Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 02

Bizarre Request

“Don’t kill me!! I’m not an assassin! I swear I am not an assassin! I just want to see King Troy! I really am not an assassin!! Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! I can’t die now! I can’t die yet!!” shouted the desperate young man.

Had the young man stuck to his guns and resisted to the end, Daisy would’ve considered him a man and granted him a painless death to reward his loyalty. However, he wagged his tail and begged as a coward, regarding his life as a lowly, spineless coward. Daisy had no respect for lowly, spineless cowards. Vera stopped Daisy, nevertheless.

The young man piqued Vera’s interest. Frustrated as a result of Vera’s interference, Daisy questioned, “You done? We could’ve finished this minutes ago. We’re still here only because of you. Are you sympathising with him? You want to sympathise with somebody who wants to assassinate our dad?”

“He said he’s not an assassin.”

“You plan to believe him?!”

While Daisy wasn’t willing to admit it in the presence of outsiders, deep down, she acknowledged Vera was remarkably intelligent. Even Nona wouldn’t believe her astute sister would trust an assassin who begged for mercy before death.

Vera didn’t answer Daisy. Instead, she asked, “You said that you can’t die, correct? You’re certain that you can’t die, correct?”

The young man found himself put on the spot. He nodded in a flustered fashion and trembled as he replied, “I’m not afraid of death. I’ve experienced things much more frightening than death. I perceive death to be a form of relief now, but I can’t die yet. I absolutely mustn’t die. I haven’t seen King Troy yet. I haven’t helped my Queen yet, so I can’t die. If I die, my Queen will be in danger, so please. Please don’t kill me! I really am not an assassin. I really am not an assassin. I resorted to this as I do not have the opportunity to see King Troy or even enter the Imperial Palace. This long sword isn’t a weapon. Its purpose is to serve as for authentication!”

Daisy froze. She did indeed mishear. The young man wasn’t afraid of death but couldn’t as he needed to fulfil his duty as a loyal vassal. The Valkyries were the same by nature. The Valkyries could sacrifice their lives for their Empress without hesitation, but they cared for themselves more than anyone else at other times for they couldn’t protect Her Majesty in death. Their death had to be valuable to Her Majesty. From that standpoint, Daisy concluded the young man was the same as herself.

Vera nodded: “Tell us the reason you want to see King Troy. Daisy, take your foot off his chest. He’s already wounded. If he tries anything, kill him. Oh, right, Nona, go and find a set of clothes for Liu Yue. Don’t let her stay in her fox form.”

Liu Yue discontentedly whimpered. She could enlarge herself, but her clothes wouldn’t enlarge along with her transformation. Thus, her torn clothes were scattered. If she reverted to her human form, she’d be nude. As such, she didn’t dare to revert. She was also in shock over the attack. Her large body swayed the trees. If the guards came, it’d be impossible for Vera to save the young man.

Nona gave a nod then sprinted back to the palace. Daisy was discontent. Still, she backed off. The young man finally acquired much needed oxygen. He breathed as if he was letting out a breath of relief, and then he began to cough intensely. Vera stood to one side and watched him. The smile she wore was far too complex; not even Daisy could decipher what she was planning.

“So, as I asked, why do you want to see King Troy?” interrogated Vera.

“… I need to see him for my nation, in other words, my master. King Troy is the only person who can save Galaluocia Kingdom. It was very hard for my master to find an opportunity to send me out. I must protect her. I must see King Troy!”

He initially didn’t plan to say it, but after hesitating for a long time, he said it. The young man suddenly looked proud as he replied to Vera.


Though the name was very alike her mother’s name, Vera had no impression of the nation he spoke of. There didn’t seem to be any other envoys sent besides the young man.

“Galaluocia, Vera Galaluocia sent me…”

“Wait, wait, wait, who? Who sent you?”

It was Daisy’s turn to be stunned. Of course, Vera was just as surprised as Daisy. He seemed to be under the assumption that there was an issue with his pronunciation; hence, he took in a deep breath and then slowly, but clearly, enunciated, “Galaluocia’s Queen, Vera Galaluocia, sent me… That was who she was…”

The surname was very similar to Vera’s mother’s, and it sounded as though she was the one that sent him. But nonetheless, Vera could swear she met the young man for the first time that day. It was also her first time hearing of the something, something Galaluocia Kingdom.

