Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 53

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 14)

The children were well. They were growing up well. After all, their mothers were outstanding mothers. I gave my daughters hugs successively. They couldn’t sweetly run over to me and call me “Daddy” yet. Regardless, when they saw my face, they joyfully reached out to me with their tiny arms to try and hug me. They also looked very blissful. I kissed them one by one.

I must say, Nona and Daisy were a bit of a handful. I couldn’t have them together; else, the other cried when I kissed one. Vera, on the other hand, silently watched her sisters. She wasn’t hasty. She was the eldest sister, all right. That was why I gave Vera priority and kissed her first, while the other two got jealous with each other.

After staying with them for a while, I noticed that they could move.  Nona and Vera’s ears had started to take on a longer shape, while Daisy’s ears were standard human ears. The three sisters looked the same when they were born, but they would have distinguishable differences in appearance once they grew up. Speaking of which, the four sisters had three ear variations between them. It was quite the interesting situation.

I suddenly recalled what I wanted to tell Dragon Mom. I remembered it when I was thinking about races. I wanted to tell Mom about the dragon race. At present, dragons existed in the North. That must’ve been very important to Dragon Mom. I needed to tell her soon. I decided to inform her at night.

Freya should’ve ceased plans. She understood that she had no authority to plan anything without my approval. Additionally, she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to. She was totally uninformed about dragons. Dragon Mom was her only reference; not to mention that she appeared in human form. Freya couldn’t slay dragons even if she wanted to. Based on what we currently knew, Ying and Xia were the only ones capable of slaying a dragon.

“Your Majesty, it is time for dinner. Please head to the dining hall, first. The Consorts need to breastfeed the children first.”

I nodded, and then stood up to leave the room. I saw Lucia and Nier coming over to breastfeed the girls as I left. Seeing them, I realised, “The three girls have their three meals at fixed times, I see.”

Breakfast had been ingrained, while dinner was sometimes added as an extra meal. Lucia was under more pressure than Nier, since she had to feed two girls, and Lucia wasn’t going to let Nier breastfeed her girls. She said that when elves breastfeed, they were simultaneously replenishing their children’s mana. Humans didn’t have mana, so they would only reduce an elf’s mana.

Lucia was most probably mindful of her mana, which was why she cared about her girls’ mana. She felt a little sorry for Nona, as Nona’s mana was very average. Fortunately, there was Vera, who had superior mana to compensate, thereby providing the elves with a new qualified monarch.

I had to admit that the Galadriel’s thinking was correct. Indeed, you required two individuals with highly pure mana to have offspring that was adequately strong. It was meaningless just for two individuals to be in love. My mana was excellent, but Lucia’s mana was average; therefore, our daughter, Nona, also had average mana. If we didn’t have Vera, it’d be impossible for the elves to acknowledge Nona.

I touched Lucia and the girls’ heads. Lucia gave me a kiss on my cheek, and then bid me goodbye with a soft giggle.

I just had to head to the dining hall before them to wait. Dragon Mom should’ve already arrived. I planned to tell Dragon Mom about the dragon race after dinner, when there was just the two of us.

Dragon Mom was already sitting outside in the break room, enjoying some tea while quietly waiting. Perhaps she was a lot calmer, since her physical agony had been alleviated. Before we did that, Dragon Mom would always be wriggling around despite there being no reason to fidgety. She was very quiet after we did it. When she heard my footsteps, she raised her head to see me. She revealed a bright smile and asked, “You’re here, Son. Good evening. Would you like a cup of tea?”

I nodded. I then looked at the empty plate next to Dragon Mom and chuckled: “You won’t be able to fit dinner in if you eat so much before dinner, you know?”

Dragon Mom proudly responded, “It’s fine. Dragons have two guts.”

I had heard lots of girls say a quip along the lines of, “desserts fit in another gut,” et cetera. I was fully aware that was a lie, but when it came from Dragon Mom, I genuinely believed it to be true… Luna came up from behind and handed me a cup of tea. I had a drink. It was the tea we had in the afternoon.

I sat down in the armchair next to Dragon Mom and questioned, “What did Xia ask to see you for in the morning?”

“Xia has begun trying to make her own dishes, but she wasn’t confident enough to let you have a taste; plus, she’s about to be tested on her progress soon. Therefore, she asked me to taste it for her.”

