Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 51

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 12)

Freya’s concern was warranted. The dragon race wasn’t our friend. The proud creatures would look down on us. In addition, they would not be willing to join hands with us to establish a harmonious society or whatnot. I would even go as far as to say that they wouldn’t want to interact with us. It was already good news that they weren’t picking fights with us.

The only reason dragons hadn’t come looking for trouble with us was that they were too weak at the time and couldn’t take the risk. I believed they would harass us as they once did if they could gain enough power. Dragons were warmongers. There was no way a race that drove itself to the brink of extinction by fighting their own kind would think well of other races. We could still completely eradicate them in time.

Eradicating dragons would be my goal if I didn’t have my Dragon Mom with me, as the dragon race was a terrifying enemy to any race.  It was a monarch’s nightmare for there to be such powerful wild beasts hiding in his nation. It was better if we took them out before they regained their power. If we couldn’t bear to eradicate them, we needed to, at least, keep surveillance on them. The thing was I had Dragon Mom with me. They were her dragon kin. How could I kill my mom’s own kin? What would Dragon Mom think if I killed those dragons? What, she’d cheer me on? She would never support the idea.

Dragons were dangerous; I knew that. But nevertheless, for Dragon Mom’s sake, I couldn’t kill them. I had to speak to them. Mom could be my mom and be so gentle, which meant that not all dragons were violent and cruel. Being an intelligent race, the dragons should’ve been able to communicate. I knew that going up to a dragon face-to-face was very dangerous; still, I had to go for my mom’s sake.

My Dragon Mom must’ve felt very lonely without any of her own kin. I had to go see those dragons for her sake. I had to find them so that Mom could see her own kin, and let her know that she wasn’t alone. If she chose to live with her own kin, I wouldn’t stop her. All I could say was that my days spent with her were a lot of fun. I didn’t speak my mind, though.

Freya didn’t consider Dragon Mom as part of her equation. Perhaps I should say she didn’t understand what Dragon Mom was thinking. She researched dragons and investigated them to find out how to slay them. Not only were dragons powerful creatures, but they were also immune to mana and impervious to blades. Only Ying and Xia could successfully slay a dragon, and they would also require Vyvyan to stop the dragon’s onslaught with her magic. And we’re talking about just one dragon. If there were several of them, Ying and Xia would have their hands full. After all, wyrms couldn’t hold a candle to dragons.

Freya wanted to locate the dragons and kill them. Actually, she had a much more frightening plan in mind. She wanted to subdue the dragons. She wanted to raise them as our nation’s weapons. She laid out her idea to me, but I objected to it.

I knew she was begrudgingly accepted the outcome when she left. I could tell she wanted to convince me. I was cognizant of the fact that dragons were powerful creatures and superb combatants, but I wasn’t very happy with Freya’s attitude toward them. She viewed them as mere animals, but I viewed a dragon as my mom. She saved my life, not to mention the fact that Xia’s eyes belonged to a dragon. Xia might not have agreed to slay a dragon in light of that.

I knocked on the door of Dragon Mom’s room. I came straight to her room after Freya left. I needed to fill Dragon Mom in on our findings. She should’ve been the one who decided what to do.

Dragon Mom soon came to open the door. Joy and consolation immediately surfaced in her gaze as she smiled. She pulled me by my arm and hugged me tightly. She stroked my back and, with a smile, said, “Son, Son, you’re back, you’re back. Mommy missed you so much. Let Mommy give you a hug.”

“How did Dragon Mom suddenly get Vyvyan-ified during these few days I was away…?” I silently questioned.

I hugged Dragon Mom back and quietly laughed: “I’m back, Mom. It’s been hard on you having to look after my wives and children.”

“Not at all, not at all. Your girls are very cute. I really like them. I’m so happy to be able to take care of them. Nier and Lucia are also very gentle girls.”

Dragon Mom’s gaze and expression lit up with joy at the mention of my children. Dragon Mom was fond of my girls; I was reassured to know that. I was worried my girls would be hostile to her, as they had never met her, which would strain their relationship.

Dragon Mom proudly puffed out her chest and then asked for compliments: “Son, Mommy hasn’t made any mistakes in these last few days! Mommy has earnestly worked and taken care of the family, helping with delivering clothes, meals and even having afternoon tea together. Mommy hasn’t made a single mistake in so many days. Son, should you not praise Mommy for that?”

