Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 64

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 25)

The Northwest wasn’t completely uninhabited. Some places hadn’t been flooded and were maintained as they were. As a matter of fact, the surrounding ice that melted and the rise in temperature allowed things to be planted in some locations, which brought some people here. Even now, there are villages and mid-sized towns here and there. The areas nearby the Imperial Capital in the East had undergone some changes. Because of elves and humans residing in the vicinity of the Imperial Capital and myself, the anthropoids’ lifestyles had gradually changed. They no longer lived in primitive ways. Further out, on the other hand, the anthropoids lived as their inherent nature guided them, so most of them were crude. Frankly, it was quite a scary sight to behold.

Although I ruled the North, authority’s influence in the remote location was too minimal. I was just an ordinary man in the area. The mountain we exploded wasn’t on this side. The warm breeze didn’t seem to reach the place, unfortunately.

The further we went in our target direction, the more nostalgic it felt. Ling Yue and I used to live in this cold all the time when we were in the war. The snowy mountains were on the edge of the continent. The cold winds blew the ice and snow that’d been accumulated for centuries onto our faces. The shape of the land had also begun to rise and sink as opposed to being level. The White Deer King was strongly against Mom grabbing her, so Dragon Mom and I rode on the White Deer King’s back.

Dragon Mom had her hip firmly up against me in her hugging position. Honestly, I thought that Mom’s body was truly useful. I felt warm with her hugging me from behind. Her body temperature was the same as a small fire. No wonder why I waked to find myself hugging the only warmth available. It was no wonder I was always clinging to Mom or the White Deer King.

It was late, but we’d reach the village tomorrow. As it was dark, we couldn’t see how the small village halfway up the mountain looked. What we should’ve been concerned about was where we were going to stay for the night. We hadn’t found anywhere suitable yet. Worse came to worse, I’d have Dragon Mom transform and curl up around us. The only problem was that there might be misunderstandings if we were seen.

There weren’t many people in the Northwest, but we’d seen multiple villages here, so that must be the most populated area in the Northwest. With my eyes on the fire in the darkness, I suggested, “Mom, there seems to be a small village up ahead. How about we go in and take a look?”

From behind, Mom nodded: “All right”

It was good as long as it was a village. Villages and towns were inhabitable. We’d be good once we reached a village. I didn’t ask that there was a bar. Even a stable would do. I just wanted somewhere to set up a tent. Fortunately, I learnt some basic anthropoid language from Ling Yue, so I was able to get across that I wanted a small place to stay.

I would imagine that was the outermost perimeter of the village the rabbit came from, or rather, its neighbour, which was located at the foot of the mountain. The closer we got to the village, the more signs that people once lived there sighted. There was also a small field with troubling stuff planted there. It didn’t appear as though the place could produce much stuff with agriculture. With that said, judging from the newly dug up land, it seemed that agriculture had begun to take off in the area. It must’ve been thanks to the rising temperature and flowing river that the village had begun to dip in agriculture.

As the original village chief said, it was impossible to plant crops in the area. The place relied on hunting to exchange with the nearby town.  I’d already passed said town. Unfortunately, the town had been abandoned. It was just a ruin after being hit with a flood.

There was a lot of running water because of the melt, so even dredged waterways had floods every now and then, particularly when the ice and snow first melted. The strong currents poured down and almost flooded the entire Northwest. It had settled down a little, but I surmised that floods could still happen.

In the past, the North lacked finances and manpower in addition to people believing that there was nobody left in the Northwest. As a result, Freya didn’t pay attention to the situation in the Northwest. However, I felt the flowing river problem in the area needed to be resolved. Else, we’d have to set our development course toward the Northwest. As such, if the waterway wasn’t dealt with appropriately, the impact would be significant. That said, since the village still existed, that meant the village on the mountain should be safe. Subsequently, the dragon’s valley should’ve been all right.

The million-dollar question was, “Would the dragons still be living there?” Although the dragons needed to trade or whatever with the village, I figured they’d be able to survive without the meat. If they did need meat, the village at the foot of mountain would probably trade with the dragons.

