and muscles. Though he has some scars, it only makes him more masculine. His body is incomparably warm. It really gives me an urge to copulate. I was envious of Mom, but that was when I was most envious.”

Upon thinking of her father, Liu Yue couldn’t resist the urge to wag her tail. The young boy curiously scanned Liu Yue’s tail. Voice soft, he asked Liu Yue, “Y-You are not human, are you…? Is King Troy not human, either…?”

“I am a descendant of the Moon Fox Tribe. My father is Troy, and my mother is a Moon Fox,” replied Liu Yue, tone proud. “My father is part elf and part human, but he’s the best dad in this world!”

The young boy nodded but didn’t say anything else after. He then looked at the Imperial Palace before him and spaced out. Liu Yue proudly looked over and exclaimed, “This is where my father resides. When you see my father, you must be courteous. If you have any requests, you must respect my dad!”

“I know.”

The young boy enviously checked out the Imperial Palace. He was envious, but he also felt somewhat lonely and sad. He clasped his hands together and surveyed at the main hall. He recalled melancholic his past. Liu Yue didn’t know why he wore such an expression. When she went to inquire, though, Ying stopped them.

Ying looked at the Princesses and stated, “All right, Princesses, I shall go and find him a set of clothes first. He cannot see His Majesty in this state. As for you, you can follow Luna to see His Majesty.”

Luna nodded. With a smile, she said to the sisters, “Let us go, Princesses. His Majesty has to leave tomorrow, so you must want to see your father now, right?”

Liu Yue inquired, “Father has to go out?”

Unlike her three elder sisters, Liu Yue wasn’t able to see her father whenever she wanted. She only had the chance to visit the palace during her school holidays, which were a fixed period of time. For every day her father was away, she considered a day wasted. She sadly hung her tail down.

Luna awkwardly smiled: “There is no need to feel sad, Princess Liu Yue. His Majesty must leave every three months. He is just going to Troy City. He will soon be back. Oh, by the way, Consort Lucia and Consort Nier will also be going. Do you girls want to join them?”

“Of course!!” Liu Yue beamed.

Troy City was a nice place. Liu Yue possessed many fond memories of it. There was also the four sisters’ favourite place, the hot spring on top of the mountain at Troy City. They could see their father and behave candidly with him there. They could see their father’s body and lean on him as if they were his wives. But nonetheless, they would have to compete in wits and courage against their sisters. In particular, they had to prepare swimwear and sexy clothing!

Vera hissed a breath of cold air. She then quickly looked down at her chest then glanced at Nona. Nona, too, fearfully looked at her chest. She mumbled, “No way… No way… They seem to have grown a bit larger… No… I can’t fit into my swimwear now…”

Nona’s mumbling stung Vera.

Daisy was in her own world. Daisy, who could never defeat Vera, decided that she had to throw a pre-emptive strike. Faced with the trip with their dad to Troy City, the four immediately forgot about the young boy. A boy was just a boy. They still liked their dad most.

They all arrived at the rest room entrance harbouring different thoughts. Luna knocked on the door with a smile. Freya’s laugh came from inside. Luna gently pulled the door open. The four sisters’ patience wore out long ago. Liu Yue had to admit Daisy was physically stronger than her; however, due to Daisy’s shyness and eccentric ego, she went to the back of her dad’s sofa and didn’t do anything else after rushing in. Nona didn’t dare to hug her dad from behind due to her breasts. Therefore, it came down to Liu Yue versus Vera in the end.

Vera swept her eyes around. There were only a few steps between her and the sofa where her father had his back facing her, but Vera already formulated countless ploys to foil Liu Yue’s plans. In fact, she wouldn’t hesitate to throw a flower vase at Liu Yue. Liu Yue noticed Vera’s very dangerous eyes. She coldly snorted and then vigorously extended her tail.


While it was painful to have her tail stepped on, Vera slipped when she stepped on the slippery furry tail.

Liu Yue leapt over to hug her father around his neck while feeling proud of herself. She rubbed her face against his. With a smile, she exclaimed, “Dad! Dad! My Dad! I’m so happy to see you!!”


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