Son-con – Vol. 15.5 Ch. 02

White Deer King’s Feelings (Part 2)

Her wound was quite painful, but not unbearable. The White Deer King’s injury was bandaged and medicine had been applied. While she was at it, the White Deer King also had a few mouthfuls of the grape wine reserved specially for the royal family. As a result, the White Deer King grew sleepy and fell asleep in peace. According to the veterinarian, the White Deer King’s wound needed at least one week to recover, so I had to ride a horse if I wanted to leave during the week.

It wasn’t good news to the White Deer King. While she was somewhat glad, she was also somewhat anxious. She looked forward to the chance of the idiot coming to visit her after she healed. Otherwise, he’d forget her for good.

His story was spread throughout the continent. The people around him had appeared before, but the White Deer King had never appeared. She didn’t care, since she didn’t understand them anyway. That wasn’t what bothered, nonetheless. She was irate over the fact Troy partnered up with her, yet treated her the same way he treated a horse and even went as far as to flaunt his love on her back. He never considered her feelings.

The White Deer King really liked going out alone with Troy. She immensely enjoyed taking him around with just the two of them. They could stroll around the forests unfettered, breathe in her favourite scent of green grass and had his warmth on her back. At night, he’d caress her neck and whisper something to her. The White Deer King might not have understood him, but she could understand his kind intent. Then, the two of them would lean on each other and sleep.

“That’s called partnership and cooperation. Its only at such times does he treat me as a unique existence, instead of a normal horse,” griped the White Deer King.

From the perspective of the White Deer King, he wasn’t her master but her partner. He helped her race, so she stayed by his side. He might be oblivious to the fact; however, she had always watched over him. The White Deer King was unsure why, but she hated Troy treating her as a regular steed.

She wished the idiot could spare her more attention. At the very least, not treat her as a steed. He knew that she was an intelligent creature and no different to humans, with the only difference being that she was unable to speak. But nevertheless, not being able to speak didn’t equal not having feelings or individual thoughts. She also desired to be understood. However, the idiot didn’t seem to sense her feelings and thoughts.

The White Deer King was aware that nothing could happen between herself and the elf, since she was a deer. Still, she deserved to be respected, at the very least, right? At the very least, he shouldn’t be flirting with women on her back. The White Deer King had feelings. She knew jealousy and frustration. The White Deer King wanted him to understand her.

“White Deer King?”

The drunken White Deer King was annoyed when she heard a voice. She was reminded of the pain in her leg when she woke up. Additionally, she was reminded of what Troy did with Lucia on her back. She refused to move. The White Deer King chose to ignore even Troy, let alone a woman. The White Deer King couldn’t figure out what a woman would be looking for her for.

The White Deer King was familiar with the woman who came. She had spent happy days with the White Deer King. The desert was windy and hot, but it was essentially heaven to the White Deer King. To be able to bathe with Troy and have him feed her was delightful. She enjoyed dining with him despite Troy not eating grass.

Sylvanas went up to the White Deer King. The White Deer King lazily narrowed her eyes. Her expression read, “Speak if you have something to report; otherwise, meeting is over.” Sylvanas smiled and then handed her a bowl. She explained, “This is medicine Troy prepared for you. I heard you will heal sooner if you give it a blow. He has to see somebody else today, so he can’t personally come.”

The White Deer King coldly snorted. It wore a disdainful expression, but nonetheless extended her tongue out to take the bowl and protect it. Sylvanas watched her with a smile. Sylvanas then clasped her face. The White Deer King didn’t dare to shut her eyes. She looked at Sylvanas unhappily and indicated for the latter to shoo.

Sylvanas laughed and maintained her hold on the White Deer King’s face. She said, “White Deer King, be honest: do you have ideas about my Son? Seeing the way you behave gives me a slightly familiar feeling.”


The White Deer Keep jumped to its feet. However, she immediately dropped back to ground. As she just had alcohol, had an injured leg and was flustered, she knocked over the bowl in front of it, spilling the milk-white liquid. The White Deer King was stunned. It quickly tried to lick the spilt liquid.

“See? See? I knew it.”

