Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 89

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 23)

“So, Irina’s husband is a nice man?”

“Yep, yep. Troy can be considered a gentle man. It’s just that Irina is too good at pampering him. She doesn’t even let him brew tea. Geez, that Irina. Getting married is such a happy thing, yet she hid it from us. She wouldn’t even let us see her husband. Surely she’s too possessive?!”

Irina told Janet not to tell others, but the latter perceived it as something worth celebrating. After all, your friend being able to marry the one they love was something worth celebrating, wasn’t it? The other dragons were also very interested in the young man who randomly appeared all of a sudden, but Irina virtually never appeared again after getting married. When she did, she’d always brag about her husband, yet never let others meet him. You could say that Janet had captured a frontline base for them when she met the never-before-seen male dragon.

One of the young girls rested her chin on her palm. She looked to one side in a yearning manner and sighed: “That’s Irina for you. And thus, the first male dragon has been possessed just, like, that. I only just heard of him, and they’re already together.”

“Irina is a bit too much. It’s worth celebrating, so why not inform us? Moreover, we should do a get-together. What, she thinks we’d steal her husband? We’re friends; how could we steal from a friend? Additionally, that’s just shameless. Who’d do that? Surely Irina is a bit too cynical. With that said, do you think she’s nervous because she’s pregnant?”

“Unlikely if you ask me. Irina can still move about; plus, that’d be too soon, wouldn’t it? It’s not that easy to get pregnant. It should be very hard, right?”

The young girls discussed Irina’s pregnancy amongst themselves. For a mundane village, that sort of gossip between a man and a woman was a hot topic of discussion the girls could discuss for countless days. In addition, due to their age, they were curious and eager to see the man. They’d seen male elves before but never a pure-blooded male dragon. Even their fathers were elves, not pure-blooded dragons. As such, the young girls wanted to see a male dragon. After all, the young girls were at that age where there curiosity was at an all-time high.

“I think we can see him. Since Janet was able to go to Irina’s place, we should be able to, as well. We can come up with an excuse such as a ball or a gathering. Problem solved, right? I don’t think Irina would reject us if we went to her place to see the male dragon, right?”

“In reality, Irina will definitely refuse to let us see him… Didn’t I already tell you…? She didn’t want to let us see Troy. I bet she’ll definitely object to a gathering at her place,” argued Janet, with a hopeless shrug. “Irina has to go out to pick some herbs of some sort every day at the moment; otherwise, she stays at home with her husband. She has no interest in playing with us anymore. If we want to see her husband, I think we’ll need to find another excuse. Whose birthday is coming up? Oh yeah, it’s yours, isn’t it? Uhm, uhm. Perfect. Your birthday is coming up; let’s invite Irina and her husband. It’ll be up to them whether or not they come. If they don’t, we’ll sneak over to her house. Did you forget that Irina puts her key ab-.”

“I don’t think that’s wise… sneaking into somebody’s house… Doesn’t that make us the same as thieves?”

“But we aren’t stealing. We just want to see her husband. Moreover, he’s a male dragon. We wouldn’t dare to touch him even if we did have an agenda, would we? We won’t stay for too long. We’ll just have a chat. There’ no issue with that, is there?”

The four young girls discussed it among themselves. The girl, who was initially, nervous had to comply with her friend’s suggestion. The four girls, who were curious and interested in partaking in adventures, were revving to go. Although Janet had already met Troy, she wanted to meet him again. After all, she didn’t get to say much the last time before a jealous Irina jumped in between.


Present time at Irina’s house.

Irina stirred a massive body of liquid. A few days ago, it resembled a gently boiling medicine. Today it was as tough as condensed mud, thereby requiring a lot of strength output from Irina. It was a miraculous drug. In three more days, it’d become a drug that was colourless and as tasteless as pure water.

Camille approached Irina to check the process out. Content, she nodded: “Not bad, not bad. Judging from the current colour, it’s good. We might not need this anymore, however.”


