Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 34

Lucia and I stood in front of Freya’s door hand in hand. Voice soft, she said, “Don’t be too harsh, Your Highness. Don’t be too upset with her when she loves you. She must be regretting it and very afraid right now. She’s your sister, Your Highness. Be a little gentle with her.”

I smiled and kissed Lucia’s head. With a smile, I responded, “Have you acknowledged her as my sister? You sure are nice to her. I thought you’d be very angry with what she did.”

“We slept together, after all.”

Lucia wore an innocent expression. My face froze. Honestly, I didn’t understand the elves way of sorting out problems. The same went for Mommy Vyvyan. She once told me she became friends with Elizabeth back then, because they slept together. Lucia started caring for Freya after sleeping with her once, too.

“Why do elves use being able to sleep together or not as criteria for determining whether they’re friends or not?’ Did you two really just sleep? You sure you didn’t do anything else…?” I pondered.

I always felt that my dad and I got cucked whenever Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth slept together. Elizabeth and Vyvyan sleeping together sounds as though it’d be censored. Is that what they call “fun without pregnancy?”

I gently knocked on the door then pushed it open. The windows weren’t open and neither were the curtains. It was pitch black despite being bright and still day time. The candles didn’t appear as if they’d been switched out in a long time, because they were all burnt dry and resembled a dry teardrop, frozen on the candlestick.

There was a small silhouette curled up on the bed. Lucia grabbed my cloak and looked at me with a serious look. I nodded then went over and sat on the bed. I gave Freya, who was inside the blanket, a few gentle pats. With a smile, I said, “Freya, what’s wrong? You didn’t even come to welcome me when I returned. What’s wrong? You don’t like your brother anymore? I should, indeed, have told you when I’d be back. Sorry, I made you worry, Freya.”

Freya curled up underneath her blanket and let out soft sobs. Lucia sat to one side and gave me encouragement using her gaze. I gently dipped my hand into the blanket and a pair of hands grabbed it. Freya seemed to still be unwilling to see me. I looked inside the blanket and suddenly felt something odd with her hand…

“Why is it so wet? Also, it doesn’t seem to be sweat. This liquid texture…” I wondered. I always felt the texture when I was with Nier… In my mind: “Freya, what are you doing?!”

Freya suddenly yanked my hand in some direction. It was warm and moist. Not only did Freya pull my hand there, but she also grabbed my fingers and stuck them in. Heck, she even began to wriggle around. My expression underwent a dramatic change, and I tried to yank my hand back, but Freya grabbed on firmly.

Lucia reprimanded me with her gaze. I didn’t dare to tell her what was happening…  I couldn’t tell my wife my sister was making me finger her… Moreover, how was Freya going to face Lucia from then on? Plus, there was no way in hell Lucia would spare Freya if the former was angry with the latter. I couldn’t pull my hand back, since Lucia supervised me with a satisfied expression. If I showed Freya hostility, Lucia would definitely reproach me. That was why I had to stay put, and put up with Freya’s harassment…

“When is Freya aroused?!” I silently exclaimed.

I only ever did it with Freya once in the past. No, wait, twice. I’ll have you know that it was Freya who seduced me every time! Yes, she seduced me! Except, she returned to normal afterwards and wouldn’t be so assertive. She was my sister, not my wife. What was she doing then, though…? Why do all the women around me act unlike their characters? I never figured out what the reason for was.

Freya snorted from underneath the blanket. Her movements gradually intensified.  She slowly started to feel it… Lucia’s ears twitched. Suspicious, she watched closely. I quickly extended my hand to stop Freya. With a smile, I said, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry, Freya. Don’t cry. I don’t plan to reproach you. Promise. So don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

Lucia gave a nod of satisfaction. She accepted my explanation and interpreted Freya’s moans as sobs. Lucia was by the side, but my hand was still rubbing up Freya. Freya’s body suddenly went stiff; I felt a hot liquid spray onto my hand, going from my fingers to my wrist. Her body then went limp, and I let out a breath of relief.

