Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 06


“You take charge of testing the effects of these mana liquids and adjusting your accompaniments so that we have a suitable and usable mana liquid. That way, we’ll have the best flammable. We’ll use our mana to trigger it. That removes the necessity of relying on steam-powered machines. We can reduce the size of the machine and increase our production capabilities. My, you’re amazing. If you weren’t around, I really wouldn’t be able to produce these things, nor would I have thought of producing these engines.”

Lorana surveyed at the clear liquid inside the small test tube, which the girl handed her, brimming with excitement. The young dark elf, who brought suffering to humans and elves, became Lorana’s student she was most proud of. However, she was different to Lorana. The girl looked down on the metal work that Lorana was in love with. She preferred her knowledge as a dark elf. She wasn’t interested in mana-powered machinery. Instead, she focused on how to produce mana liquids with special powers, which was what she handed Lorana.

“It’s actually very simple. It’s just flammable mana. I took the mana potion that His Majesty invented and made subtle alterations. Previously, it was pure mana that required a certain command. Mine, on the other hand, is mana that has a command infused into it. The mana should be considered a type of liquid. Researching a liquid’s constitution and sensing elements in the atmosphere are what we dark elves are best at. That’s why you shouldn’t smoke near these liquids; else, you’ll light them up. It may merely be lit up, but it’s dangerous if it’s always burning.”

“Fine, fine,” grumbled Lorana, and then threw her smoke aside. She looked at the liquids as though she was looking at a treasure: “If it’s possible, do you think we can create these liquids on a big scale? They’re definitely the newest flammable. We need these things. As long as you can create them, I’ll be able to create gear to work in conjunction with them.”

“I should be able to. I can’t do it on my own, though. I need more mana experts to produce it.”

“No, more manpower is useless. Tell me how to make it. I have to create a production line for it. Human production will never be able to catch up with the world’s rate of development. Child, we need superior machines and a faster production line. Whoa, Consort Lucia?”

Thanks to her keen elven senses, Lorana noticed Lucia waiting at the door, albeit it surprising her. Startled, Lucia jolted; she didn’t think she’d be noticed. Lucia subtly nodded then told the child, “Are you free? I need you to help me with something.”

The young girl nodded: “I am at your command.”

The young girl followed Lucia out. She had no clue what Consort Lucia asked for her for.

Lucia shyly and softly explained, “You’re also a dark elf, right? Do you know what sort of liquid can help someone relax? It’d be best if it’s the type that can allow a man and woman to have some intimate time with each other… His Majesty has been busy with work recently. I want to let him get some rest… and… and… while… that’s somewhat embarrassing… as wife and husband, we can’t just abstain, right…? It’s just that His Majesty rarely spends nights with me… so… so… do you have that sort of drug? By the way, you must keep this a secret, understood?!”

“I understand what you mean now. In the handbook Sister Mera gave me, there was indeed… something called love potion… I will soon be able to make the potion you want, May I ask when I need to deliver it to you?”

“Don’t come and deliver it!! I’ll personally come for it, understood? Never send it over. If His Majesty finds out, I won’t dare to use it. I’ll personally fetch it.”

“I will have it ready in three days’ time for you, then. It will be effective for one night, so there will not be any side effects. Please come fetch it in three days.”

“All right.”


Current time at Nier’s place.

“Your Majesty, what have you asked for me for?” asked a businessman.

Her business was the best transaction; or rather, business from women was the best. As long as you could put a smile on their face, all of the gems in the world would be worth a tonne. Money wasn’t always circulated via the wits of a man but females’ whims.

“I heard you sell a drug that makes one’s husband passionate for his wife again, correct? I know what you’re thinking right now, but I need to tell you that I have a very good relationship with my husband. It’s just that his health isn’t the best recently and rarely visits me.”

“I understand. I understand. I will not mention this to anyone. I am a businessman. My concern is how to close bigger business transactions. I do not know anything else nor will I say anything else. I do understand what you mean, though. You need the drug. It is potent. You just need to feed him this many drips in his drink before dinner, and you will virtually be unable to eat dinner.”

The businessman took out a small container with a smile, and then handed Nier a rather shabby-looking small vial. Nier took the bottle feeling doubtful. She opened the lid and had a whiff: “Are you sure there are no side-effects? I have used this sort of stuff before. Frankly, the side-effects were quite severe.”

“No, there are no side-effects to using this drug. If there were, I would not have been able to sell it until now. You learnt about me from lots of nobles, correct? Your Majesty, you are also aware that the drug is effective. You need not worry at all. Just one vial and His Majesty will fall for you again.”

“His Majesty loves me right now!!”

“Yes, yes, I apologise for my error. Sorry, sorry,” the man quickly apologised with a smile.

Nier took the small vial and put it away properly then paid him what she ought to pay. He departed after he was remunerated. It wasn’t time for him to be bragging. His earnings weren’t going to come from the Consort, but after she used it. As long as she was pleased with the product, other women would find out and flock to him similarly to bees that detected honey. Once they flocked to him, money would be the one thing he wouldn’t be lacking. Until then, he didn’t need to advertise anything. All he had to do was wait a few days. Once the strongest woman of the entire empire was content, all of the other women would seek him out and buy his item at a high price.


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