Sylvanas laughed while watching at the White Deer King. Sylvanas touched the White Deer King’s head, but the White Deer King reacted as though her embarrassment turned to anger. She aggressively swung her horn and attempted to thrust it into Sylvanas. Alas, she only made a clang. Sylvanas stopped the White Deer King’s horn with her hand. With her smirk still prominent on her face, she said, “It’s all right. It’s all right. I don’t plan to say anything; or rather, I’m proud to know that my son is so popular. You don’t need to be shy. I didn’t come here to tell you off or anything. I just wanted to see if I could help you. Judging by your reaction, it appears that I really can help you.”

The White Deer King pulled her horn back. She was so enraged that she gnashed her teeth. In saying that, she had no means of doing anything to Sylvanas besides glaring. The White Deer King considered Sylvanas to be an existence no different than itself, in the sense that they were both wild beasts and not humans.

“The only reason Sylvanas is able to act the way she is because she assumed a human form. Deep down, she’s just a dragon just as I am just a deer. We’re the same,” thought the White Deer King.

Sylvanas looked at the White Deer King and, with a smile, asked, “Hey, White Deer King, do you want to transform into a human?”

The White Deer King froze up. She looked at Sylvanas feeling confused. The thought had crossed her mind before, but she lacked the mana to do so. She was a far inferior to dragons in spite of being a magical creature. The White Deer King’s mana was concentrated in her horn, but she was incapable of using it. Her horn with potent mana was what allowed her to lead deer but actually served no practical function.

“I can help you transform into a human. What you just drank was actually mixed with my son’s blood. Inside it is a large amount of mana and rhizomes to aid in digestion of plants. You only need a tiny bit of assistance to transform into a human now. If you want, I can help you with it. The question is do you want to transform into a human? If you do, you’ll be able to communicate with my son without any hassles, for you can just communicate with each other by utilising your mana.”

The White Deer King stared at the moist ground and spaced out. She didn’t detect any changes to her mana, to be frank. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t a vessel with much mana in the first place hence, couldn’t sense the mana. With that said, she could feel a warm feeling from its wound. The wound seemed to be slowly healing.

Sylvanas quietly giggled as though she was the serpent luring Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. The White Deer King trembled a little. The White Deer King had never thought about becoming human. The random suggestion required thorough deliberation on the White Deer King’s part.

“What am I going to do after becoming human? What can I do with my body? Stand to one side? Have afternoon tea? Shake hands?” silently questioned the White Deer King.

After deliberating the suggestion, the White Deer King looked to Sylvanas and gave a serious nod.


Half an hour later.

“Queen Sylvanas, I cannot arrange for maids to serve His Majesty at my own leisure… Furthermore, I have never seen this maid. She was not a maid in the past, was she?”

Luna examined the young girl in front of her. She had never seen the young girl with puffy, short black hair before. The young girl had a petite body. She looked on the thinner side. Luna didn’t know where the maid uniform she wore came from. The way it swayed on her frame made her appear similar to a thin coat hanger.

She fearfully bit down on her ghastly pale lips. She trembled and didn’t dare to look up at Luna. Luna sighed. She had no idea what Sylvanas was planning. Assigning maids all of a sudden was impossible, but Sylvanas was His Majesty’s Mom, so Luna couldn’t dismiss the former.

Svylvanas nodded. She explained, “That’s right. She’s actually the White Deer King.”

“The White Deer King?!”

It was Luna’s turn to be shocked speechless. The young girl gulped and lowered her head further, since she was even shyer. Dragon Mom laughed and patted Luna’s shoulder. She explained, “It’s all right, it’s all right. She may not qualify as a maid, but her loyalty is absolutely certain. It’s fine, it’s fine, Luna. The mana in her body will only last for three days, so she’ll revert to her normal state after three days. Therefore, you just need to schedule her for a few short days.”

Luna looked at the young girl who was quivering and had tears in her eyes. She recognised that obstacles had shown themselves. She never thought the proud White Deer King, who usually gave everybody the cold shoulder and was even prouder than Troy, would be so shy and cute.

“Is she really the White Deer King? Really? Since Dragon Mom has given her guarantee… I think I’ll have to take her word…” thought Luna.

There were no problems with what Dragon Mom said. The most compulsory characteristic a maid needed was loyalty. There was no questioning the White Deer King’s loyalty, was there?

Luna nodded: “All right.”


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