Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 41

The owner of a huge pair of yellow eyes peered into the distance. The owner’s huge body rested on a brown boulder. Its blue scales appeared to be a part of the boulder below. The owner had their long tail behind them. The owner irritably smacked the ground with the tip of their tail, kicking up dirt and dust that had been collected there for millenniums.

That was forever the state of the place during the day. There was virtually never a day where there wasn’t sand and dirt. The sand floated in the air as a result of the wind picking it up, thereby shrouding the sky. The sunlight couldn’t pierce the curtain of sand there. Only the sunset rays that carried the shadow of the specks of sand lit up that part of the world.

Everything here looked yellow. Yellow boulders, yellow tumbleweed, yellow lizards and yellow sawtooth wolves. The huge yellow gerbils that relied on tumbleweed and rocks to live… Actually, they weren’t yellow. It would be more correct to say they appeared yellow according a woman, who was once part of a race that had a highly advanced civilisation. Although their civilisation had become the sand and dust covering the place, she was still proud of her race and past.

Perhaps that it was the nature of animals to be proud of their race. After all, a stubborn fire-red fox behaved the same way. Let’s put the fox aside for now, though. Somebody was still being pampered and doted on by their mother in every way possible, so let’s check out the huge blue beast first.

The huge beast peered in a particular direction with its eyes similar to a snake’s. She was at the highest location there. Nothing above ground level was safe there due to the strong winds. The sand the wind blew over only piled up higher and higher owing to the boulder she was on.

The end of the yellow desert was visible from there.  A vague boundary line existed at the end of the place. There was nothing in between. On the other side was green grass and dense forests. The fragrance of the forest and the pure mana on the other side, which was where the yellow eyes were fixated on, was completely different to the desolate place. That place with green grass and dense forests was the elven lands.

There was only one possible reason for there to be barren land in the elven lands, and that was the land no longer had mana protecting it. Mana was the source of all life. Land without mana lost its green colour, which was the sign of life, and elves wouldn’t be able to survive.

There was a reason her home was destroyed. The lack of mana caused one consequence, which led to another consequence. Being arrogant, their race refused to share the elven spring water with the elves, as they had their own way of producing mana.

Their land had life thanks to their existence. They should’ve lived there properly, but their innate battle-hungry nature and their murderous urges still flowed in their blood. They couldn’t attack the elves, for they had signed an agreement with them. As a consequence, they targeted their own kind despite their population being extremely small to begin with.

The war was very intense, but it didn’t last for long. They weren’t elves or humans. They didn’t have many participants in the war. When the last male dragon fell into the pool of blood, the females felt despair and a sense of danger for the first time.

Dragons were also animals; animals have desires. The female dragons, who had lustful feelings every month, realised that there were no more male dragons around them. They, therefore, fell into panic. With no male dragons remaining, they had no way of reproducing. However, the scariest thing for a mother dragon was that they didn’t have a partner to satisfy their cravings every month.

In the end, a male dragon was born. The male dragon was, hence, hailed as the future of the entire race. The entire race provided him with the best care they could offer. All of the dragons revolved around him, and all of them were eager for him to grow up. It was no different to them nurturing a seed, as they waited for the day he grew up.

Loneliness and lust caused the male dragon’s mother agony every month. It virtually drove her insane. The day finally came where she couldn’t control herself; consequently, she did the deed with her young son. However, he couldn’t sustain his mother’s mana requirements. After that happened, all of the female dragons lost it. They ripped his mother to shreds and competed for the last hope of their race. The frequency of being raped and the pain of losing his mother led to him dying in front of them in less than a day.

That’s right. Her younger brother and the final ray of hope for the entire race, died right before her eyes. The tiny flame was completely put out. The female dragons, subsequentlys, fell into utter despair. Some used their mana to transform into elves, to enter the forests where the elves resided to seek bliss and find themselves a husband.

Another group, whom were haughty female dragons, weren’t willing to go near the elves. They belittled the lineage of elves, citing superiority and the elves lacking a lineage as prestigious as their own. However, the esteemed female dragons, who adopted that thought pattern, were unable to bear with the monthly torment, however. To satisfy their cravings, they infiltrated the elven lands on their own accord. They kidnapped male elves to satisfy themselves. It was commonplace for several dragons to surround an unfortunate elf. The elves were akin to a shared commodity. They were taken out when needed, and then discarded once they were done with them. The harsh living conditions made it very difficult for the elves to survive a single week. The dragons, therefore, kidnapped male elves again, and then again, subsequently enraging the elves. In turn, another grandeur dragon hunt began. In less than a hundred years, the second to last dragon died right before her eyes, leaving her as the sole survivor.

