Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 35

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 15)

From behind, Luna took two steps back. I chuckled: “How do I look?”

The formal clothes went together with the white and blue in the North. The upper body design borrowed its concept from humanity’s cavalry chief uniform, while the lower body had the unique seamless edges designs of boots in the North. The edge was very smooth and felt great to the touch. It was similar to Ling Yue’s tail, except you could feel a distinct difference. I think it was made from fox fur. I was one-hundred percent sure I shouldn’t see Ling Yue in the boots. She might very likely avenge the fox on the spot. Of course, her vengeance would be imposed on me.

The tight blue clothes and long white pants went together quite decently. The emblems and whatever were distributed under my name anyhow, so I could just wear one on my chest. I didn’t plan to wear a crown. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, but they were too heavy.

I was going to wear something similar to a metal crown that had inlaid gems. The weight was just right. My thick, heavy, pure white cloak hung behind me. The cloak was more functional than it was a fashion accessory. My cloaks and capes I wore in the elven and human lands didn’t need to be that thick. In the North, on the other hand, they had to be thick so that I could keep warm.

Luna smiled and circled around to the front. With a smile, she responded, “Very handsome, Your Majesty.  Empress Elizabeth and Queen Vyvyan would probably be attracted to you when they see you in this. Or have they already been attracted?”

I looked at the smile that crept up on Luna’s face. I wondered, “Why is this smile of hers so seductive?”

Also, Luna’s face was so close to mine. I clasped her face. It was time for me to be getting changed. Nobody would enter without my orders, and my wives weren’t around. I could do anything I wanted with Luna there. I looked into Luna’s eyes and chuckled: “So, what do you think, Luna? Have I attracted you?”

“I have always been attracted by you.” Luna smiled and pressed her finger on my lip to stop me from trying to kiss her. She mischievously tilted her head and said, “Not here, Your Majesty. Do you not have to go out soon? I do not think we can afford to waste seconds. After all, you are meeting two monarchs. If you have my lipstick on your lips, I may have to pray that you can save me a second time.”

I laughed. I then pulled back and erased the thought of unloading one there with Luna.  Luna was right. The meeting wasn’t a game. I was meeting the two rulers of this world, not to mention the fact that they both paid close attention to me. If they discovered it, Luna might truly go cold in the ground for good. I wouldn’t even get a chance to get avenge her. However, I didn’t intend to give up.

I bent down and hugged Luna around her waist before whispering in her ear, “Luna, I’ve been struggling to sleep at night as of recent. Can you send me some sleep medication tonight?”

Luna pursed her lips into a smile: “If that is your command, I will be very happy to comply. With that said, I think the two Queens will ambush you tonight.”

“You’re… right… but, it’s such a rare chance for us to come here… I would be letting you down if we didn’t do anything.”

“What are you saying? Did I not already tell you that I am happy just to be by your side? As for anything else, I do not have any desires,” replied Luna. She pushed my arms away and laughed in a soft voice: “What you should be focusing on right now is not me, but whether or not your two moms are happy. Oh, there is your third mom, too. I am happy just to see you. I am happy to just have followed you here. Your Majesty, it is time. Let us be on our way. While I am at it, allow me to say it again. This uniform truly looks very becoming of you.”

I nodded. I then tugged on my collar before pulling open the door. Today, my moms made an appointment and came together in order to avoid one of them getting a step ahead of the other to fulfil their desires. Of course, the two discussed matters with me as the medium.

Mommy Vyvyan couldn’t teleport to Troy City, because she had to bring the relevant personnel. Nonetheless, Duargana and Hilles City were about the same distance away from Troy City, so they arrived closely in time to each other. An express messenger was dispatched here today. Two teams had already grouped up outside the city and were going to come together.

“Let’s go. Let’s go welcome them at the city doors. They are our most esteemed guests here at Troy City, after all. We must take care of them properly. Everyone, you’re all very lucky. This continent has existed for ages, but it has never once been united. Over the next few days, though, you will witness history. True history. The continent will truly be united this time!”

