Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 32

The Spring’s Appearance (1)

“Miss Luna.”

“Ah, Miss Freya.”

Luna stood up to bow. Freya smiled. She sat down on the chair in front of Luna. She gazed outside and softly laughed: “Miss Luna, it has been a long time since you worked, right?”

Luna lifted up her teacup with a smile: “Yes. It has been a long time since I have had so much free time. His Majesty is not here, after all; hence, I do not need to work. While I am a little upset over him not bringing me along, I know he is safe at Duargana. That is reassuring. I guess this is considered a short vacation for me. To be honest, I am quite happy.”

“I am in the same position. I have completed all of my current work, so I guess I get to have a short vacation for now. If there is nothing to do, I think we should go out. Miss Luna, what do you think? Let’s go for a walk outside this afternoon to buy some stuff and have some fun as ordinary girls.”

“I would be very happy to.” Luna merrily placed her cup down.

Life in the palace was still ordered as per usual. The people outside were leading their lives as per usual. Even so, the girls were lonely without their King. With that said, they also felt relieved to have some free time, which was rare. It felt akin to the clouds looming in the sky clearing away. Although it was nice, boredom eventually kicked in. Their King stated he wouldn’t be back anytime soon; therefore, all that they could do was patiently wait.


The situation in the elven lands was resolved. The child gave up her plans in the end. I took her to Mera’s house. She always liked her Sister Mera. Sadly, in the end, she didn’t get to visit her Sister Mera at her home. I watched the girl climb onto Mera’s bed and cry. I was overwhelmed with emotions myself.

I brought the child back for Mera’s sake, but it didn’t change the fact that Mera wouldn’t return. All I could do was learn more about her past. Mera no longer had a future. Her past, therefore, was invaluable to me.

I gave the girl the small notebook Mera left me. The notebook was Mera’s last belonging. It was a nice item for me to commemorate Mera, but it was most useful to the child. She couldn’t replace Mera’s place in my heart; nevertheless, I needed a competent pharmacist with me. As the girl could produce those drugs, she should’ve been able to become as masterful as Mera with her notebook, I assumed.

The girl thanked me in tears. She took the notebook and treated it as if she received a treasure. That went for both of us.

We were going to return to the North to lead a peaceful life. She couldn’t live at Duargana as a dark elf, so she had to go to the North. Living in the North was fine with her; she didn’t have family anymore, after all.

When Mommy Vyvyan and I were playing with Nona and Vera, a guard came to our door and reported, “Your Highnesses, a human envoy requests an audience.”

Puzzled, Mom stood up and asked, “A human envoy? What are humans here in our lands for? Nothing has recently happened between us and them, has there?”

“Yes, indeed; however, it is not Mr. Castell.”

“Really? Whatever the case, we’re now part of an alliance, so we should see each other, I guess.” Mom pulled me by my hand.

Lucia went over to hold the girls in our place. Nona looked at us in confusion from her cradle. She reached out with her hand in attempt to get her dad to stay. I couldn’t stay forever, though. It was a job pertaining to humans and elves. If I wasn’t present, I imagine they would’ve gotten confrontational.

The two of us arrived at the guest hall. The envoy was somebody I hadn’t met before. That confused me. Logically speaking, if it had to do with Mommy Elizabeth, Castell should’ve been sent, one, as a sign of respect for Mommy Vyvyan and also because she trusted Castell. The envoy was clearly somebody who just started working. That didn’t give Mommy Vyvyan good impression. After all, sending someone who just started working was the equivalent of disrespecting her and elves. Nonetheless, she didn’t show her discontent.

The envoy respectfully bowed upon seeing us: “Esteemed Elven Queen Vyvyan and Your Majesty, I am very honoured to meet you two.”

“You can stop with the greetings now. Elves and humans are now in an alliance, so, if there is business, go ahead and speak. I believe you are representing Elizabeth. Also, Troy is my son. Here, he is my son. In other words, here, he is His Highness, not His Majesty. Make sure to be mindful of that.”

“Right, I apologise.”

Mommy Vyvyan wore a friendly look, but her tone was frosty. What she told him to be mindful of was something nobody would want to get wrong. That was a taboo. The male nodded. He fearfully retreated two steps: “In truth, I am not here as Her Majesty’s representative. I am here on behalf of the church to see His M-, sorry, I mean His Highness. His Highness’ child is about to go through her baptism; hence, we would like for her father to be present for it. As such, I have come specifically to notify His Highness.”

“Why didn’t Mommy Elizabeth come straight to me for something so important?”

I could hear my internal siren. After my last run in with the church, I always felt vengeful and vigilant of them. They nearly killed Nier and me. They may have had a new pope, but nevertheless, I still harboured a grudge toward them. This time, they came straight to me without going through Mommy Elizabeth. I, consequently, was suspicious that they were up to no good again.

“I believe Her Majesty’s envoy is on his way. I hurried over, so I might have arrived first.”

“Why did you rush, then? Also, it’s clear that only one envoy was needed. What are you plotting, privately sending an envoy over?” I adopted closed body language.

“Plotting…? No, no, no, we have no such plans… What I mean, I mean, the Pope means… is that we needed to go the extra step and notify you… You are the child’s father, after all… And in the past….”

“I understand now.”


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