I was cognizant of the fact that Dragon Mom was in a hurry at the moment, since we could find the dragons’ village once we ascended the mountain. Mom grabbed my chest and twisted it. Her body shifted toward the mountain ahead of us. I was aware that she wanted to travel there alone, but she hesitated out of consideration for me.

I was strongly against ascending the mountain. I didn’t have night vision, after all. Additionally, I didn’t know the situation on the mountain. It was scary to me. I was reluctant to go near snowy mountains, as I was once caught in an avalanche despite meeting Ling Yue through an avalanche last time. What, am I going to meet a cuter dragon if I go through another avalanche? I felt Mom’s touch on my back.  I didn’t think I’d meet a dragon cuter than Mom.

“Mom, you don’t need to rush. It’s dangerous to be active at night. Let’s rest for tonight, and then we’ll head up in the morning. I think the valley will be in sight by noon, so don’t worry, Mom.”

I had to console Mom. It was highly probable that she’d sneak up the mountain alone at night, otherwise.

Mom nodded, but I felt that she was reluctant to wait. She was right at the door, yet she had to wait a night; that was just anxiety inducing. It took us approximately ten days to make our search there. Tonight, however, was the toughest night to get through for Mom.  I took hold of her hand. She should’ve understood what I meant. She clung tighter to my back.

The two of us arrived at the village entrance. There were a few people with sharp spears at the entrance. They raised their spears upon sighting us. I explained to them the purpose of our visit in simple anthropoid language. I was amazed I could make the rumbling sounds with my voice.

The anthropoids were surprised. They seemed to have never encountered people who came to them to ask for a place to stay. They turned around to shout and got the nod of approval from behind.

As we headed inside, a guard, who looked at me for a long time, asked, “Are you an elf?”

I lingered for a moment. It was hard to tell I was an elf, because I didn’t have their signature characteristics appearance wise; I didn’t have elven ears. Normally, people considered me a human from my appearance. I never thought a villager would be able to discern that I was an elf.

I nodded: “Yes, is something the matter?”

“The truth is our village chief is also an elf. Long-story short, a good portion of our villagers has elven blood running through them. Therefore, we feel an odd sense of familiarity to you. You are not a pure elf, are you? But you do have an elven lineage, correct?”

The furry anthropoid sure surprised me. I didn’t notice him having any traits similar to elves… I thought, “Is he really a hybrid elf? I, at least, have the slender physique of an elf, while this rough looking anthropoid doesn’t resemble an elf whatsoever.”

“I’m a half-human and half-elf.”

“Really? Nice, I guess. I say that, because pure-blooded elves tend to look down on us.”

Despite the guard laughing with genuine joy, I perceived his smile laugh to be somewhat savage… He didn’t seem to be hostile, though… He led us up to a small house and said, “There used to be people living in this house, but not anymore, so you can stay here. How many days will you be staying for?’

“Just one night. I’ll be ascending the mountain tomorrow.”

“Ascending the mountain?” asked the anthropoid, puzzled. “The snowy mountain?”


“Do you have some business there? There is nothing there. There used to be a village there, but everybody there left already, for the place was flooded.”


I was shocked by the news. However, Dragon Mom, who was behind me, was a lot more emotional than I was. She pressed her hands onto the guard’s arms. She looked as though she was going to rip his arms off. She shouted, “What did you say?! What did you say?! What do you mean it’s flooded?! What did you say?!”

“It’s exactly as I said! I said there was a flood after the ice and snow on the mountain melted. The flood passed by us and almost drowned us, too. The flood destroyed lots of homes. I think it flooded the entire village. While you may see ice and snow on the mountain, it has actually condensed. It is the condensed water from the flood…”

Dragon Mom’s expression looked extremely melancholic. I quickly grabbed Dragon Mom. With a smile, I said to the guard, “Please take care of my steed. Oh, right, don’t be too rude with it. She’s has quite the temper… I have to head out. I don’t think I’ll be back until tomorrow morning… Let’s go, Mom.”

“What are you planning?!” The guard was flabbergasted after hearing what I said.

I pulled Mom out of the village by her wrist.


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