I nodded. My assumption was spot on. I think Xia might’ve asked the wrong person for their opinion if that was her goal, though. I didn’t think Dragon Mom had the palate to distinguish between good or bad. After all, the variety of stuff she had tasted was far too limited. Moreover, she might not die of poisoning, but would she be a little too obtuse when it comes to taste?

“What did you think of it, Mom? Xia is trying very hard. I think that she’s very talented.”

Dragon Mom seemed to struggle to find an answer to my question, so she didn’t immediately answer. Instead, she pondered the question before replying, “I don’t know how to evaluate the taste. I would say that what she made was almost the same as what I used to eat. It didn’t leave an aftertaste, either. I think it was quite good.”

If you asked me, Dragon Mom’s evaluation lacked a constructive component… After all, that was her opinion… Just because a dragon didn’t die eating it, it didn’t mean that we’d be fine. With that in mind, I didn’t think there’d be a problem with Xia’s cooking. We’d only have a problem if she didn’t handle the ingredients well – at least I thought so. I wouldn’t be eating her food anytime soon, since she wouldn’t be allowed to cook for me so soon.

Freya entered. She bowed when she saw me: “Good evening, Onii-sama. Oh, Good evening, Queen Sylvanas.”

Dragon Mom nodded with a smile: “Good evening, Freya. How rare to see you come back for dinner. The maids usually send your dinner to the office, don’t they?”

Freya sat down in an armchair. She gave Dragon Mom a smile: “It is Onii-sama’s first time having dinner with us after returning, so I, naturally, have to come and have dinner with my brother. I do not have much work today, either, so I came back.”

I nodded. I then handed my cup of tea to Freya. She hesitated for a split second, and then quickly snatched off me. She looked at the edge of the cup and went into deep thought. I noticed her turn the cup to change its relative position. Basically, she was looking for where I took a drink from so that she could drink from the same spot…

“You sure have a bag full of ideas, lass,” I thought to myself with a smile. “Sorry, Freya, I wilfully ran off to have fun. I’ll work with you from now. That way, you won’t have to be so tired.”

Freya shook her head: “No, no, I am not tired. Though there has been slightly more work, there is nothing urgent. In addition, it is much easier than what I once went through. By the way, I have something I need to tell you now, Queen Sylvanas.”

Dragon Mom looked up :, “You have something to speak with me about? That’s rare. I don’t think there’s anything that concerns me.”

“Yes, I am looking to speak to you,” replied Freya, with a nod.

I suddenly realised what Freya wanted to say. On second thought, it didn’t matter if it was me or Freya who told Mom.

Dragon Mom prepared herself to listen. Freya gently cleared her throat before speaking: “When His Majesty returned from his trip this time, he mentioned the dragon race to me. According to His Majesty’s judgement, there should still be dragons existing in the North. Therefore, I went to look into it this morning…”

A cup dropped to the ground. Dragon Mom stood straight up. She wore a startled expression of delight due to the sudden good news. Excited, her body shook. In a shaky voice, she asked, “Really?! Is that true?! Son, Son, is that all true? Are Mommy’s other kin in the North?! Where? Are they pure-blooded dragons?”

With a smile, Freya answered, “Calm down first. This is just a speculation at the moment. We have not yet reached a conclusion. I have only taken a look. According to my investigations, it is confirmed that there was a small village with a dragon totem in the Northwest. The totem was a dragon. However, as I have never seen a dragon, I am unsure if it is the same type of dragon as you. I hope you can transform into a dragon so that I can cross examine. The villagers relocated here after we altered the river and detonated the mountain. Once I have confirmed it, I will soon be able to conduct further investigations to confirm it. If I am correct, dragons should be residing there.”

I noticed Dragon Mom eagerly nod. She looked toward me the next instant, however. She hesitated after looking at my expression. She then turned back to Freya to reply, “I think we should just forget it… Just show me the totem… My son said I cannot transform into a dragon in this city… My physical body is very large. I would also scare the residents here once I transform, wouldn’t I?”

I dawdled for a moment. I never thought Dragon Mom would prioritise me despite her excitement. Freya seemed to be stunned, too. Freya wore a surprised look. Dragon Mom wore an expression that was somewhat complex to describe. She seemed to be regretful but more eager for me to praise her.

I stood up and walked up to Dragon Mom. I touched her head and promised, “You’re right, Mom. I’m very sorry to make you hold on for a bit longer. However, I promise that if we can confirm the existence of dragons, I will to take you to them. Believe me. I promise I will help you find your own kin!!”


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