The entire race’s civilisation was wiped off the planet. As a subsequence, the mana from the land vanished altogether. She gradually witnessed the destruction of the home she once knew. The end result was this land of sand where there wasn’t even a place that she could reminiscence.  In her earlier years, she didn’t understand why their race went extinct. After she matured, she finally began to experience the irritable feeling. Alas, there wasn’t even a second dragon in existence, let alone a male dragon.

She gazed in the direction of the elven lands feeling annoyed. She could see two elves sitting down, holding hands in the forest. The female elf leaned on her lover. She seemed to be in more bliss than possible. The frustration and lust intensified within her as she watched the couple. She slowly rubbed her body against the boulder, but it was meaningless. She was plagued with the same challenge countless of her own kin once faced.

The female dragoon pondered, “Should I abandon my identity as a dragon and join elven society? Thanks to my dragon lineage, my mana would naturally reign supreme among the elves. I could easily join the upper echelon of elven society, enjoy the elven lifestyle and even have a husband who loves me. Moreover, I wouldn’t have to bear with the monthly torment. All I have to do is forsake my identity as a dragon and live as an elf from now on, forever leaving my dragon identity behind.

I’d feel very blissful, but I can’t accept it. I don’t hate my dragon identity. I don’t hate my body, my scales, my claws or my wings. I’m proud of my dragon body. I am a creature that stands shoulder to shoulder with God. How can I forsake my lineage I am most proud of for such things? No way am I doing that. I can’t do something so lowly. No way. This feeling is really distressing, though. I must think of a solution. What other methods are there besides transforming into an elf?”

That method would be to wait for a male elf to come. The male elf separated from the female elf and brought a team to her place. She didn’t know who reinforced the boundary magic, but the mana was too powerful for her to penetrate through the field. The barrier was essentially unshakeable. However, the elf was on his way in.

She lied back down. Her blue scales slowly turned into a dim yellow identical to her environment. It was as if she and the boulder combined with each other. She stayed still.

The guard looked at Inard, who was walking in front, cheerfully humming a tune. In a concerned voice, he asked, “Your Highness, your wife has a child now. That was not such a good idea, was it? Her Highness has not done anything wrong. Is it not unfair for you to treat her this way?”

Inard looked at the guard with a happy smile. He replied in a serious tone: “What are you saying, Zelle? I never did anything to Vyvyan that I need to be sorry about. Don’t go speaking nonsense and sowing discord in my family. I didn’t promise the cute girl anything. I was just playing around with her. We didn’t kiss, nor did we get together. How did I betray Vyvyan? Vyvyan is my most beloved wife and sister. Our son, Troy, is so cute, too. How could I possibly betray them?”

The guard didn’t know what to say. It was obvious from the girl’s expression that she had fallen in love. He never expected the girl to be played upon finding her first love. Inard was right, though. He didn’t give her any promise or confess. He was just very flirtatious… There was no solid evidence to file a complaint…

The guard thought, “This guy is still a scumbag. I hope Troy won’t become a philanderer like he is in the future. But I’m used to it. I’m not sure if Queen Vyvyan cares or not, but she doesn’t seem to. In that case, I shouldn’t stick my nose into it when I’m just a guard. Further, Inard never made any promise. He just made the atmosphere really amorous.”

“All right. This is the place. Split up into two teams. One team stays outside, while the other team follows me in. The team outside is to support us and prepare to pass on messages. Ecthe, you lead the group outside. Zelle and the others are to come with me. Wrap your cloaks around yourself tightly, because the sand and dust in here is fierce,” Inard commanded.

Inard wrapped his cloak around him, and put his hat on. He tightened up the strings on his cloak that sat around the chest area. Their team split into two teams. Inard looked at the sand wildly dancing before him. His gaze contained the tension he felt and his excitement. He kicked his horse’s belly and entered.

Her long tail hung rested on the ground. She was the spider in her web, located in the centre of the sand and dust. The totally unprepared elves waltzed right into her hunting grounds. All of her muscles contracted, but a hunter couldn’t be rash. She had to wait. She had to wait for them to come in far enough that they had no means of retreating. The time to strike was when they arrived at her side…

The boulder stayed stilled in the sandstorm. However, it was shaking ever so slightly. It wasn’t shaking due to the strong winds, but mostly due to the excitement of the hunter. As aforementioned, she had been holding it in for too long.

“That man acted abusive in front of me. Therefore, I shall make it so that he can only satisfy me in the future,” the dragon decided.

The truth was that there was no such thing as secrets in front of Vyvyan. She was fully aware of Inard thought. Though her jealousy wasn’t anyhow weaker compared to other elves, the target for her jealousy had changed long ago. She couldn’t care less if Inard had an illegitimate child with another woman, but if Troy gave a maid a smile or asked her to hold him… Troy would never see the maid again…


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