Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 85

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 19)

So, the big question was, “How do I get away from here?”

After what transpired during the day, I confirmed one thing, and that was that Irina allowed me to go back and forth in the house. I could freely move about in the house, and I finally knew where the keys were. Camille wasn’t home during the day. Hence, I could run about during the day. In fact, I could just open the door and leave with Dragon Mom. Nobody bothered with me during the day, so perhaps nobody would bother if I left.

I didn’t know why Irina and Camille trusted me so much. I wasn’t totally convinced it was because I was infatuated with Irina’s body. It sounded unbelievable. I had my wives. Nier and Lucia’s bodies are in no capacity inferior to Irina’s. It was too naïve to think Irina could bind me with her body.

I had learnt of my condition, so I was empowered to escape. With that said, I thought it was best to observe things for two days. Running away right away was just too hasty. I also needed to get a grasp on Irina and Camille’s lifestyle schedule, such as if they’d abruptly come back during the day. My White Deer King was in the forest, so I could leave once I called her.

“Good morning, King Troy. There will not be any drugs in your meal tonight, so you can rest assured and eat. We stopped drugging your food a long time ago. After all, the drug will have psychological impacts if you consume it for a prolonged period of time. We took your safety into consideration.” At night, Irina came in with a plate of food and gracefully set it on the ground.

Dinner was the same as always. I was starting to feel sick at the sight of it. On one hand, it was because eating it brought back bad memories. On the other hand, I was sick of eating it, frankly. I slowly picked up the grilled meat. Irina stood at the door and watched me with a smile. She bowed” “Place it by the door once you are finish. I will come and clean up. Today was your first day outside, so you must not be accustomed to it. I suggest you turn in earlier.”

“Huh?” Perplexed, I looked up at Irina.

Irina nodded: “Yes. Is there something else? I feel as if something is wrong from your gaze.”

“No… What… Why… Why… You… you’re… you’re just going to leave?”

I was so stunned that I couldn’t speak. Irina was cute, gentle and polite as when we first met. I pondered, “Is she really Irina? Is she really the Irina that I know? Is this really the Irina that got onto my bed and waited for me as soon as she entered? What on Earth happened?! What in the world happened? I transmigrated here, yes, but have I transmigrated again? Did I randomly transmigrate into a normal world? Did I transfer into a world where Irina is a normal young girl who isn’t aroused?”

Irina tilted her head: “If there is something, just tell me. Do you have any other requests? Although there is no entertainment here, I shall do my best to satisfy you if you have any requests.”

I was extremely bewildered. I slowly asked a very, very, very rude question, “Umm, Irina… Don’t you want to have a child with me? Shouldn’t you be… as you were before…? Shouldn’t you… be… lying on the bed?”

Irina’s expression remained the same. She answered, “That is true, but Mom said that rushing will not bring about results. If we crazily try to do it as we did before, we will not attain any results. Therefore, it is better for us to switch to another method. Mom said that we should slow down for now and follow a schedule. She said to do it only twice per week; hence, I will be outside tonight.”

Irina nodded and then exited, since I couldn’t utter a word.  To be frank, I never thought I’d hear that… I never thought that she’d turn and leave on her own accord. I thought, “Is it possible that Irina is no longer aroused? Has she given up? No, no, that can’t be… I’m not convinced Irina would leave on her own accord.”

I was the one who enjoyed it, but she, too, enjoyed herself. Irina and I both incredibly enjoyed it. You can’t say that either of us wronged the other. That was why I was so shocked she’d take the initiative to leave me. I even felt insulted.

“Am I so bad that a young and naïve girl looks down on?!” I asked myself.

I could make a girl the likes of Nier fall head over heels and never get sick of me. Bear in mind that she closed herself off before she got together me!

Apparently, Irina was serious. She was as calm as though nothing happened before. It was seriously upsetting. What happened felt nostalgic, yet she left without any hesitation. Wouldn’t it be normal to be upset?

I placed down the grilled meat in my hand. I lied on the bed with mixed feelings. When I was first there, I was afraid that Irina would do something to me at night. I used the cupboard and table to block the door. I even panicked as if there was no tomorrow, yet I then had mixed feelings without her next to me.

“What’s the matter with me? Why do I even feel irritated? I can’t believe I want her to come back. I want her to continue living with me,” I realised.

They say that humans are a strange species that only learns to cherish things once they lose them. I agreed with that. In the past days, I kept claiming I hated what I had to go through, yet I gradually yearned to have Irina by my side. I missed her warmth and her touch. In saying that, I noticed that I was feeling slightly anxious. I rolled back and forth restlessly.

My brain raced with questions: “There’s no drug in the food, so why do I feel this way? I just don’t have Irina with me. Am I unable to resist anymore? I could say that I haven’t realised I can’t be without Irina’s body any longer; however, would that mean not having anywhere to relieve myself without her? What’s happened to me? Why do I feel the same as Nier? Irina just said that the drug would cause negative psychological effects for me. Could that be the cause? I just need to resist the urge in that case.”

Irina isn’t by my side, which meant I had night time to prepare, as well. She was always by my side until then. Additionally, the most important part was that she didn’t lock my door; I could even choose to flee at night.

It might’ve been difficult to flee during the day, since I was more likely to be spotted. At night, however, it was much safer to escape. As both Irina and Camille didn’t think I’ll escape, there was unlikely to be an ambush that night. If I ran full pelt to the nearest town, I could write a letter and have it sent to the Imperial Palace. Then, rescue from the palace would be sent. Furthermore, I was sure that Camille won’t chase me to the town. The dragons didn’t want to be discovered, for they were too weak at the time. There were also countless people similar to me who’d get itchy hands upon finding out that the dragon race has collected so much gold. Thanks to the author of the dragon novel, once the dragon race’s existence was exposed, a huge mass of people would swarm there. That wasn’t good news for the dragon race.

All I needed to do was run to the small town. I’d be safe once I reach it. The White Deer King should be able to reach the Imperial Capital one night with her speed. The forest looked intimidating, but all the dragons should’ve been asleep at night. Subsequently, night time was the best opportunity for me to escape!

I couldn’t continue lying on the bed after the sudden surge of excitement hit me. I rolled off the bed and carefully opened the door. The expansive corridor was silent. There were only three of us in the entire mountain cave. Having said that, Camille and Irina were preparing to turn in, apparently.

I trod lightly. The two above should’ve been able to hear me. They wouldn’t say anything even if they did. I had their permission to leave my room at night, after all.

To the right of the corridor was the staircase. The spiral staircase led up to Irina’s room, which was where Dragon Mom was.

I thought, “I’ll take Dragon Mom out from there; then we’ll head to the main door on the left. There are no doors that can’t be opened from the inside. Once open, the main problem will be solved, so all the other problems will be readily solved.”

Compared to my powerless self a few days ago, I was capable of doing much more. I could even go try opening the door. I could examine how to get it open. The corridor on the left is the path to freedom, which is the main door to escape from this place. I didn’t really understand why, either, but my line of sight was fixated on my right hand side, for some reason.


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