Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 45

Ling Yue gave her daughter, who had assumed her human form, a kiss and softly giggled. Her daughter looked back at her and, in a vague voice, called, “Mommy…”

The Moon Fox Tribe’s children developed very fast in comparison to elves and humans. She was able to speak in just a week’s time. That was because wild beasts didn’t have time to gradually develop. Liu Yue would quickly grow up; her time as a child would be very short. She’d be able to walk in about a month’s time.

Ling Yue had tears of joy and excitement in her eyes, because she was called ‘mommy’. She tightly hugged her child. She wagged her tail around with bliss and excitement. She softly replied, “Honey, Honey, Honey… Mommy is here. Mommy is right here. My Liu Yue, you’re so cute. So cute.”

Liu Yue’s hair colour was a gradient of colours. Underneath her ears that were the same as her mother’s, was her hair, except, it was different to her mother’s. It gradually changed between black and red. Her hair was black at the root, but gradually changed to red at the tip. She inherited her mother’s tail, though. While Liu Yue was just a child at the time, her face already took on a beautiful frame. She was two generations after them, but she had Vyvyan and Elizabeth’s beautiful genetics. Ling Yue was also pretty, so Liu Yue’s traces of beauty were already visible.

“Daddy… Daddy…”

Liu Yue desperately tried to poke her head out from her mother’s embrace in an attempt to look around. The Moon Fox Tribe viewed family with great importance. Familial love and the value of family were deeply etched into the genes of children of the Moon Fox Tribe. As such, children of the Moon Fox Tribe immediately began searching for their parents as soon as they were born, for the reason the tribe was a very small and weak tribe to begin with. Consequently, they had to band together to ward off foreign enemies and the dangers of nature. Ling Yue would rather not give birth until her husband returned to her side for that reason.

Ling Yue’s child was born after many challenges, but her husband still left her and her child. Liu Yue searched for her father. Ling Yue meekly lowered her tail. She closed her eyes and leaned her head down to give her daughter a kiss on her cheek. Her voice was soft and shaky when she explained, “Daddy is out working. He’ll be back very soon. Don’t worry, my Liu Yue. Daddy will be back. He will definitely be back.”

“Daddy… Daddy… Daddy… Mommy… Mommy…”

Liu Yue appeared to be able to understand what Ling Yue said. She clapped her hands with a smile. She looked at her mother, who spoke with a lisp. Ling Yue spaced out. She looked at her daughter’s eyes that were very similar to hers and her husband’s. She looked at her daughter’s bright smile and took in a deep breath. A few teardrops gently fell down onto Liu Yue’s face. Liu Yue was puzzled.

“Mommy is okay. Mommy is okay,” said Ling Yue.

Ling Yue was startled, so she quickly wiped her own tears. She looked around in a flustered manner. Evelyn, who was by their side, quickly took Liu Yue and hummed a soft tune to put her at ease. Ling Yue sniffled, and then quickly went over to a chair to desperately try and wipe her tears that wouldn’t stop.

Leah quickly came over and handed Ling Yue a hot cup of tea. Voice gentle, she stated, “You do not need to worry too much, Miss Ling Yue. Do you not believe in His Majesty? You must have faith he will return. He will surely return. His Majesty will risk even his life to come home to such a beautiful wife and adorable daughter.”

“He really is risking his life this time… Otherwise, he might not live… Honestly speaking… I feel there’s a chance my husband won’t make it back… If my daughter… My cute Liu Yue… How pitiful… would my poor Ling Yue be if she lost her father at such a young age…?”

Ling Yue wiped her tears. Her tears still wouldn’t stop. She was genuinely very sorry for her daughter and worried for her husband. Although she encouraged her husband to try and live, she was genuinely afraid, very, very afraid.

“It is all right, it is all right. His Majesty is a strong man. He could do so many things that were practically impossible; therefore, it is not impossible for him to find a way to live. Miss Ling Yue, you must stay strong. If you are always let burdens bog you down, Liu Yue would not be able to grow up happily, right? His Majesty will definitely be fine. He promised you he would be back last time, and then he came back in spite of his circumstance, so you do not need to worry.”

