Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 26

I was the only person who was awake… I think… In any case, I looked at Mom, who was sleeping. Actually, I take that back. I looked at the side-view of her sleeping silhouette. I could hear the sound of the air breezing along. The temperature in Mom’s room and the scent were blatantly amorous. That combined with the dim light and Mom’s perfect voluptuous mountain peaks’ silhouette made my heart rate speed up. I gently gulped then cautiously walked over.

“I’m not here for this, and I didn’t want to do this when I was with Nier. Why, though, am I struggling to hold the urge in as soon as I saw Mom’s silhouette? Could I like Mommy Elizabeth more than Nier? No way. Nier is more skilled, and she’s more playful. Mom is shy and refused to do it in other positions. She never takes the initiative. Why do I suddenly want to do it with her now, though?” I pondered to myself.


I swear I called out to Mom in a quiet voice. Nevertheless, my voice disrupted the quiet room. Mom jerked. She swiftly sat up and pulled open the curtain. She was shocked to see me standing there. She brushed her hair in front of hair face over her ear. Perplexed, she asked, “What’s wrong, Son? Is something the matter for you to be here at this hour? Did something happen to Daisy, or did you argue with Nier?”

Honestly, I didn’t pay any attention to what Mom asked. I really wanted to know why she chose to sleep nude. Even Mommy Vyvyan would wear sleepwear. However, Mommy Elizabeth had her body generously exposed.

Mommy Elizabeth was old, but her skin was still perfect. Her body emitted a faint entrancing glow thanks to the dim flames. Her perky breasts practically defied the law of gravity. Her shapely legs were slightly muscular, but they looked particularly long and slender thanks to her height. The dark spots that the flames couldn’t light up were even more attractive. The warmth highlighted her scent.

Seeing as I didn’t answer, Mom checked her body, and then swiftly covered herself with her blanket. Embarrassed, she turned her head away and pouted: “Geez… You’re a naughty boy. Did you come to see Mommy for something? What are you staring at…?”

“Sorry, Mom, it’s just because your body is too beautiful that I couldn’t return to my senses…”

Mom shuddered. She turned back to face me. She shook her head with a smile: “Why are you suddenly praising me, Son? Are you trying to ingratiate yourself with me for something? Mommy is old now. Mommy is no longer the type you young ones like. Mommy can’t compare to Nier anymore. Plus, Mommy has never tried to maintain Mommy’s appearance.”

“No, Mom, I’m not trying to flatter you. I’m being serious. You really are pretty, really…”

I took another step forward, bringing me one step closer to Mom.

“Stop, Son. What are you here so late at night for? Did you have a fight with Nier?”

“No.” I shook my head then shyly scratched my head: “I just wanted to come see you, so I came over… I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to visit in the middle of the night, either… But… I left the room and strolled around. Before I knew it… Mom, this makes me look so foolish…”

“No, Mommy is now actually happy to hear that.” Mom removed her hands covering her breasts and gently cupped my face. In a tender voice, she expressed, “You want to be spoiled, right?  You don’t need to worry. You’re just a kid in Mommy’s room. You’re Mommy’s son. Come here, Son. Mommy is very happy to know that you came to Mommy; however, you can’t just stay up all night. Sleep here with Mommy. Mommy wanted to sleeping holding you all this time.”

I went along with Mom and stripped. But nonetheless, I was embarrassed, as I didn’t bring my sleepwear over. Then again, seeing as Mom was nude, I decided, “Whatever, naked it is.”

Mom pulled me down onto the bed and covered me with the blanket. She then pulled me into her embrace as fast as lightning. Our bodies were plastered against each other, yes, skin to skin. I could clearly feel Mom’s warmth transfer to my tongue. I could feel her gentleness and her finger gently swimming around on me. I looked at Mom, and she looked back at me. She kissed my forehead with a smile. Despite blushing, she still affectionately told me, “Goodnight, then, Son. Sleep with Mommy. There’s nothing that you need to worry about. Mommy will protect you.”

“Mm… Mom…”

“What’s the matter?”

Mom stiffened up when she noticed me fidgeting. She went from shy to livid. She gave me a pat on my shoulder and fumed, “Son, don’t tell me you came here because you wanted to do that. Do it with Nier. Why did you come to Mommy?!”

“That wasn’t my initial intent. It’s because you’re too pretty that I’m feeling it… And… and Mom, hasn’t it always bothered you that you never fed me…? I’m your son now. Don’t you want to experience it…?”

“Don’t just bite, ah… Geez… Mm… There’s no way Mommy would have any now… Sigh… Geez, Son… Mommy… Mommy… Geez… You must sleep properly when you’re done… Sigh… What can I do when I’m your Mom…?”

The last thing Mom said was slightly weird. I didn’t stop, nevertheless. I had no desire to do it when I was with Nier, yet I was aroused with Mom the same way as when I was with Nier. The strange stimulation even made my body tremble a little. My heart raced so fast that I could feel every thump. Mom sighed. She gave up and allowed me to have my way.


Next day…

“His Majesty came over last night?” asked Castell.

Castell lingered. He pressed his hand on the door handle but didn’t push it open. The Valkyrie nodded: “He has not come out since. He must have spent the night in the room.”

“Mm…” Castell lingered for a moment and then removed his hand from the handle. He hopelessly laughed: “Let’s be sensible, then. Don’t disturb the two of them. They’ll wake up on their own. Don’t go in.”



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