Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 39

The Spring’s Appearance (8)

“You mean… you can still hear the voice?” Mom placed the fruit in her hand down and worriedly looked at me. She touched my forehead and asked, “The link has been cut, so why can you still hear the voice?”

“Maybe it’s a problem with the spring water…?”

”Mom shouldn’t have let you go near it… It’s fine, though. Mommy can interfere a bit. It’s just that there will be some side effects. You might hear Mommy’s voice, but that’s much better than hearing that voice, isn’t it?”

Mom rubbed my head with a smile. She then chanted a curse. My mind went blank. It was a really uncomfortable feeling. Two people did something strange to my memory, yet I had no idea what. If it wasn’t Mommy Vyvyan who was altering my mind, I would fret.

Mommy Vyvyan let go with a smile. She then grabbed hold of my hand and, in a soft tone, stated, “Done, Son. If the voice appears again, Mommy will interfere. Mommy doesn’t know why the spring has chosen you, either. Son, the elven spring is already our Galadriel Tribe’s exclusive mana source, so it’s unlikely to come after our tribe members, yet it’s chosen you. Furthermore, it’s done so many strange things that not even Mommy can understand. There are tall buildings and some… some… something running on the ground.”

“Did you see something, Mom?!” I stood up and grabbed hold of Mom’s hands.

Mom reacted surprised: “I thought you saw it, as well. It’s what the elven spring displayed. Mommy has never seen the world it displayed. There were incredibly tall buildings, crowds, and metal boxes that ran along the streets. Also, I think there was a classroom?  Also, also, there were guns that I had never seen before. Mommy doesn’t know what that place is. Perhaps it’s one of humanity’s places. The metal and soil suppressed the mana; therefore, Mommy couldn’t sense any mana activity there, nor does Mommy know where it is. With that said, Mommy doesn’t know why the spring is showing us that sort of place…”

Dumbstruck, I sat back down. I was startled.  Mom didn’t know what that place is, but I did. That was the world that I came from. The world that Mom didn’t recognise was where I was born and grew up as Zhu Liangzhe. Mom saw the world I came from.

“Why? Why did the spring show Mom that? Why does the spring relentlessly cling to me? Why…? Why…? What is the spring trying to hint? What does the elves’ god want? I now have my lovers, moms and children here.  Do I have to go back now? Where will I end up when I go back? I no longer have a body. I’d just be a wandering soul, wouldn’t I? I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. I want to stay with Mom, my wives and children!” I contemplated.

“Don’t worry, Son. Mommy has helped you. You best get yourself slightly drunk before you sleep at night. That will allow you to have deeper sleep without being disturbed. Oh, right, if you have that sort of dream again, don’t panic or feel afraid no matter what. Your panic and fear will allow the mana to find a vulnerable entry point. Trust Mommy. You must trust those around you. All you’re seeing is a dream. Remember that.”

I nodded: “I understand.”

Mom didn’t lean back feeling content. Instead, she leaned further forward onto the table, thereby revealing the ditch and snow-white weapons that made me blush. Mom didn’t notice her exposure, though. She, instead, pressed her hands firmer down on mine. She anxiously reminded, “Mommy isn’t joking with you. Plus, this isn’t Mommy reminding you. You must remember what Mommy said. You must trust Mommy and those around you. You must stand strong in your beliefs. Son, you’re Mommy’s son, so Mommy will definitely protect you, understood?”

I looked into Mom’s eyes. It was hard to shift my gaze from Mom’s breasts to her eyes. Her anxious gaze made me look, nonetheless. I nodded then held Mom’s hands back: “I know, Mom. You’re my mom, so I’ll trust you, always.”

“Of course. If you see Elizabeth. Mommy thinks you shouldn’t approach her, either.”

I laughed. Mommy Vyvyan finally pulled back. She then pinched my shoulder and smiled: “In saying that , you must pay attention to where you look.”

“Oh, busted!!” I exclaimed to myself.

Mom caressed my head. Lucia appeared at the table, exhausted. She greeted us. Smiling, Mom inquired, “What’s the matter, Lucia? You look very tired.”

“Sorry, Your Highness. If I sleep at night, I will be tired during the day. Last night, I felt too reassured at His Highness’ side and, consequently, fell asleep.”

Mom shook her head with a smile to stop Lucia from continuing. Lucia pulled a chair out. Mom passed the remainder of breakfast to Lucia. After just sitting down for two bites, Lucia got back up again and rushed outside, leaving me with a bewildered look.

Mom’s ears twitched. With a smile, she explained, “The girls are up.”

I looked at Mom’s ear and sighed: “Sometimes, I really envy you.”

“Envy? Mommy can use magic to give you this sort of ears. It’s just that Mommy isn’t too used to seeing you with long ears.”

“I was just joking…”

I couldn’t accept my appearance with long ears. Elves didn’t look ugly with long ears. I merely couldn’t accept my ears being long when I was human. Having that said, my human sensory organs couldn’t compare to elven ones. I inherited the visual prowess of elves. Due to my human ears, nonetheless, my aural capabilities would never be able to rival elves.

Mom watched Lucia leave and revealed an emotional smile: “That’s what it means to be a mom. Watching Lucia nowadays reminds me of when I raised you. You were alone, nonetheless. Mommy didn’t feel tired in the slightest raising you. To the contrary, Mommy was happy. At the time, you were always with Mommy, and you never ran about.”

“I feel apologetic toward Lucia.”

“Why don’t you feel apologetic to Mommy? Vera is clearly…”

“Okay… I’m apologetic to you, as well, Mom.”



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