Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 41

New church’s street.

“All right, everything has been fully prepared. It’s time I leave. Tonight is their time, but the future belongs to us.”

There were four men sitting in a plain horse carriage stopped by the side of the road. The new church’s pope grabbed hold of his brothers’ hands and sincerely said, “God will bless our pursuit. Where a noble cause is pursued, there will always be sacrifices accompanying it. That is a sad fact that we humans must deal with; however, we also have the courage to continue to forge forth after suffering the pain of our brethren.”

“All glories belong to God.”

“No, my brothers and friends. All the glory does not belong to our god, alone, but also us. God also exists thanks to us. Similarly, we are noble because of God. That is our creed. God protects us, his believers, but we believers must also let God feel honoured!”

The pope knocked on the canopy of the carriage with his cane. The coach whipped the reins and the carriage began to take off toward the exit of the city.

Hilles City restricted entry, but, usually, wouldn’t stop people from leaving. The new church’s pope and the other important personnel left Hilles City. The carriage went past where their member was executed and then northward at a fast pace before vanishing into the billowing green barley.


I pushed the door open to the three-storey inn. It was still early; therefore, they weren’t yet open for business. Usually, the first floor of inns was a small bar. In front of the counter were several circular tables. In the centre was a stove. By the looks of it, however, the stove must’ve been left unused in a long time. Nobody drank alcohol in the morning, which was why there was only the boss who was wiping cups behind the counter.

The boss froze for a moment. Once his brain processed the scene before him, he immediately placed the glass in his hand down and ran over to salute me. He respectfully said, “Your Majesty, I never imagined you would come back to my place. Do you have any business? I w-.”

Before he finished, I grabbed him by his throat and thundered, “Where’s the pope?! Where’s the new church’s pope?! Tell him to come out here and explain what exactly is going on! Call him out! Otherwise, I’ll burn your inn down today!”

“I… Ah, no, no… I… I… The pope has left. You were just a tad late. He just left. He is no longer here… He is no longer here… I just run this place. I do not know anything… Your Majesty… I… I really did not do anything wrong.”

I thoughtlessly threw him aside. I then sat down in a chair and huffed and puffed. I was genuinely exasperated.

What exactly was the new church planning? Why did they transport firearms to Hilles City under my name? What were they plotting? Were they trying to turn me and Mommy Elizabeth against each other, or were they trying to get me to trigger the firearm warfare, while they stood behind me? I was completely in the dark. They used my name to commit fraud. If Mommy Elizabeth didn’t have such a good relationship with me, as soon as a conflict broke out, it’d immediately pit Mom and I against each other.

They were basically trying to sow discord Mommy Elizabeth and I. That alone is more than enough of a reason to kill him without feeling that I went too far. That alone was enough of a reason to make me want to go to Troy City and slaughter every member of the new church. Nobody was allowed shake my relationship with my family, no one! I swore to obliterate anyone who dared to lay their hands on my family!

Unfortunately, the pope was gone.

I pulled the boss up and blustered, “Where are the others, then? Where are the others? Who else, besides the pope, is in charge at the new church? There’s no way that you wouldn’t know when you operate this place, is there? Tell me everything, every single thing!!”

Ten minutes later…

I pressed my hand on the face of the individual before me and aggressively slammed it up against the wall. I felt his pain radiate through my hand, and I heard the sound of his bones snapping. I pressed him up against the wall and roared, “Where are the weapons?! Where is the batch of guns?! Speak! Where did you send that batch of guns to?! I never told you to transport firearms! Where did you get that sheet of paper?! Why did it have my seal on it?! What have you people done at Troy City?! Tell me everything!”

“I don’t know! I really don’t know! It was the pope who told me to send firearms into the city! He said it was your command! I don’t know where the written command came from, either! It was the pope who handed it to me! I was only responsible for transporting the goods! The administrative personnel have left! I really don’t know!!”

“Where are the guns, then?! Where are the guns?!”

“In the warehouse! In a warehouse located to the south of the city! I only unloaded the goods there! I genuinely don’t know where they took it afterwards! I truly don’t know! I beg you. Please, Your Majesty, I really don’t know anything. I had no choice. I really don’t know where the stuff came from, I’m telling the truth!”

“Everyone has a chance to make a choice. It’s up to you whether or not you make the decision. Isn’t Troy City a free city? You don’t have a choice at a free city? Since you chose to transport the weapons, you, therefore, chose to help the new church commit a crime, so don’t blame me!!”

I raised my handgun up and prepared to fire. Before I could fire the shot, someone from behind grabbed my wrist. I then heard a familiar anxious voice from behind.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Calm down! Calm down! We are at Hilles City! You will cause implications if you kill someone here!! You are the Prince! You must calm down!”

I turned around to see Nier’s tense expression. I released my grip. The individual I grabbed slid down similarly to a soggy noodle. I could also smell a foul stench from him. Nier’s expression helped me relax a little. She was still wearing the dress she wore in the Royal Palace since she didn’t have enough time to change. She must’ve chased after me as soon as she knew I left.

“What are you here for, Nier?”

“Fulfilling my obligation as a wife. Your Majesty, if the royal family kills someone under the watch of the people in Hilles City, the people will be left feeling unsettled. Don’t you think you have gone too far? Didn’t you say you want to be a fair and just King? He’s already told you everything he knows, and he’s not the culprit, so why do you want to kill him?!”

“These people are trying to frame me! They are trying to sow discord between me and Her Majesty! I can’t tolerate that! If someone tries to sow discord between us, would you be angry?!”

“You must be mindful of your identity, though! Indiscriminately killing isn’t a good thing! Your Majesty… Please, come back with me now. Please, come back with me now. Her Majesty will handle things that come after. For now, please… come home with me…”


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