Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 55

Ling Yue made a heavy landing on the chaotic battlefield. With one stomp, she killed a batch of people underfoot. She then violently swung her tail and sealed the city door with her body. The zombies outside had already engage the red uniform army in a close-quarters fight.

I began to think that humanity truly was a troublesome race. There was no way of instantly killing all of the zombies out in the field; however, because there were no more pouring out onto the field, within two hours, the sun came up in the east. The awful sight of corpses and blood was displayed.

“Finish off our wounded. There’s no way of saving them once they’ve been bitten. They’ll also end up turning. Rest in peace. I will remember your efforts. I will take care of your family until the end. I will see to it that they are compensated and treated acceptably. You were very brave in this war. I am proud of you all!”

Mommy Elizabeth’s horse was also dyed in red blood. Every step her horse took, you could hear the blood dripping off her horse. The soldiers cheered for their Empress whilst finishing off their wounded comrades to release them from the pain and incoming misery.

“So, these people were in this state due to drinking the so-called holy water?”

“River water would be more correct. The so-called holy water is, in actual fact, river water that passed through Troy City. In the water is a fake mana that an elf created. The mana doesn’t discriminate between humans and elves, thereby turning humans into these things. They have a desire to kill all species that possess mana. Humans are wild beasts by nature. Therefore, they were aggressive,” I clarified.

“That pope surprisingly managed to escape. My soldiers almost killed him. I did suspect that he was involved with this, and now it’s been confirmed. Son, how do you plan to deal with him?”

I glanced toward Troy City. Usually, all magical signals would come to an end once the sun came up after a full-moon night. This time, though, Ling Yue didn’t stand up, which indicated that the people behind her were still trying to charge out, and by people, I meant zombies. In the end, things would never end well for humans who got involved with mana.

“Throw him in. Dealing with him isn’t the most urgent matter at hand. Mom, I’m going to destroy Troy City now. As you saw, we can’t allow these zombies to reach the elven lands or humanity. Once they bite a human, it’ll be all over. This is a plague that Troy City started. I must burn Troy City to the ground.”

“Do you really want to burn Troy City down? Mommy is confident that Mommy’s soldiers can kill everyone here. Our reinforcements are on their way here as we speak. We can leave our city and just kill the people inside, right? Son, this city isn’t just a city to you, is it? Think hard before you make up your mind.”

I didn’t reply. I kept my gaze on Troy City. The city was named after me. It was the first city I had. It was the city that Freya and I created according to our ideas. It was where my wives got pregnant. It was where I fought a life and death battle with the invading anthropoids. So many things happened there. The people of the city courageously stood at the walls to defend the city when the anthropoids invaded. What could I do, though?

For the sake of the entire continent’s safety, the tens of thousands of people behind me, I had to destroy the place. I couldn’t allow a single infected person to return to Hilles City. How could the red uniform army kill everyone at the city? What, with just their rifles and spears? They weren’t an impregnable wall. If we missed just one of them, it’d be a catastrophe for the entire army. I had to kill them all. I had to burn them along with the city. I had to. I had to.

“Release me! Release me! I said, let go of me! You murderers! You have no right to treat me this way.”

While I was thinking to myself, I heard someone yelling at the top of his lungs. Mom and I turned around to see the guards drag the pope toward the city. The pope put up a desperate struggle and accompanied it with his despairing yells. I walked over and smashed my fist into his face.

“We have the right to do so because you are the murderer! Look at this city. Look at what my Troy City has become thanks to you! Aren’t you a pope?! Since you’re a pope, you should go with your believers!”

“You also want to destroy the city, don’t you?! You want to destroy the entire city, as well, don’t you?! Wow, it sure is easy for a King, huh?! You’re already thinking about the death of thirty thousand people. I destroyed the city, but what did you ever do for the city?! Nothing! You never thought about saving this city!! Look at all the corpses! Look for yourself! They’re all your citizens! You keep claiming that I destroyed this city. The reality is you didn’t do anything, either! You killed everyone t release the city of its shackles, and now you want to destroy all of Troy City! You don’t even bat an eye when you’re killing thirty thousand people. In fact, you don’t even feel tense whatsoever!”

“Shut the hell up! Who’s the one that forced me to make this choice?! Tell me!! Who turned my citizens into monsters that I have to kill?! You tell me!!”

“But you never even thought about saving them. I did my best. I searched for countless people and even went to the elven lands to search for a way to erase the mana, but I was too powerless to find a way. What about you? You’re the Prince of the Empire, the Prince of the elves, the King of the North, yet you want to kill them without even trying anything else!!”

The pope completely ignored the wound I gave him. He continued shouting in my face, “I, at the very least, did something for this city, while you did nothing! Zilch! Do you know how I ruled the city? Do you? I didn’t do anything. All I did was tell them your story! That’s why they tried to run! Do you know how scared everyone is of you, Troy? I didn’t need to do anything. All I had to do was make them scared of you. Do you know how paranoid you are? Killing the culprit responsible is acceptable, but you go all the way and exterminate! You’re just a walking nutcase! Nobody knows what will enrage you, so everyone is scared of you! If you want people to revolt against you, all you have to do is tell them your story, and they’ll be trembling from fear of you and revolt! It takes a single word from you to kill someone! You’ve never thought about how much blood you spilt!! Look at this place. This is the blood you made them spill!!”

“You done? If you’re done, then return to your people. Valkyries, take him away! Don’t let him spout any more horsefeathers!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


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