Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 20

I Have Three Things that I Want You to Keep in Mind

In an instant, my mind was totally blank.

It’s not that I didn’t think that I’d see Jingan again so soon, but that I never thought that it’d be today, let alone such an accusation being the first thing to come out of her mouth!

‘Who are you saying is in an ambiguous relationship?!’

Tang Ye, who had poor timing skills, exclaimed, “Let go of me!!”


We were so close to succeeding, but now it was all for nothing. Second Brother and I couldn’t continue with outsiders present. Hopeless, we had to spare Tang Ye.

Jingan angrily glared at me and raged, “Young Master Ming, I think that you should provide me with an appropriate explanation.”

Su Xiao took three steps over toward me, and hid behind me. He peered at Jingan with curiosity.

You can’t deny that even Princess Jingan, the number one beauty in the capital, still exudes an elegant aura despite being angry. Her face shape gives her a sweet look while her tone is gentle. Her attempts to intimidate people aren’t intimidating.

Second Brother and Tang Ye were dumbfounded. First, they had no idea who the young beauty, who came out of nowhere, was. Second, owing to her soft voice, they couldn’t determine if she was angry or not.

Just as I went to respond, I realised that “Ming Feizhen” isn’t acquainted with Princess Jingan, which is why I turned to Bai Yeshuang and asked, “Uh, Team Leader Bai, who is the maiden?”

Bai Yeshuang had trouble finding her words, “She is… is…”

It was obvious that Bai Yeshuang knew Jingan’s identity. It was most likely announced when she arrived.

‘No wonder why you knocked as though you were trying to smash the ground.  I now see that it was because the Princess came to find fault with me.’

Speaking of Princesses, I have Princess Hongzhuang in my room…

‘And I thought I’d seen it all!’

You know what Princess Hongzhuang just did? She tore the black cloth that she used to cover herself with into a long piece of fabric. And now, she’s trying with all her might to use a whip style to hook Second Brother’s meat bun on the table over to herself. From the looks of things, she was on the verge of success.

‘I knew it; you were starving, weren’t you?! You shouldn’t have fronted! I would’ve grabbed you something to eat had you just told me! Oh yeah, your elder sister is here. If it is not too much trouble, may I please ask you to be a little nervous?!!!’

Bai Yeshuang didn’t dare to state Jingan’s origins without permission. Jingan didn’t make things difficult for her. She finished off what Bai Yeshuang started, “No need to ask her. I am Princess Hongzhuang’s relative.”

After she said that, she revealed a very peeved look, “Additionally, I am married. Maiden is not an appropriate way of addressing me. Please show some respect, Young Master.”

‘Would you look at that. How surprisingly loyal; she isn’t giving anyone a chance to come in between her marriage.’

“Please pardon my blunder, Madam. May I kindly ask what explanation you were after?”

Jingan looked as though some of her anger died down, “I heard that you have a wedding agreement with Princess Hongzhuang and just need to pass the Fuma selection to become Fuma, so why do you not show self-respect? You… you… forget it. Seeing as you like men, why have you not declined the wedding arrangement? Do you realise that such a marriage would be beyond disrespectful to my sister? Should I inform His Majesty of this, you will be beheaded!”

Princess Jingan got more and more agitated as she went on, even forgetting to mind her words and blurted ‘sister’. Being the number one beauty of the capital, her excellent reputation is widespread. Tang Ye and Second Brother aren’t idiots, so they figured out who she was with that slip of the tongue, and therefore broke into a sweat with fright for my sake. They both used Voice Transmission at the same time to speak to me.

“Big Bro, this is what you getting for being a playboy. Now you’ve gone and done it. She’s a Princess and her sister. Had you got to work sooner and married both Princesses, how hot would that be?! Sadly, she’s come here to teach you a lesson, and you can’t even argue back.”

“Big Bro, give me back my clothes. I can’t see anyone in my current state…”

I broke into a cold sweat… Then I grabbed Tang Ye’s clothes from Second Brother and returned them to him. While I was at it, I slapped Second Brother across the face.

