Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 02

The Road Home (Part 2)

While the White Deer King couldn’t speak, I had the impression she was in a much better mood on the way home. The White Deer King was more and more excited and active as the distance left to the elven lands decreased accordingly. In fact, she even went chasing after a butterfly at one point. At night she lied next to me and fought over food with me. Those weren’t things the proud White Deer King would usually do. She never complained, but she was actually burning to visit her home. The Eastern forest in the elven forest was the place we first met, as well. Moreover, it was where she had always resided. Be it humans or deer, both wanted to go home, and both missed their family.

The White Deer King was relaxed, but she slowed down. We were finally able to relax after getting rid of so many heavy burdens. It took just four short days before we caught sight of elven guards. When the military team by the border saw me, they all revealed looks of astonishment then quickly saluted me. They probably didn’t think I’d be back so suddenly. I might’ve been an elf, and it was perfectly normal for me to be there, but my return without prior notification left them flustered, nonetheless.

I ignored the military and continued toward the imperial city. It took just half a day to enter the imperial city from there; after all, the rear of the elven imperial city was the Grand Canyon. Life had been restored to the North, but the Grand Canyon Galadriel Tribe formed still existed. The canyon still separated the North and South as well as a group of elves.


Current time at the elven imperial capital, Duargana.

“Your Highness!”

Though their Queen went to the North, the elders weren’t surprised by her sudden appearance in the imperial palace. She was as familiar with the imperial palace as the back of her hand, so she could teleport back whenever she wanted.

Vyvyan waved her hand to indicate the elders may sit. Then, she went up to her throne and sat down. She let out an exhalation of pent up breath and began to play with her hair. The corners of her lips tugged up: “It’s so nice to be able to return home. It’s warmer and more comfortable at home.”

“You seem to be in a much better mood after leaving this time.”

Vyvyan laughed and switched which leg went over the other: “You’re right. My son is coming back. He’ll probably be here in two days. To be able to live with my son as I did in the past for some time is fantastic. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a vacation. What must be done still needs to be done. How is the Eastern forest? I’ve continued to detect mana signals from there when there shouldn’t be any mana there. It was sealed off after the Deer Hunting Festival. Could someone have trespassed?”

“Ah, we have investigated that. We, too, noticed mana signals there; however, based on our investigation, it should the group of white deer there that is emitting the mana signal.”

“The group of white deer?” repeated Vyvyan. She paused then flicked her hair. Tone grouchy, she rebuked, “Are you joking? Despite being intelligent creatures, they can’t emit such clear mana signals. If even I can detect the mana response of a group of white deer, I can forget sleeping!”

Mana was without form or patterns; nevertheless, as the demi-god, Vyvyan, who lived in the centre of the elven lands, she was capable of detecting any mana activity at any corner of the elven lands. Galadriel Tribe’s mana wasn’t intended to be used for destruction alone, but also to connect with nature. In essence, she was the same as a massive elven tree of life that could detect the changes in mana around.

Fundamentally, mana was the same as tidal waves. On whichever side the tide was bigger, would be the side that would have a problem. Normally speaking, it was caused by a species state. Of those species, the most representative were elves, as lots of species in the forests lacked the ability to control their mana. Only elves could control their mana. Recently, Vyvyan detected active mana traces from the Eastern forest. The mana didn’t abruptly spike or vanish but would increase just a little before returning to baseline. Essentially, Vyvyan’s attention would be caught by a tide big enough for her to detect. When she went to analyse it, however, the trace of mana would vanish.

Vyvyan had wanted to personally look into it but, due to her son meeting with mishap, she left in a rush and left it in the elders’ hands. While her son was the most precious treasure in the world, she still had to fulfil her obligations as the Queen of elves when he wasn’t in trouble. Of course, if there was a problem related to her son, that’d be her priority. How could she ask her son to come here if it isn’t safe?

Frustrated, Vyvyan continued twirling her hair. An elder warily said, “We did think you would not believe it. We have concrete evidence, which is a white deer that we captured. This white deer has mana that’s considerably higher than normal. At a fundamental level, we can say for certain that something has happened to the white deer’s mana, which led to you being able to sense their mana.”

Vyvyan froze. She didn’t quite believe their answer, but she was rational when presented with evidence. She mused over the information available. The white deer could be considered a pure population to the elves. They once ate white deer. To thank the White Deer King for saving her son, Vyvyan cancelled the Deer Hunting Festival, nevertheless. They should’ve been a large race by then.

“If they’re having a problem, am I supposed to kill them as I did with the dragon race? I can’t let anything harm my son. My son will soon be back, and he’ll definitely go to the Eastern forest with the White Deer King. I should still have two to three days. Killing a group of defenceless deer isn’t difficult. It sounds cruel, but anything that is a threat to my son must be killed. I can’t hesitate; after all, nothing is more precious than my son,” contemplated Vyvyan. She then inquired, “So, is there a problem with the white deer?”

“At present, no. There is no problem with them other than an increase in mana… Howbeit… Howbeit… an increase in mana… is not good… is it…?”

Vyvyan stood up and resolutely responded, “Let’s capture them, then. I’ll personally deal with them. Go and organise cages. I’ll capture them personally. I said it before, my son is coming back. I won’t allow my son to be at any risk no matter how minute the risk may be. We can release them once my son leaves. Go and prepare now!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”


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