Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 49

The dragon clasped my face. While I felt as though all my bones were going to be crushed the last time she hugged me, she was very gentle when she clasped my face. The warmth of her hand was besotting. It felt the exact same as Mommy Vyvyan’s hands, while her boobs had Mommy Elizabeth’s shape. The way she clasped me felt the same as my two moms holding me down, blissful and relaxing. The dragon lightly pressed down on me. I couldn’t feel any scales. I, instead, felt the softness of flesh.

Her clothes were made from her scales, so she wouldn’t strip; she could change, however. Her thin black dress flaunted her entire body, but below it was pure-white skin that had visible traces of blue scale outlines. Her human form could be altered, so she took on a form that humans and elves would consider perfect. Her different coloured eyes made me feel slightly dizzy.

I pondered, “It’s the first time she and I have met, but why is this night so amorous? I don’t know what she can see through the magic of her heterochromia eyes. Lots of people have claimed I’m resembling my father more and more. Does that mean she sees her lover in me?‘

I lied on the bed in silence and allowed her hands to freely swim across my face before slowly descending down to my neck. Her hand stopped at my pulse. I could feel my pulse slowly running along her finger. A mix of emotions lingered in her gaze. There was some joy, sadness, ire and despair.

“Is she thinking of my father? Is she thinking of the elf that resembled me, who was also below her as I am now?” I questioned.

His pulse wouldn’t beat again no matter how much she called out or cried. She stroked my neck and looked at the face she was too familiar with.

“Was there a tinge of regret and hope?” I wondered to myself.

“Should we start?”

I couldn’t bear to stir her memories. Nonetheless, I took priority over the past. She lingered then nodded. She leaned down. I felt something heavy on my chest that could virtually break my ribs. Vyvyan and Elizabeth were enough. The two of them really made me suffocate when they came together. I subconsciously opened my mouth, and the dragon didn’t let the opportunity slip, immediately blocking my mouth.

The temperature inside her mouth didn’t drop after taking on the form of a human. It felt as if I was thrown into an iron pot. Oddly enough, it felt nice. I never knew a dragon’s tongue could be so agile. She completely sealed the area my tongue could move around in. Mouths were a relatively sensitive body part for human beings – if I’m correct. I felt the soft heat prowling every corner of my mouth. In fact, it went to the back and pried my throat. I couldn’t stop her abuse at all. It was no kiss; it was possessiveness.

Her hot saliva slowly flowed into my mouth, making me feel as if I was swallowing strong alcohol into my belly, burning everything from my mouth down to my belly, and then scrunching it all up. I couldn’t help but feel nauseous. However, my body begged for more. Her ancient mana continued to flow into my body. The dragon didn’t seem to hold herself back with any brakes and did all she could to transfer her mana to me. I gradually felt my mana being replenished, which was the same sensation as when I sucked blood. I can’t deny dragons truly possess relatively powerful mana. I had to suck blood with Vyvyan, but I could obtain adequate mana through kissing with the dragon.

Want me to be honest? It seriously felt too good. I didn’t know if I felt that way due to the suffocation and numbing heat from the dragon. Either way, my entire body grew numb. In fact, I even wrapped my arm around the dragon and embraced her. I looked ahead of me despite there being nothingness. I seemed to see Mommy Vyvyan in front of me with a smile. I saw her usual smile and the gentle look on her face from the side. I saw Mommy Elizabeth’s shy, but blissful, eyes. I saw her looking eager to hug me, yet looking shy, due to fear of me rejected her. I felt the warmth of my moms embracing me and their gentleness.

I felt as though I was by my moms’ sides. I think there was a saying that was true. When away from my moms, I was the King of the North, Nier and the maidens’ husband, and Nona and the girls’ father. When I was with my moms, though, I was just a wilful kid, a child who still wants to be in their arms and spoiled. It was all moms’ fault. They made me that way. That was bliss. To have those sorts of moms was a blessing.

I hugged the dragon in front of me tightly. I could seemingly see a familiar and incomparably gently light with my foggy vision. I tightly hugged her. She slowly curled up her body and caressed my face. In the spur of the moment, I couldn’t contain myself, so I looked at the silhouette in front of me and softly said, “Mom… I love you… Sorry… Mom… Mom…”

The dragon suddenly stiffened up, and the atmosphere all around froze ice old. It started off seemingly amorous and heavy in hormones, but instantly returned to normal. The weight and warmth on my body vanished. The dragon slowly sat up, albeit remaining on top of me. The calm, cool breeze calmed me down. Only then did I realise what I said. However, I managed to calm down in the panic. I had no reason to worry about those things. I didn’t say to Nier, “Lucia, I love you.” I just called the dragon “Mom.” So what?

She looked at me in a daze; similarly, I looked back at her the same way. I felt my mana had basically fully recovered, but I was sure that it wasn’t the permanent fix. I didn’t want to rely on that method to solve my mana issue. Otherwise, I’d be stuck in the desert forever. I went to the desert for my family; staying there would defeat the purpose. I could just return to Vyvyan if that was the case.

Voice shaky, the dragon stuttered, “Thou… Thou called me…”

Only then did I realise what exactly I just did.

I just made myself her son. In the beginning, it was a one-sided situation, with her alone considering me her child, but I went and acknowledged her as my mom! I just picked up my dead old man’s mess and dumped it on my lap. Elizabeth and Vyvyan couldn’t do anything to him, since he was dead, but if I brought back a mom this time, the two of them would most probably lock me up… especially Vyvyan!

“Hurry! What did thou call me?!!”

I planned to slip my way away from the question, but she grabbed my face with her hands and pulled it up to hers. I said that she was very gentle when she clasped my face, but it was darn frightening when she clasped it again. I had a feeling that she’d tear my head off if I didn’t answer.

She was eager and nervous. It was more frightening than the first time I saw Elizabeth. She was more thirsty and eager than Elizabeth. Elizabeth wanted to hear me call her “Mom,” while the dragon wanted a family…

I knew that there was a chance that I’d lose my life if I didn’t give her the response that she was after. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. In a voice of despair and, in an attempt to get her off my case, I quietly replied, “Mom… I…”

She didn’t wait for me to finish. The dragon didn’t care about my tone or what exactly I wanted to say. She heard the one thing that she wanted to hear most, which was “Mom.” She let out a loud scream. It sounded akin to a combination of a dragon and a human’s voice. She then pulled me into her tight embrace…  It was my closest brush with death…

She gave me hot and passionate kisses on my face. I felt as if my face would be set ablaze. Then, she placed me back on the bed with one hand and charged out of the cave. Moments later, I heard the sounds of wings flapping as well as a majestic roar. It appeared that the cave couldn’t withstand the dragon’s excitement.

Meanwhile, I contemplated, “Did she have to fly two laps outside and spit some fire to be able to calm down? It doesn’t matter what she thinks, but I understand that I just picked up that old bastard’s mess. How am I going to deal with this dragon? I can’t leave, but then would Vyvyan and Elizabeth be able to accept her if I bring her back?

Forget it. Why did I even bother asking? It’s straight up impossible. Nier and Lucia almost killed each other for me. The jealousy of elves is no joke. If I bring back this dragon, I bet my moms would team up to butcher her.”

It was a tough situation. I had blame to share, admittedly. I shouldn’t have mentioned it in front of the dragon… She reacted excitedly whenever it was mentioned. I didn’t know if she’d still let me go or not. Whatever the case, I had to find a way to address my problem for good. I wasn’t after a few mouthfuls of mana; I needed to be able to produce my own mana just as I did in the past as an elf. I wanted to be able to live on my own even if I couldn’t use magic. Not rely on mana from others.


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