Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 59

I heard phoenixes could be reborn in the flames of nirvana. You could say that happened with me in the dragon’s blood. At most, it would only be considered reconstructing my body, because I didn’t actually die. I never knew dragons could be revived, since that was the ability of phoenixes according to my knowledge. The lifespan of a dragon might be long, but it was just a dead mountain once it died.

The flame started from within as it did before, leaving just indiscernible residue behind. I never thought I’d see Dragon Mom before me again. She sat to the side, looking at her own last remains with surprise written all over her face. She didn’t have any wounds on her. Thanks to her scales, she had proper clothing on, but my scales were my skin, so… I had no means of creating clothes from them. Fortunately, I had Ying’s cloak. I had to make do with it; it wasn’t cold, but it was embarrassing.

Noticing me, Dragon Mom stood up. The panic and tinge of fear in her gaze became pleasant surprise and delight. She walked up to me and clasped my face. She caressed my face, but she was no longer touching my skin. Though there was a degree of suppleness to the scales – thanks to my flesh underneath – my skin was no longer as soft as it once was. I could hear the sound of friction from scales rubbing. In a shaky voice, she said, “My Son, thou have my blood now…Thou… Thou are now a dragon…”

“Mom… What… what exactly happened to you…?” I inquired.

I definitely wasn’t hallucinating. Absolutely not. I could feel Mom’s touch and warmth. She was definitely real. The dragon looked at my shocked expression. What surprised me was that she wasn’t happy that she received a second life. To the contrary, she showed great sorrow in her eyes when she heard my question. She answered, “It’s gone.”

“What is…?” The random response from her left me totally baffled.

“Why isn’t she happy after obtaining a second life? Also, why does she look as though she lost something? Wait, could she now be incapable of transforming into her dragon form? Is that pile of residue what she lost?” I wondered.

Dragon Mom was on the verge of shedding tears. I took in a deep breath. I should comfort her when she was feeling despondent. It wasn’t tragic she couldn’t transform into a dragon. After all, she was still very pretty in her human form. It was fine. Moreover, she could come with me to the North in her human form. I might not have any means of bringing a dragon back. She could freely fly about in the vast desert, but the Imperial Palace in the North wasn’t so spacious.

“It’s all right, Mom. It’s all right. It’s fine. Even if you can’t transform into a dragon, you are still pretty. You’re very pretty regardless if we’re talking about an elf or a human’s perspective. Hence, you don’t need to worry. I’ll protect you from now on even if you can’t transform into a dragon!”

I was just given new life. Not only did I have a body impervious to blades, but I could also use magic. I said it before: I was Vyvyan’s biological son. My mana was derived from Vyvyan’s pure mana the Galadriel Tribe blessed her with. My mana was extremely powerful; it was just that I couldn’t use it. Henceforwards, I was powerful as Sailor Moon transformed. I admit I could only hide behind Mommy Vyvyan, Mommy Elizabeth, Nier and Lucia’s backs in the past, but I could change that. That’s right, I was overpowered.

However, my confident speech didn’t cheer Dragon Mom up, nor did she smile as a result of it. Instead, I made her look sadder. A few tears coursed down her face. I never knew dragons cried. She noticed herself crying, so she swiftly raised her head and wiped her tears. I stood in front of her, but I was at a loss for what to do. She looked at me with her teary eyes, and then suddenly pulled me into her embrace with a vice-like grip.

“Help! Help!! Help!!! I’m going to die!! I’m going to die!! My bones are going to snap! I can’t breathe! This boobies face wash is more terrifying than Vyvyan and Elizabeth’s! I can’t see anything in this dark cave! I can’t even see a light, let alone get air!” I wished I could shout.

