Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 14

Elven Forest (6)

The history of dark elves and elves were equally long. Perhaps many, especially everyone in the Galadriel Tribe, would refuse to admit that dark elves had a long history and profound culture. While normal elves rejected the dark elves’ culture, everybody had to acknowledge the fact that their mana and ability to utilise it was far superior to ordinary elves.

The Galadriel Tribe was a developed dark elf tribe dark elves considered traitors. The Galadriel Tribe betrayed the purpose of dark elves ages ago. The ambition of the tribe wasn’t to gain more mana but purely to acclimate into society with other elves. The Galadriel Tribe wasn’t a great dark elf tribe. People had always been jealous of dark elves and tried to kill them precisely because they were weak and not united. However, at a certain point the status quo changed. Dark elves were no longer the dark elves of the past. There was no longer the question of united or not. From their standpoint, they now only saw oneself.

How much can a single elf do? How much can a dark elf achieve? The Galadriel Tribe could use the knowledge they secretly obtained to rule over the entire elf race. By the same token, it was a given they could also destroy the entire tribe.  The elves had no idea what I did. They had no idea they had already been dragged into it.

The white deer are fully prepared. The elves brought the white deer right into the heart of their rule. The white deer’s strength wasn’t average. A furious White Deer King could break through an elven blockade. The white deer were extremely strong creatures. All that was needed was to incite them into taking action, which would help them procure more mana and a chance. The pieces were ready.

The mysterious individual mumbled silently, “Next up, drugs. Put this in then stir it before finally turning up the flame to bring the drug to a boil. Dark elves have always been conducting research on mana and potions. Though I’m not a pharmacist, I’m competent enough to make these. I’ll pour the boiled drug everywhere across the entire lawn and into the lake so that this mana can successfully flow. These drugs aren’t weapons of destruction, but it’s pure mana. Needless to say, other herbs have also been mixed in. As for the resulting effects, perhaps we’ll only know when the time comes.”

The mysterious individual thought, “There are two hard to overcome problems with my plan. First of all, I can’t allow the target I’ve been concentrated on nurturing to infiltrate the imperial city. It’s pointless to cause a disturbance in the forest alone. Second, I can’t allow Vyvyan and their Prince to remain inside the imperial city. At least, they have to be kept away from where my plan is initiated. I hate to admit it, but even if I drank this entire pot of drugs, I wouldn’t have one fifth of Vyvyan’s powers. Vyvyan could easily off me and sink my plan with her eyes shut.

‘Perhaps the heavens will my success. Of course, my plan is also meticulous. I’ve successfully overcome those two challenges and, therefore, can commence my plan. The two proud elves won’t expect my plan. The Galadriels are formidable. The common factor is that we’re both proud of ourselves. Perhaps it’s been too long since the imperial city has been threatened that they’re under the impression that the elven imperial capital is absolutely safe. I’ll let those arrogant elves have a taste of my fury. Not even humanity was able to capture this place after sacrificing their military, while I can easily destroy it with just a couple of barrels of drugs.

Those elves killed my brethren, yet they don’t feel any remorse. Those dark elf traitors deserve to die. They hoarded assets that should’ve been shared amongst all dark elves. They even killed their own brethren. They killed all dark elves. Our proud race has always lived by the blade. I must prove to everyone that dark elves haven’t gone extinct. Dark elves and I still live. For as long as I’m alive, I shall never accept the animosity that this world harbours dark elves.

This entire world shall learn the rage of dark elves. The elves will know the despair and agony that dark elves once suffered. That fraudulent bitch pretends to provide dark elves with a normal life of equality. Then, she turned around to throw us into dilapidated homes and destroyed us. There’s not even a trace of my race having lived there anymore. All that’s left are those traces of damage. But having these things are sufficient. I’ll revive my race, rain down my fury and purge that heartless and cold white cemetery. This is my mission in life.”


Current time at the outer section of the forest.

I tossed the firewood into the fire. There was a huge rabbit corpse lying next to me. One of them once nearly pulverised me, but I could finally gloat. I could guarantee I successfully slew a rabbit and brought it back with my own strength. If you overlooked the bloody hole in its chest, I’d say I had a successful hunt.

It was the first time I used the elven spell ‘Hunt’. The spell was a quick spell that the Galadriel Tribe invented. It allowed the caster to immediately create a magic bow and arrow. Mom, however, could control its size as well as guide the arrow to hit specific spots, which ensured that the fur and meat of the prey didn’t end up damaged. Proof of my time as a human was evident in my accuracy that didn’t rely on magic.

I cut the meat off the rabbit’s leg then skewered it to place it above the flame. Mommy Vyvyan supported her face in her hand. She watched me with a smile and then laughed in a soft tone: “It is bliss to eat a meal my son personally prepared for me.”

“Frankly, I don’t think this can be considered a meal… It’s just to relieve hunger. If you want to try, I can try cook for you when we get back…”

Mom shook her head with a smile: “The kitchen still belongs to Mommy. You shouldn’t go in, Son. After all, it’s too dangerous for you. Mommy would be more worried and panicked than happy to know you were cooking, so let’s not go there, shall we?”

“That hurts…”

I picked up a meat skewer, and Mom picked one up. I had a bite but immediately tasted something off…

“This… taste…” I muttered under my breath.

“Ugh…” Mom’s pinched her eyebrows together.

I placed the meat skewer down: “Sorry Mom, it seems that it’s not fully cooked.”

“No, that’s not it. It’s a mana problem. The rabbit’s mana has impacted the quality of its flesh.”

“Sorry… I’ll be mindful of my mana when I hunt next time…”

“No, it’s not your problem. If it was your mana, it would be delicious. Mommy is certain that this isn’t your mana. As a matter of fact, the mana is abnormal…”



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