I pushed the main doors to the palace open and exited. My guards had lined up in a proper formation. Tanya stood at the forefront. Though she was the youngest and shortest, all of the guards obeyed her commands. She very much resembled a commander when she gave orders by the book. The guards lined up and began to orderly ride toward the city doors.

All of the horses trotted in unison. The discipline and order that humanity’s army exercised was the magic to Mommy Elizabeth triumphing in all her battles. Humanity’s army was capable of combat even if eighty percent of their forces had been wiped out. As such, I emphasised that when training my military in the North, especially when training my guards. The discipline I required of them was the same as the discipline once required of me. Watching them that day, I figured they could parade if they changed their clothes.


Current time outside Troy City.

Elizabeth looked at the elven guards next to her. Her Valkyrie next to her had her sword drawn, while the elves didn’t show any fear when faced with the Valkyrie’s open hostility. They, too, drew their swords and surrounded their Queen, Vyvyan. In reality, Vyvyan couldn’t care any less about the Valkyrie. If the Valkyrie struck, Vyvyan could instantly vaporise the former.

After returning from the North, Elizabeth took back her husband’s cape and sword. Therefore, if Vyvyan struck from that distance, Elizabeth could instantly counterattack. Consequently, neither side acted, calmly watching each other in silence, instead.

The two lived together in the past, yet they now behaved as if they were faced with their nemesis. Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth and spoke first, “Long-time no see, Elizabeth. You haven’t changed after so long. What’s your plan this time? Have you humans finally thought it through and want to ally with us?”

Elizabeth snickered. Without looking back at Vyvyan, she responded, “I was invited here by the King of the North. In reality, it has nothing to do with you or elves. If it’s possible, I don’t want to be associated with you in any capacity. Believe me on that.”

Vyvyan smiled. Though the elves next to her were infuriated, Vyvyan was used to it. She rode towards the city: “Sorry, the King of the North invited you here, but my son invited me here. You came here to discuss business, but not me; therefore, you don’t need to worry. I have no intention of being associated with you.”

Elizabeth shuddered. Fear and panic immediately appeared in her cold gaze. She looked at Vyvyan with a dumbfounded look. She seemingly lost her voice. If she didn’t come back to her senses in time, everybody would’ve seen her stunned expression.

The two of them understood each other. If the two of them attacked each other, they’d only both wound up hurt. Furthermore, they were outside Troy City, their son’s city. If something happened, they might upset their son. Hence, the two stopped thinking about hurting each other.

“Valkyrie, let’s go.”

“Guards, let’s go.”

The two stopped paying attention to each other. The two guard teams that were full of hostility for each other exchanged eye contact. But nonetheless, they followed their ruler’s command and sheathed their weapons before surrounding their ruler to guard against a potential enemy attack. They had lowered their weapons, but their hostility remained.

The two rode forward. The two of them were just in each other’s faces, but the two quickly maintaining an equal equilibrium, in the sense that they rode beside each other toward Troy City. Elizabeth didn’t pay attention to Vyvyan, who was next to her. Instead, she fixated her line of sight on Troy City ahead of her. When she saw the Troy City text in pure gold, a gentle smile slowly melted her imposing expression.

The Valkyrie didn’t catch Elizabeth’s smile, but Vyvyan noticed it. Vyvyan saw the smile instantly vanish from her face. She felt nostalgic all of a sudden. Once upon a time, she often saw Elizabeth with that smile. At the time when Elizabeth and her brother were next to her, Elizabeth often showed that smile.

“You missing him? You haven’t even left for long.” Vyvyan looked ahead, but her voice drifted over to Elizabeth’s ears.

With the same expression on her face and her gaze fixed ahead, Elizabeth softly replied, “Yeah. I’ll miss him the moment I leave…”


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