“That’s unexpected,” commented Daisy, with a grin.

Vera ignored her sister. With her interest now piqued even further, she inquired,, “What are you here for, then? I’ve never heard of that nation or your Queen. If you want to establish diplomatic relations, the envoy you sent is too shabby. No wonder why the guards stopped you.”

Not only was the young man too young, but also too shabby to be the envoy for a nation. A nation’s envoy was essentially their reputation, and also acted as their respect for other nations. The young man, however, didn’t seem to look as though Galaluocia Kingdom had any respect for her father. In fact, sending such an envoy would be considered an insult. If he saw an envoy presenting himself poorly, her father might very well get angry.

“No, no, no, I’m not an envoy; or rather, I once wasn’t… Pirates attacked envoy group was attacked on the way here… I am the sole survivor. I am the sole survivor, which is why I came in their steed.”

“Is that so…?”

That didn’t imply anything to Vera. Pirates attacking them and insisting on seeing her father were unrelated. Vera said, “Go back for now. After returning to your nation, clean yourself. Get a change of clothes. Wash your face and tidy yourself up before coming back. Else, you’ll be insulting my father if you meet him in that shape. My father won’t see you.”

“I can’t… I can’t go back… I can’t go back until I meet His Majesty… What did you say…? You’re… You’re… His Majesty’s daughter?!”

Vera never planned to reveal her identity, but she accidentally blurted it out. She touched her forehead: “Forget it. Forget it. Okay, I admit that I’m His Majesty’s daughter. That doesn’t mean I can let somebody of unknown origins approach my father, nonetheless. First of all, you have to tell me what exactly you want. Why can’t you go back now? What exactly is it that you’re after? What exactly happened there? Honestly tell me everything, and I can reconsider it… And one more thing, turn around. No looking!! Nona, go and help Liu Yue get dressed.”

Liu Yue reverted to her human form. Nona helped her shivering into the forest. Daisy pressed the long sword to the young man’s face and aggressively warned, “If you dare budge, I’ll shave your nose off.”

The young man didn’t care about the blade on his face or Liu Yue, who was getting dressed behind him. Instead, he kept his eyes on Vera. Voice loud, he explained, “There’s somebody who’s eyeing my Queen’s throne. Somebody is after her life! Somebody wants to usurp the throne!! We need… we need King Troy to support Queen Vera. We need to establish a diplomatic relationship with King Troy. We need to prove to everyone that Queen Vera’s rule is supported.

“Previously, nobody recognised her as the Queen due to her identity as a woman; however, she truly has the qualifications to be a Queen!  I’m sure the attack on us during our journey was plotted!! They want to prevent us from seeing King Troy! This is a conspiracy! This is premeditated murder, so I can’t return. If I return with nothing to show, my Queen to lose credibility, and she’ll die!! I must help her! I must help my master! All I want is to see King Troy! Please, please let me see him! I’m sure he will understand. We can give him anything! Please, please let me see King Troy. I implore you!!”

The young man’s voice turned to sobs by the time he reached the end of his explanation. Vera looked at his eyes but spoke up. Daisy glanced at her sister but didn’t speak out, either. However, her gaze showed she had eased up a little. After all, she was still a kid; she wasn’t as ruthless as her mother. Vera, however, grew hesitant. The story was so simple that she didn’t dare to believe it.

Vera turned around to communicate with her sisters, using their gazes in order to judge. Vera didn’t dare to lead him to her father. The young man appeared too edgy, which made Vera apprehensive about approaching him.

All of a sudden, Liu Yue remarked, “Take him to Father.”

Surprised, Vera spun around. Liu Yue took in a deep breath then grabbed her chest. In a somewhat fearful voice, she expounded, “He’s not a bad person. He really isn’t. He didn’t actually try to attack me… It was merely an accident. He holds no animosity. We should take him to see Father…”


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