I laughed: “Sure, sure, sure. You make me proud, Mom. You’ve adapted so fast. I’m glad you worked so hard to take care of my family in my absence. Mom, do you want a reward? It can be anything.”


Dragon Mom’s eyes suddenly lit up. She randomly turned shy and pinched her hand. She shyly looked at me and carefully asked, “Are you absolutely sure that it can be anything? Son, can Mommy make any request?”

Truthfully, if she wasn’t my mom, I’d definitely be on the alert. Normally speaking, whenever somebody asks that question, you know their request would be something outlandish and unacceptable. However, she was my mom, not to mention that she was oblivious to things in the world. What sort of request could she possibly have? It was most likely just hugs or kisses. She probably wouldn’t make any other request. Plus, how could my mom ask for something ridiculous?

I confidently responded, “Anything, Mom. You’re my Mom. As your son, shouldn’t I help you obtain what you want? Tell me, Mom; there’s no need to feel shy.”

I didn’t think Dragon Mom would ask for anything ridiculous. She was my mom, after all!

Dragon Mom excitedly opened her eyes, and then her clothes gradually vanished, because she wasn’t wearing clothes. Her “clothes” were merely her scales! Dragon Mom hid her scales! I was totally dumbfounded. I looked at her perfect body in front of me. Her imposing breasts proudly jiggled, a sight which gave me the impression that they wanted to knock me out… I had no idea what she wanted… I just looked at her, for my brain was akin to fried hardware. Blank and malfunctioned.

I told you so…

I panicked in my mind: “Why did it become this…? Why is Dragon Mom doing this out of the blue…? I… I don’t understand why everything ends up with this… Why did it become this sort of situation…? What exactly does Dragon Mom want…?”

“The truth is… Mommy has been holding it in for a long time… It’s that time… Normally speaking, Mommy would always resist this torment… In the past, Mommy could rub Mommy’s body against the boulder… But Mommy can’t hold it any longer…”

Uhm, Dragon Mom was right. I had detected the seductive pheromones from her. She was leaking nectar from the spot between her legs. She was embarrassed, but her gestures certainly weren’t shy. She pulled me into her embrace and licked my neck.

“Mommy saw you. Mommy saw it all. Mommy saw what you and that elf did… Mommy is very happy, to be honest… Initially, Mommy thought that mother and son couldn’t do this sort of stuff… But it seems we can… Mommy is very happy… Since Mommy can do this with you, Mommy won’t have to be troubled anymore… Son… Son… Mommy wants you to give Mommy an egg… Mommy wants to be a true mother… Mommy wants to see a descendant of the dragon race… even if he is not pure-blooded… Mommy… Mommy wants a dragon egg…”

Mom pressed her body up against mine. I couldn’t stop her.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say about it, but I physically couldn’t fight back. Mom was a true dragon. Had I not acquired a power up, my bones would probably have snapped by then. Moreover, I couldn’t refuse her after what she said.

Dragon Mom was the same as Ling Yue. Ling Yue must’ve been thinking along the same line when she gave birth to Liu Yue. She wanted to conceive a child for the Moon Fox Tribe. She wanted to see a member of her race just as Dragon Mom wanted to. I was absolutely positive Dragon Mom wanted to see another dragon. She wanted to see her own dragon kin. She wanted to have her own child, her own dragon…

Dragon Mom gave up on producing a pure-blooded dragon. She merely wanted one dragon egg. She just wanted to do what she would do as a dragon. She wanted to have a child. She wanted to conceive her own dragon egg and continue her race.


Dragon Mom appeared to be afraid that I’d refuse her, so she looked at me with a tinge of fear. She clasped my face and worriedly exclaimed, “You promised me, Son. You promised me… You said that I could make any request. You said that you would fulfil all of my wishes… Son!!”

I didn’t turn Dragon Mom down. Instead, I kissed her on her lips. Dragon Mom lingered for a moment, because she didn’t know how to respond and was afraid she’d hurt me. Hence, she allowed me to kiss her without knowing what to do or budging.

“I have good news… I’ll tell you… a bit later…” I said.

“Uhm… A bit later… A bit later… A bit later…” responded Dragon Mom.


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