Leah took hold of Ling Yue’s hand and comforted her. Ling Yue nodded with a helpless smile. She wiped her tears and took in a deep breath before biting down on her lip so as to stop herself from crying again. She watched Liu Yue cheerfully laugh in Evelyn’s arms. She softly responded, “You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. What I need to focus on now is my Liu Yue. I believe in my husband. He’ll be back; he’ll surely be back.”


However, while Ling Yue was worried about me, I was flying toward some direction in a dragon’s grasp. The White Deer King gave chase on the ground as fast as its legs could take it.

I don’t know where this dragon would take me, but I believed she wouldn’t harm me. After all, she acted extremely different at the mention of my father. The dragon was overwhelmingly imposing, but I could tell she was a female from its voice…

“Don’t tell me… my father did something to this dragon… I heard that female dragons kidnapped male elves to relieve themselves. Don’t tell me she kidnapped my father for a massage… They might’ve developed feelings during their time together, which would mean that this dragon had feelings for my father… If that was the case… wouldn’t this dragon be my godmother?? Please no!! You gave me two mothers already! Now you’re giving me a godmother? This guy is a genuine scumbag. Mommy Vyvyan wasn’t enough for you?! Doesn’t that mean you cheated?!! And with a dragon no less?” I speculated.

I didn’t know how long I flew for. It was hard to breathe at first, but then it felt quite nice after I adapted to it. Joyful times don’t last long, though. I felt as if I was about to freeze into ice after a while. The dragon completely disregarded the clouds in the sky when it flew and went straight into them. I couldn’t handle it. I felt soaked when we left the clouds, and then there were the strong winds blowing into me. It was freezing…

I didn’t know where I needed to fly to. The dragon ignored everything I shouted to her. She just kept on flying ahead, while I was relegated to looking at the desert below. The desert below was the same everywhere, so there was nothing to see. We flew for a very, very long time. I inadvertently saw an eye in the centre of the desert.

The eye wasn’t some sort of creature, but an oasis in the centre of the desert. It was a vast expanse of clear water. Everywhere else was sand, but the place had more than just a lake. Next to the lake were trees. I would believe there were fishes in the lake if I was told so.

The dragon finally reduced its speed.  After we landed, I noticed that there was a disgustingly ugly house next to the lake. I had honestly never seen such a repulsive house before. In fact, it would be better to call it a structure put together by throwing some lengths of timber together than a house. The roof was made using a collection of tree leaves and held down with a rock. The house that was leaning to one side swayed sideways as a result of the dragon flapping its wings for crying out loud.

The dragon seemed to really value the house. The dragon deliberately landed some distance away to avoid crushing it with her body. She didn’t release me, that being said. Instead, she threw me straight into the lake.

I struggled in the water. Fortunately, it wasn’t deep. Consequently, it didn’t take me long to float back up. I had no idea what the dragon was trying to achieve by throwing me into the water. She blankly looked at me from one side, and then reached its head into the water for a drink. Then, she sprayed the water all over me.

To me, it felt as if I was blasted with a high-pressure water gun, as it drove me straight to the centre of the lake.  Actually, I felt as though the water current swept me up. Yes, as in swept me flying into the air and then landing back into the water. I felt as though the pressure shattered my organs.

While floating on the water surface, I looked at the sky in a daze. I thought for a second I’d live longer if I didn’t follow the dragon…

The dragon then looked at me satisfied.

“You were trying to give me a bath…?” I pondered.

The White Deer King finally arrived by the edge of the lake. She rushed into the water, grabbed onto my collar with her mouth and pulled me to the shore with all her might. She then licked me. She looked relieved. She stood to one side and glared at the dragon.

“You’re angry now, but you fled before…” I silently remarked.

Seeing the White Deer King angry… mm… was quite heart-warming, though…

The dragon didn’t seem to care for the White Deer King’s anger in the slightest. Instead, she focused on me. I crawled up from the ground. She came over blew in my face. If I had to describe it, it felt akin to being thrown into the dryer. The hot wave dried my wet clothes. Pleased, she looked at me, and then said, “Wait for me. I shall take thou to see thou father.”

“My dad?! Where’s my dad?! Where is he?! Is he still alive?!!”


The dragon didn’t reply. Instead, she turned her back to me and slowly walked behind a dune of sand. I didn’t need a response in the end, because I saw it. Underneath a tree by the lake was a small tombstone. The tombstone was the same as Luna’s. There were no decorations, but a loved one was buried there, as well…


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