However, Jingan had no intention of letting me off the hook, “I’d kindly like to ask you to promise me that you will back out from the Fuma selection; otherwise, His Majesty will definitely learn of this.”

Jingan’s gaze indicated that she was serious. If I refused, she really would tattle on me to His Majesty. Then I’d be captured when he’s enraged, and then comes the punishment.

Nevertheless, I remained fearless, “I refuse.”

I calmly explained, “Because you are mistaken, Madam. I am not stripping Tang Ye; I am helping him get dressed.”

Jingan replied, “Helping him get dress?”

“Of course.”

I went up to the chest where I stored my clothes. I went to take out clothes that I had prepared long ago, only to be surprised to find Princess Hongzhuang downing a meat bun in secret.

‘You actually succeeded! You managed to swipe away a meat bun with a length of fabric! You might as well dine and dash next time!’

Princess Hongzhuang’s cheeks uncontrollably turned red when she saw my calm eyes, yet she continued shoving the meat bun in her mouth similarly to a greedy squirrel. I gently took out a set of clothes. When my hand passed over Princess Hongzhuang’s head, I couldn’t resist the urge to touch it. It was soft and warm; plus, her reaction of resistance made her so adorable. She was similar to a squirrel that was interrupted during its meal.

I placed the clothes on Tang Ye. The clothing was made from exquisite fabric. It’s form-fitting, but comfortable. It looks tailor-made on Tang Ye. The most eye-catching aspect of it was how resplendent it was. It used white as its base colour, and its sleeves had golden threads sewn on. With his imposing aura and handsome face accompanying it, he went from looking as a fierce fighter into a young master from a reputable family.

I confidently stated, “The weather has turned cold recently; I wanted to get Tang Ye to try on some new clothes.”

Princess Jingan looked at me with bewilderment, but she didn’t have anything to falsify my claim.

Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to see that Tang Ye and I have totally different physiques, which is why I couldn’t possibly fool the Princess with my own clothes. In truth, I had already planned to have Tang Ye work for me, but am only announcing it now.

Tang Ye, however, felt that I specifically prepared the clothes for him and fitted him perfectly. He instantly revealed a look that indicated that he wanted to run due to fear of me.

‘Don’t think about running, you bastard! Those clothes are expensive! I had to ingratiate myself, employ intimidation tactics and pay thirty two taels to buy it from the owner of Anima Satin! I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to buy it if I didn’t have to deal with Jin Wangsun!!’

Su Xiao stroked his chin and earnestly deliberated something to himself for ages. He abruptly raised his small hand, “I can prove that Big Brother Ming does not like men!”

‘Yo! They say you nurture a soldier for thousands of days just to use him once! My Xiao finally served a purpose!’

Su Xiao then pointed at my bed, “I can prove it. He brought a girl from Apricot Flower Brothel to his bed to…”

‘Before the fatal words could escape his trouble-making mouth, I covered his mouth with my hand!’

“Mm?! Mmmm… Bik Prudda (Big Brother) Ming!” What are you covering my mouth for?!”

‘Enough, enough, enough, for god’s sake! Please stop adding oil to the fire! You betray your teammates as fast as lightning!!’

Jingan didn’t appear to be bothered by our fooling. She rubbed her chin and slowly asked, “That doesn’t prove anything and neither do the clothes. I only believe my eyes. I have a witness right here; you have no means of talking your way out. Young Master Ming, I only have one question for you: are you backing out or not?”

Jingan’s speech was organised and polite as usual.  However, everything that she said was pushy.

I knew that my excuse wasn’t convincing. I was just trying to justify my actions to Tang Ye and Second Brother so that they didn’t think that I was a weirdo.

As for Jingan, I’m sure that she’s going to dump the shit on my head even if she has to use force, because this isn’t just about Princess Hongzhuang. I saw her at Big Golden Vat’s abode, which means that she’s the one in the Imperial Court that supports Jin Wangsun. If “Ming Feizhen” was to lose here, Jin Wangsun would owe her a favour for something that took very little effort.

