Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 80

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 14)

When one is forced to do something originally with pure intent, they will come to hate it and be annoyed by it in the end even if it makes them feel good and is enjoyable. Irina had a great body. She was a powerful dragon and lacked experience, but dragons seemed to be sexual intercourse monsters by nature. Dragons’ possessed strong muscles. I was locked in her embrace as if I was caught by an octopus. Her soft and warm body was irresistible, but I couldn’t emotionally invest myself when we did it for such a goal-driven purpose. Irina, however, enjoyed it.

Irina was basically Nier’s copy. At one stage, Nier was worried for a long time, because she couldn’t get pregnant, while Lucia was. Nier wasn’t as crazy as Irina, thankfully. When I worked with Nier to fulfil her wish, I was happier than I was with Irina. I didn’t feel anything on an emotional level with Irina. My body enjoyed being wrapped up in her warmth, and it was addicting, but I was in a bad mood. Every time I moved my body, my mood sunk more and more.

Irina wasn’t my lover. There were no romantic feelings between us. I was betraying my wives as I engaged in the act. I betrayed my family, and it was just an insult to Irina. I didn’t have a choice. I honestly didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t defeat Camille, nor could I escape. All I could do was shamefully submit to her. It is my only choice; the only solution was to impregnate Irina as soon as possible.

Irina’s voice started to become high-pitched. The indifferent stimulation ended up getting me erect. I subconsciously sped up my thrusts. Irina tightly wrapped her hands around my head and forcefully pulled me down onto her. She kissed me. Her tongue audaciously rampaged in my mouth. She sucked on my tongue. I indifferently responded. The same endeavour felt so blissful with my wives, yet all I could feel was pain radiating through my bones with Irina.


I lost count of how many times I did it with Irina. I managed to shoot something every time, though. I straightened my hips again. Irina weakly lied on the bed and maintained her original posture.

I think that, if we were in a hentai with some extreme play, Irina’s belly would be bulging by that point. While that hadn’t happened, I had blown an excessive amount in her, so some of it was starting to spill out of her.

Irina squeezed her legs together to try her best to prevent her vagina from spilling my semen. Dragons struggled to reproduce. It could’ve been a measure god put in to restrain them for all I knew.

Dragons were powerful creatures. If they were over populated, no other species would exist on the continent. Neither Irina nor I knew when we’d complete our mission. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but I presumed Irina genuinely wanted a child. That was her only purpose, after all. Camille viewed her daughter a mere tool, a sacrifice, a tool that would ensure the survival of the dragon race. Needless to say, she saw me in the same light.

“Do dragons think so little of familial love? So, does that mean that Dragon Mom is an exception to the rule?” I silently questioned.

I looked at a finally fulfilled Irina and let out a heavy sigh. My body was honestly at spent. She lay there on the bed feeling content. She looked as though she was in pain a few hours ago, yet she looked satisfied from after the deed.

I suddenly felt a little scared. The only one who could help me at the moment was Irina, but she seemed to love intercourse. She didn’t seem as though she liked what her mother did, but if we continued, she might feel that her mother’s decision wasn’t a bad call. If she adopted that stance, she wouldn’t help me, either. She, in fact, might side with her mother as an accomplice. She might even refuse to let me leave when her mother allowed me to.

“Thank you.”

Just when my brain was running rampant, I heard a voice from behind. I turned around to see Irina slowly regaining her composure. Her gaze turned from lustful to shy and then to somewhat fearful. She was afraid I’d do something. I thoughtlessly nodded and didn’t say anything. Irina didn’t continue futilely trying to gain my interest. She, instead, sat up and softly added, “I am heading out for a bit. King Troy, I am… very sorry…”

I didn’t respond. Irina pulled the door open and exited. I saw her around with a very serious look when she closed the door. I couldn’t tell if she was protecting me or holding me captive.

“How was it, my daughter?”

As soon as Irina left the room, she saw her Mom drinking tea by the side. Consequently, she let out a high-pitched scream. Camille looked at her daughter’s flush face with a smile. Her experience told her that the two didn’t slack off inside the room. They had genuinely given their best. Irina shyly looked at her mom and replied, “Like last time. It felt… amazing…”

A smile surface crept up onto Camille’s face, “Has that lad has given up resistance? I thought he’d struggle for a long time. Had he obeyed in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened, would it?  All is well, nonetheless. I had to resort to some underhanded means, but as long as the results are favourable, then it matters not. How do you feel now Irina?”

