Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 31

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 11)

I really wanted for the elves, humanity and the North to unite, although it didn’t align with the benefits of the North. According to Freya’s judgement, the North should watch from the sidelines, allowing humanity and elves to keep each other in check. That way, neither humanity nor the elves would try to target the North. The North had just been established. It would, therefore, be difficult to resist the elves or humanity if they tried anything.

I was very glad that the Empress of humanity and Queen of elves were my mothers. If I transmigrated here as an ordinary person without Elizabeth and Vyvyan’s backing, Rosvenor Empire and the elves’ militaries would probably already be knocking on the doors to the North in the scenario I captured it.

I assumed my two moms had gone back to their respective nations to plan out how to unite.  Mommy Elizabeth certainly wanted to come back to the North. Mommy Vyvyan likely returned to begin discussions, as well.

I knew it wasn’t an easy decision to make for either side. Nonetheless, Elizabeth and Vyvyan were both exalted rulers of their respective nations. Normally speaking, if the two were genuinely willing to form an alliance, I would assume that they would be able to convince everyone to accept the idea. I thought I could be more reassured with the elves. As for humanity, I had no idea what their opinion was.

“Onii-sama, this is a letter from humanity.”

When I arrived at the office the next day, Freya passed me a letter. I noticed that her expression was slightly odd. Her expression looked tense. It was clear that she was resisting the urge to smile. The envelope didn’t have any traces of having been opened. The twin-headed eagle heat stamp of Rosvenor Empire was still intact. The text on the envelope was very simple. There was only the name of the sender and recipient. Letters between empires were sent by specifically assigned messengers.

This letter came from Mommy Elizabeth. I looked at Freya. She appeared to have already guessed the contents, but I didn’t know what it was about. There were countless possibilities. The best result would be a meeting between us and humanity’s empire to discuss the alliance.

I pondered, “It’s only been one week. If something that has troubled the continent for a decade could be resolved in one mere week, how could it have been delayed for so long? If the grudges between elves and humanity could be changed in such a short period of time, what would the point of the ten years of grudges have?”

I remarked, “Judging from your expression, I assume you’ve already figured out the contents of the letter.”

Freya looked at me and revealed a naughty smile, “Onii-sama, I assure you that I did not open it. Nevertheless, have a guess. Have a guess as to what exactly is said in the letter. This is a letter from Rosvenor Empire; in other words, it is a letter from Empress Elizabeth. Look, this letter did not come from Castell. Empress Elizabeth personally penned it.”

Only after Freya mentioned it did I notice that the letters on the envelope were, indeed, different. Her Majesty’s personally penned letter and a letter from the Royal Palace were two complete different things. A letter that came from the Royal Palace usually came from Castell. While that was still considered an important letter, it wasn’t as important as a letter Empress Elizabeth personally wrote. Under normal circumstances, Valkyries would deliver the letter Empress Elizabeth personally wrote. Therefore, they usually contained most important internal information. In other words, the letter contained news that had yet to be announced. Mommy Elizabeth had just returned, and then sent over a letter that she personally wrote…

I vigorously tore the letter open and took the letter out. Indeed, the handwriting belonged to Mommy Elizabeth. The letters were written with a thin and long appearance. I looked at the letter. It was a letter from the woman of my dreams. The content was also news I wanted to hear. Freya excitedly looked at me. A smile slowly crept up on her face. It was akin to the moment a flower bloomed. Voice cheerful, she said, “How is it? How is it? Your Majesty, is it what I thought it was? Has Empress Elizabeth resolved it with humanity? I knew it; I knew it. Humanity’s empire cannot oppose their monarch, which is why I was certain from the beginning that she could successfully do it. News of its success was but a matter of time.”

I nodded: “You’re right. You’re right. This is a letter from Mommy Elizabeth. Humanity’s Royal Palace has approved of the alliance between them, the elves and our North. Next will be waiting for humanity’s envoy to come and connect with us here. With that said, Mommy Elizabeth is concerned as to whether or not the elves will be able to accept this.”

“Indeed. The elves must have suffered the most severe losses from that war ten years ago. To top it off, not only have they suffered severe losses, but what makes matters worse is that humanity has committed too many atrocities, such as Luna’s past… Thus… if the elves refuse, then we cannot do anything about it.”