Irina froze. The drug was originally supposed to ensure that she and Troy could live on together henceforward. It was a drug that would enable her to get pregnant, and it would soon be ready. It was going to be ready in three more days, just three more days. Three days was an insignificant time frame from the perspective of a dragon. Unfortunately, the biggest issue was time.

Camille replied, “There’s not enough time. Sylvanas’ recovery ability is significantly superior to what I imagined. She doesn’t disappoint as a pure-blooded dragon. Normally, the drug could keep a dragon sleeping for at least two months, yet she’s gradually regaining conscious functioning now. She’ll recover in three days at the very most. Once she wakes up, we’ll be faced with her fury. By then, we’ll need Troy to speak up for us, so we can formulate this drug later on. The most urgent matter at hand at the moment is something that can get Troy to admit he’s fallen for you. This drug won’t do that. We need a love potion. That’s the only way we can get Troy to be obsessed with you and survive Sylvanas’ fury.”

“Love potion?” asked Irina, before pausing what she was going. “Mom, do you think that our drugs are effective on King Troy? When it comes down to it, he’s not what we imagined him to be. More precisely… he’s not a complete dragon, is he?”

“While that is true, they do work. Also, you must be mindful, Irina, don’t let anybody else touch him, ever, understood? Troy should be ours, meaning yours. You’re the only one who can give birth to a pure-blooded dragon descendant. Only you. If Troy touches anybody else, the dragons will surely be aroused. If just one dragon out there is aroused, there’ll be a war for him. Things are well right now. Since somebody has come into contact with him, however, they will soon want to come and see him. It’s just his attractive nature as a male dragon. We are running out of time now. It’ll all fail if we drag this out, so we can only pray for the best and hope that you get pregnant in the last few days at this stage.”

“… I will do my best, Mom.”

Camille affectionately caressed her daughter’s face and softly responded, “I understand your dilemma; however, this can’t be helped, since you can’t get pregnant, just because you want to….”

“But… Mom, what do we do if the potion doesn’t work? Sylvanas will kill us if it doesn’t work, right…?”

“… If it really comes down to that, just let her kill me. You and Troy have some feelings for each other now, don’t you? Plead him, and you should be spared. Mommy doesn’t care. Mommy is responsible for all this, so Mommy is willing to accept the consequences, but not you. You have nothing to do with this, not to mention the fact that you are the future of the dragon race. In the future, if that is how it unfolds, leave with Troy if he’s willing to take you with him.”

Camille caressed her daughter. Irina shuddered. She blankly looked at her Mom. The sudden declaration caused her to tremble. She didn’t know what to say. She hugged her mom around her waist and shakily said, “Mom… Don’t… Don’t die… Mom… There has to be a way… There has to be a way… I’m sure Queen Dowager Sylvanas isn’t the type to senselessly kill people. There has to be a way, even if the drugs are ineffective… There has to be a way.”

“The key here isn’t what we did to Queen Dowager Sylvanas but what we did to Troy. What we did to Troy is the reason Sylvanas won’t forgive me. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry. All of this is in the case our drug fails. Don’t be so pessimistic. Mommy rarely slips up.”

Camille calmed her daughter down and kissed her cheek. Voice soft, Camille said, “The future of the dragon race rests on your shoulders, my daughter. The entire race’s future rests on your shoulders. It doesn’t matter if Mommy dies, but you must live on. You must carry the hope of our dragon race.”


Irina tightly hugged her mother. Her voice turned to fearful whimpers. Camille gently stroked her daughter’s back. Though her eyes brimmed with kindness, her expression showed her absolutely firm conviction. When she saw Sylvanas’ hands budge, she begun to plan for the future. As a venerated and proud pure-blooded dragon, Sylvanas wasn’t going to take it lying down. She was bound to retaliate. Retaliating, of course, meant killing them. Camille had done everything she could. Her next and only job was to protect her daughter, the final hope of the dragon race… She just had to protect her one and only daughter…


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