“That should do now, right? Freya should be satisfied now, right?” I prayed.

Lucia was totally oblivious as to what happened underneath the blanket.

Would that be considered cucking if she did know…? No, I would never think of Freya in that way. I always considered her my sister. A man wouldn’t have sexual thoughts for his younger sister – unless he was a creep.

I still had Mom… If Lucia saw what we were doing… she’d make sure I never survived… However, before I could completely relax, Freya suddenly leapt over and hugged me tightly through the blanket, pushing me down onto the bed then wailed tragically. I tried hugging her back in a slightly awkward fashion, as she was currently naked. With just a blanket between us, I had nowhere to put my hand. If I were to hug her, the only place I could hold onto would be her butt…

Lucia didn’t seem to care about the fact that Freya was totally naked. Instead, she watched the two of us with a blissful smile. She probably thought that it was a touching reunion between a brother and sister. Lucia never imagined what Freya and I just did right in her presence… No, not what Freya and I did, but what Freya decided to make me do with her!!

“It’s all right. It’s all right, Freya. It’s all right. It’s all right. Your brother is back. I’m here with you. It’s all right. I’m back. I’m here with you.”

I checked Lucia’s expression while hugging Freya. Lucia felt satisfied: “It appears your sibling relationship is really good, huh? Everything is fine now that you’re back. I won’t stay here and disturb you. You two have a chat. Your Highness, we shall discuss that later.”

I nodded: “Sure. I’ll come see you at night.”

I really didn’t want to let Lucia go, but if she didn’t Freya probably would’ve forced herself on me, regardless… Hence, I decided that it was better to let Lucia go… Freya most likely completely disregarded Lucia’s existence there. She’d leap at me as if she’d been deprived and not explain anything to me… If Lucia saw us, she’d probably pull me off and beat me to death. Not even Nier would do that sort of stuff with me in Lucia’s presence.

Lucia stood up then gently shut the door behind her when she stepped outside. Freya hugged me tightly and wiped her tears while clinging to me. She wailed while tightly gripping my chest: “Sorry… Sorry… Onii-sama… Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry… I was wrong, I was wrong… I shouldn’t have done that… I’m scared. I’m really scared. I was so scared that you wouldn’t return. Sorry… Sorry… Onii-sama… You’re the only one who loves me. You’re the only one who’s gentle to me… Sorry… Sorry… Onii-sama… Please… Please don’t leave me…”

I hugged Freya. Lucia was watching, so I couldn’t put my hand on her…

Mm… A little below the back, but it was fine. It was fine. I didn’t lust for my sister. If I needed to relieve myself, I could visit my wives. They had all finished giving birth, so they were just as they were in the past. I didn’t need the young girl who hadn’t fully developed. She was still a kid!!

“I’m right here with you, Freya. I won’t worry you again. It’s all right, Freya. I’m not the only one who loves you… See, Lucia loves you, too, doesn’t she? So, don’t say that, Freya. Everybody around you cares for you. You’re my sister. Everybody thinks that way. I won’t leave you, either. Freya… No… Perhaps I will leave again… But soon… soon I won’t leave any of you again…”

Freya hugged me with all her might, seemingly ignoring everything I was saying, tightening her arms around me, instead. I hugged her back more tightly, as well.

I knew Freya made a lot of mistakes. Her decisions during my absence almost destroyed the entire North and my Troy City. She even loaned money we’d never use from Nara and Karana. She failed in her duty as a Regent. Nevertheless, she was still my beloved sister in my presence. She was still my most beloved sister. I didn’t want to let anybody hurt my sister. Just as importantly, I didn’t want to hurt my sister. I didn’t want to punish her or anything, despite knowing she erred.

Lucia also told me to be careful and not be too harsh with Freya. She didn’t need to worry, though, for I wouldn’t be angry as long as she was in my arms. My sister might’ve almost destroyed the entire world, but I wouldn’t harm her. It was just a world, big deal. I had a world if I had everyone with me. In summary, I wouldn’t let my sister suffer any harm.


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