I’m sorry, but I take back what I said about being overpowered. I had body impervious to blades and could utilise magic, but I’d die to my moms’ boobie face washes…

“I am fine… I am fine… I am fine… It’s just… It’s just… Thy father… It… it was just as Inard told me… Only… thy… thy father… would protect me… He protected me… He protected me… Like this… Like this… Protected me…”

Dragon Mom wailed. Her yearning for my father and her memories of him drifted away with her cries. She hadn’t seen many elves before, and my father was the elf she deeply loved. I never knew what he did to her, but I think I learnt a little when I witnessed her reaction. My father protected the dragon. An elf protected the dragon in front of me. He must’ve used Time Reversal to use her time alive as a set point. He couldn’t be by her side forever to protect her, so he used the spell. Inard didn’t lie to her; he truly managed to protect her when she was in danger.

My Mom protected me, and my father protected my Mom. I think that was why she was in so much agony. The spell was the last thing my father left with her. It was totally gone once it activated. The only thing she had left that was associated with him was her memories with him.

The dragon tightly hugged me and wailed. She released her yearning for him ten-plus years with her cries. Dragons had a very, very long lifespan, so long that an elf’s lifespan was a blink of an eye from their perspective. She must’ve witnessed lots of new life and death, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t know pain. The pain of gaining and then losing was much more painful than having been alone from the start.

The beautiful time was just a very short dream to her. While Inard was always by her side, it was far too short to her. She was swimming in bliss and happiness, but her lover became a skeleton before she knew it. Her life in the past crumbled within an instant, and then she had to return to lying on the boulder alone, waiting for someone in despair.

The loneliness in her memories gnawed at her heart. Nobody could understand the pain and loneliness of waking up every night to see the space next to them empty. She bore with it for over ten years. She bore with the departure of her lover and was still lonely after ten years. She finally got to release her pent up feelings through her wails.

The dragon in front of me no longer had any family members. I solved my body’s problem, and I received a bonus surprise gift. Therefore, it was time for me to return home. The North still needed me; it had just been established.  My wives and children were still waiting for me. I couldn’t stay in the desert. I wasn’t my father. I couldn’t abandon my wives and children. That being said, I couldn’t just leave the dragon behind, either. She truly loved my father and me. I was only able to recover and obtain this power thanks to her sacrifices.

I had to take her away, at least, to Troy City. I knew full well Vyvyan and Elizabeth were unlikely to accept her, since not only was she my father’s mistress, but another woman I called “Mom.” Using Mommy Vyvyan’s reaction as a sample, I wouldn’t think Mommy Elizabeth would be very friendly…

The dragon finally released me then she wiped her tears. I gently grabbed hold of her hand: “Mom, I need to discuss the future with you… I’m very thankful to you, because thanks to you, not only have I recovered, but I’ve also become strong now. Therefore, we need to discuss the future.”

Dragon Mom appeared puzzled. In a confused manner, she exclaimed, “What? What future? I… I… I will not allow thou!! Thy father once said that then died in a few years! I do not need thou to mention any future! Thou just need to stay by my side! Thou just need to live with me! I shalt protect thou! Thou need not worry!!”

“That’s precisely why I can’t accept it!”

I decided to be forthright with Dragon Mom. There was no way I could stay by her side. I wouldn’t make a compromise there. I wouldn’t be able to return if I hesitated. I really liked her as a mom, but I couldn’t stay there for her sake.

I took in a deep breath before explaining, “Mom, I have my wives and children, as well. If I stay here, I won’t be able to go back and see them. Nonetheless, I don’t want to abandon you. Mom, I don’t want to abandon you, so you can rest assured. If possible, I would like for you to leave with me. Come with me to where I live. I’ll take care of you there.”

Honestly, I thought the suggestion was risky. I didn’t know if Dragon Mom of could accept the offer. The desert was barren land to me, but Mom’s memories lied there. It was where the dragon race once prospered. The place had to be filled with her memories…

Moreover, my father passed away there, as well. Would it be too cruel to ask her to leave the desert? Although it would be the best outcome… could she accept it? Frankly, I wasn’t confident she could accept it.

I nervously awaited Dragon Mom’s response…

“Sure,” the dragon replied.

The words I couldn’t explicate: “What the?! That decisive?!!”


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