“My body… feels all right.”

“I’ve also prepared some medication for you. This medication was originally for us dragons who lived in the elven lands. It can speed up the time it takes for us to get pregnant. The elves won’t notice it. It does have side effects; however, it affects our husband, not us,” said Camille. Irina accepted the small pill given to her. Camille dotingly stroked her daughter’s cheek. Softly, she said, “When you were born, Mommy never thought you’d be so useful. Initially, Mommy thought you’d live as an ordinary elf. By the looks of it, though, you’’re now the future and hope of the dragon race.”

Irina felt somewhat perplexed. The big responsibility that suddenly fell on her shoulders left her at a loss somewhat. She also felt oddly guilty. After all, such a big responsibility rested on her shoulders, yet she didn’t realise it. The truth was that she was just infatuated with sex.

“Continue working hard, Irina. Hurry and get pregnant. This isn’t for that lad and Sylvanas but for you, yourself, and the entire dragon race,” said Camille.

Camille didn’t want Troy or Sylvanas. Those two weren’t related to her. She only did what she did, as they were useful. If the two of them were useless, she wouldn’t have done drugged them. There was nothing that the dragon race couldn’t do. Dragons perceived the means to an end as reasonable as long as the ends were achieved.


“Good. Keep on working hard if you understand. You should be pregnant soon given how excited you are.”


Current time in the forest.

The White Deer King was bored. Living in the forest was akin to a fantasy trip back to her homeland for a vacation, and it put her at ease. After living in stables all the time, being able to return to the relaxing, moist forest allowed her to feel a sense of freedom she hadn’t felt in ages. She wasn’t being led around. She could freely roam the forest as she once did, when patrolling her territory. However, she needed vassals. She couldn’t be acknowledged as a King without vassals.

Being in the forest was comparable to a fish to water, but it wasn’t the elven forest at the end of the day. The White Deer King hadn’t changed her pace, but she no longer had a group of white deer with their heads down, following behind anymore. There were deer in this particular forest, but they weren’t white deer. They were just lowly, ordinary deer. The White Deer King wasn’t going to let such deer serve her. That would be considered an insult to her. But then, she was lonely without them. She didn’t miss home while living in the stables, but she missed her tribe.

Roaming the forest had begun to feel dull. The White Deer King was bored. She wanted to go home, whether that was her home in the elven lands or the North. Nevertheless, a realisation suddenly came to mind. She hadn’t seen Troy in a long time. It had been a long time since the time Troy hurriedly came looking for her in the village. That was the last time she saw him. After coming to the forest, he went into the cave but never came back out. People were entering it, but it was as though he died in there.

Neither Troy nor Sylvanas came out. If it was a few days ago, the White Deer King would be infuriated. Troy was a bit too ruthless that time. He unbelievably forgot the White Deer King. Being mistreated, like that, the White Deer King wanted to stab the dullard with her horn. Nevertheless, the White Deer King began to feel concerned. It had been an incredibly long time, yet the idiot had yet to come out. There was no news from him whatsoever. She felt that something was wrong.

Due to concern, the White Deer King felt uneasy. She roamed the forest every day. She wanted to find some wild fruits and her favourite green on her own as a means of distracting herself, but that surprisingly reminded her of the idiot even more.

The White Deer King was at her wits end, since locating people wasn’t her forte; plus, she wasn’t a match for dragons. As a wild beast, she was very sensitive to danger. Her instincts warned her not to approach the cave. As a White Deer King, she couldn’t mindlessly waltz into a dragon’s cave.

The White Deer King raised her head to peer in the direction of the forest. That was the direction she came from. She thought, “If I run full pelt from here back to the Imperial Palace and came back with the duo that defeated Sylvanas, namely Vyvyan and Ying, I might make it in time.”

The White Deer King contemplated it for a bit and then turned around to gaze in the direction of the forest where the dragons were still going about their days in peace and paying no heed to her presence. She made her decision and zoomed off. She ran full pelt, thereby appearing similar to a lightning bolt shooting through the entire forest.


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