“I think Mommy Vyvyan should have an easier time than Mommy Elizabeth, right…?”

“Not necessarily. Onii-sama, have you forgotten that Empress Elizabeth is an entity who cannot be questioned, while Queen Vyvyan w-.”

“No, Freya, you don’t know the elves well enough. The elves value mana purity and bloodlines. Mommy Vyvyan doesn’t rule her nation with a blade as Mommy Elizabeth does, but all elves will revere her mana and status as a demi-god. The elves will obey the orders of the demi-god, Vyvyan…”

Though I said that, there was a part of me that was doubtful. While what I said was undoubtedly true, elves obeyed elves with superior mana and pure bloodlines without question. Put another away, Mommy Vyvyan just needed to put in a word, and nobody would question her decision to ally with humanity. There were the elders to consider, and Vyvyan took them into consideration, but during the event with the Earth Dragons, the elders quaked in their boots when she ordered them to exterminate the Earth Dragons. As a consequence, they didn’t question her.

So my question was, “Why had I not received any news from the elves despite them being the easiest to deal with?”

Mommy Elizabeth also mentioned it in her letter. She said the elves wouldn’t accept it. She expressed that she had done all that she could. The success of the alliance didn’t ride on humanity or the elves, alone. Both sides had to agree to it. Mommy Vyvyan wasn’t with me at the moment. If the two didn’t sit down to talk it out together, elves and humanity would never have any means of communicating.

If they couldn’t communicate, that meant that they couldn’t promise me the success on their own. I knew that both of them are trying with all of their might to prove that they could still take care of me without the other. In essence, I was being forced to acknowledge only one of them as my mom, while the other’s purpose could be erased. Subsequently, the two rarely teamed up. For instance, Vyvyan took me away from Elizabeth last time and didn’t allow Elizabeth to intervene.

Mommy Vyvyan wanted to save me on her own. She had always considered herself my mom. She, too, said that she would never equally share anything with Elizabeth, for what she wanted was favouritism in her favour and possession. That being the case, she had no desire to exchange words with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth couldn’t leave Hilles City. Elves and humanity were communicating with just me. It was a laughable phenomenon. We had got three locations trying to discuss how to unite, yet two sides weren’t communicating, not to mention their enmity for each other.

How was I supposed to establish an alliance for the continent given the situation? The alliance I aimed for wasn’t a military alliance but one the same as the European Union; actually, I wanted an even more united kingdom where the three of us ruled humanity, elves and anthropoids together. The three races should’ve united. That would make the continent more powerful and satisfy my little wish.

It was frustrating. When others wanted a family reunion, all they had to do was set aside their work and go home. When I wanted a family reunion, I had to convince all the elves and humans on the continent to drop their prejudices, grudges, jealousy and hatred, all of those negative emotions and unite the continent so that I could unite my family.

Tone serious, Freya explained, “I know what you mean now. Honestly, this is truly very difficult. Elves will not take the initiative to interact with humans and vice versa; hence, these two races are only promising to unite with our North and indicate that they are all right with it, provided the other side is all right with it. The issue is neither humanity nor the elves will send out an envoy to talk with each other, meaning that there will not be any news of an offer of friendship. In turn, that means t we will never be united. In my opinion, you should step up. Do not call them over as a son calling for his mothers. Do not call them to the North. You must invite them to a meeting as the ruler of the North, and you must meet at a location that does not belong to any party for the purpose of holding a discussion. You must step up now. As the two are only willing to meet under the condition that their dignity is not compromised. You must, personally, step up to the platform.”

I nodded.

I had to find a chance to get humans and elves to meet. Vyvyan and Elizabeth wouldn’t initiate a meeting with each other, so the only chance of them meeting was if I, personally, asked them to. I couldn’t ask them to meet as their son, as the reason wasn’t sufficient. There was hope if I called for them as a King, though. However, what surprised was that Mommy Vyvyan wasn’t willing to come back…

I think Vyvyan didn’t dare to come back. She couldn’t directly help me fulfil my wish. I surmised that was why she didn’t dare come back to see me. There was no way I’d blame her. It was just my own idea. A mom isn’t somebody who just has to fulfil her son’s every wish.

“Let’s do that, then. We’ll send out an envoy. I’ll, personally, write a letter to invite the two to…”

I pondered, “A city that belongs to none of us…”

“Troy City!”


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