Jingan seemed as though she was trying to prove my thoughts. She added, “You should be aware that this is not about you, alone, but also century-long the friendship between the Imperial Court and Mount Daluo. If my fath-, I mean His Majesty beheads you in a fit of anger, it would sour the relationship between the two friends. That will not be good for the martial world, the nation or us.”

I don’t know why Jingan wants to help Jin Wangsun, but either way, I can’t be defeated here.

“That is incorrect, Madam. His Majesty is generous and benevolent. Perhaps he will not thoughtlessly behead me.”

Jingan fearlessly replied, “He might not. That said, he does listen to some specific people. For example, his daughter. Perhaps he will listen to her and have you beheaded. It would not be surprising for His Majesty to be furious upon discovering that this is how you treat Princess Hongzhuang.”

“I see.” I looked around, and then touched the back of my head, “If I may be honest, whether or not I back out is no big deal. However, I do have some backers; therefore, I cannot just back out. In particular, there is someone I cannot disappoint. You could say that he is my hard core fan. He has gone all out to assist me, so I must not let him down.”

At first, Jingan felt perplexed. Nonetheless, when she heard my confident tone, she gathered herself and stopped to think. Suddenly, she looked unsure, “Your supporter is…”

I smiled. I leaned in and whispered something, leading to her expression turning even more complex. There was a mix of surprise, joy and fear. She solemnly looked at me and seriously replied, “Keep your word.”

She then picked up her skirt and left in a hasty fashion. Team Leader Bai Yeshuang bid us goodbye, and then followed after the Princess.

Second Brother watched Jingan leave from behind. He grabbed his head and remarked, “Why does such a graceful girl walk so hastily?”

I waved my hand and in a quiet voice, answered, “She’s always been that way. People think that she’s cultured and introverted, when in reality, she’s got plenty of peeving problems that outsiders don’t know about.”

“Outsiders don’t know, but you know?” Tang Ye focused his gaze on me, “It sounds as though you know… that Princess, correct?”

Su Xiao reacted with surprise, “Sh-She’s a Princess?”

I rubbed Su Xiao’s head, “You just realise that?”

I then answered Tang Ye, “I guess so. We shouldn’t have known each other, but as fate would have it, a few years ago… we got to know each other. She just doesn’t recognise me now.”

Technically speaking, she doesn’t recognise the current me.

Second Brother looked at me then suddenly revealed a look of concern. He exclaimed, “Oh, crap!”

I grumbled, “What are you making a fuss about now?”

“Big Brother, you’re scum. How can you be three timing? That’s not to mention that they’re all beauties?!” Second Brother then woefully remarked, “Martial Grandaunt is perfect; Second Princess has long legs; the eldest Princess is majestic. How are you so lucky?!”

‘You have yet to meet Boss Shen. When you see her, you’ll learn what majestic really means!’

Second Brother shook his head, “Heed a brother’s advice! If Martial Grandaunt finds out, you…”

“Okay, shut up! What nonsense are you even on about?!”

‘This guy has so much bullshit to spout today! Usually, he meets with misfortune three times within an hour. What’s going on today? He’s been fine all day. Why didn’t Jingan call for someone to give him a beating back there?’

I hammered Second Brother then turned to face Tang Ye, “Tang Ye, I’m being serious now. The clothes are yours. Look after them carefully. We have an important use for them. Come with me tomorrow, dressed in those clothes.”

I got rid of Tang Ye and Second Brother. I was going to wash up and turn in.

Of course, because I have three people in my room, we’ll be sleeping together. Before we sleep, though, I have three things for you to keep in mind.

One: Su Xiao shall sleep on the ground. The Princess shall sleep on the bed, while I sleep on the beam. Those of you, who just had twisted thoughts, go face the wall.

Two: I was perplexed as to why Second Brother’s bad luck curse didn’t activate today, but then realised that I was wrong. He was very unlucky. When I went to Princess Hongzhuang, I discovered her in a state that resembled poisoning. It turned out that Second Brother’s meat buns were mouldy. As a result, Her Highness suffered the brunt of it.

Three: What I said to Jingan back there was, “Fuma asked me to pass a message on to you. He said to meet him at the usual location the night after at midnight.”


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