Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 50

“Consort Ling Yue, King Troy’s order was for you to leave Troy City. It is an absolute order. If you choose not to return, I will have to resort to using force. Troy City is an extremely dangerous place at the moment. Whether it is out of consideration for you or Princess Liu Yue, you must leave Troy City.”

Ling Yue gripped the half-remaining stocking in her hand with a light grip. She seemed as though she wasn’t paying any attention to what Tanya was saying. Tanya sighed to herself when she saw Ling Yue’s look. It was just as she thought; Ling Yue reacted similarly to the White Deer King.

“I really can’t stand that woman. I can’t tell if this is her caring for me or not. A woman giving this to another woman is a blatant provocation! Not even I can be nonchalant upon receiving this! She’s a mere human; what’s she acting haughty about? I was just slightly later than her; else, I wouldn’t be a mistress!” Ling Yue stood up in a fit. She threw the stocking into the fire.

Tanya reacted with shock. She, too, was a female, but she couldn’t understand the meaning of the stocking. To her, it was just a keepsake used for proof. She didn’t perceive there to be any problem with the stocking. After all, only the King would use his consort’s stocking.

“Let’s go back to square one now. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t listening to you. Nier went too far. What’s she trying to achieve, provoking me with a stocking with my husband’s scent on there? Forget her for now. What exactly was my husband’s order again?”

Ling Yue sat back down next to the fireplace. She looked at the stocking that had almost been totally burnt still feeling somewhat irate.

“Consort Ling Yue, King Troy’s order is for you to leave Troy City, and it is an absolute order.  Should you choose not to return, I will have to resort to force if you refuse. Troy City is an extremely dangerous place at the moment. Whether it’s out of consideration for you or Princess Liu Yue, you must leave Troy City. However, when I entered the city, I noticed that nobody was allowed to leave their homes. Were you the one who gave that order?”

“Mm, indeed. I forbid anyone from leaving this city. They must wait for my husband to arrive, which is why I can’t leave, either. This was an order that I gave to everyone. I wanted everyone to calm down. If I leave now, my order will become me abandoning them and fleeing on my own. That will only plunge more people into panic. This city belongs to King Troy, my husband; therefore, I must protect this city.”

“Your Majesty, King Troy’s gave an absolute order, which was for you to leave. He emphasised that you must take Liu Yue with you. It is extremely dangerous at Troy City at the moment. If you do not leave, I will have to get physical.”

Ling Yue nonchalantly shook her head. A curve came to her lips: “Tanya, I really like you and would hate to hurt you. If you want to use force, I doubt you can defeat a huge fox, right? Right now, I have Miss Ying and Miss Shusia. I’m sure I’ll be safe. Furthermore, I can protect my own daughter. This is my husband’s city, which also makes it my home. I refuse to leave. I believe that my husband won’t immediately attack the city. Everyone will welcome him.”

“Let me leave to report to His Majesty if nothing else, then.”

“You don’t need to leave. His Majesty is coming closer and closer as we speak, which means that it’ll become more and more dangerous. From now, you just need to focus on protecting me.”

Ling Yue stood up and rubbed Tanya’s head. Ling Yue then went to the bed to look at Liu Yue, who was sleeping. Quietly giggling, she stated, “Liu Yue is fond of this place. Such lively streets and a city would be more fun than being in a manor, right? She is a kid, after all. That’s why I can’t leave this place. This place must be protected. In the future, I will bring Liu Yue here to enjoy the hot spring.”

“Are you sure about this? It is dangerous here. If any riots break out here, the imperial palace will be the main target… To add to that, I think His Majesty will harshly reproach me for failing to complete the task he assigned me… Should any mishap befall you, would I not lose my home…? His Majesty is my final home.”

Ling Yue lingered for a moment then solemnly looked at Tanya. She pulled Tanya into her embrace. Tanya stiffened up. Ling Yue had a really nice fragrant on her. Nevertheless, she had the smell of an anthropoid’s fur on her. Normally, Tanya would instinctively switch to a tense and apprehensive mode as soon as she caught the smell. This time, to the contrary, she strangely felt cosy and happy. She leaned into Ling Yue’s embrace similarly to a child snuggling up in their mother’s embrace.

“It’ll be all right, Tanya. Regardless of what happens, as long as you don’t leave, I won’t let you leave. You are a guard who protects my husband, and you are also the saviour of Troy City that time. No matter if it’s me or my husband. You’re our hero. As long as you’re alive, we will never abandon you. We will always be your family.”

“Consort Ling Yue…” Tanya’s voice was slightly shaky.

Voice suddenly turning colder, Ling Yue muttered, “Plus, I have a load of rage that I want to throw on him. Does he really not know what this means? What’s he trying to suggest, sending me Nier’s stocking? I went through so much effort to help him, only for him to repay me with this? How outrageous. After this matter is settled, I’m going to give it to him.”

Despite it having nothing to do with Tanya, she could feel the cold murderous intent from within Ling Yue’s marrow. She could see that Ling Yue was absolutely infuriated after receiving that “gift”.

“Is that thing really a provocation that women can’t tolerate?” wondered Tanya.


Current time outside the room.

Ying and Shusia extended out their arms to stop the maid who was attempting to enter: “Sorry, without Miss Ling Yue’s permission, nobody is allowed to enter her room.”

The startled maid looked at the two swords that were still sheathed but at her neck. Ying deftly took the tray carrying midnight snacks from the maid: “While you’re at it, tell the others that, henceforth, food must be delivered half an hour earlier. While you’re at it record the name of the chef. When you bring food over, you have to eat a portion of it as a security measure, understood?”

“Ah, Y-Yes…”

The maid trembled as she stepped back. She then quickly ran off. Ying placed the food down. While she was at it, she picked up a portion to eat. Shusia smiled: “You sure are serious, huh, Ying.”

“His Majesty gave my sister a pair of eyes. I will never forget his kindness. For that, I will forever earnestly protect them.”


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