Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 30

I didn’t see my daughter transform into her human form, for my lack of mana became noticeable to me. God’s mana was exhausted slowly, which was why I didn’t exhaust all of it in a single day. It was my fourth day out. I still had three days remaining. I had to reach the Imperial Palace in three days and resolve the internal problems that occurred. I wanted to see the prophet while I’m at it, as well. Though I didn’t know what methods he’d have, he did manage to predict it and called for me. I, therefore, assumed he might have further insight.

I thought of Mom’s lonely view from the back after I saw Ling Yue’s tears. I thought, “Perhaps I really should do my best to live as per Ling Yue’s suggestion. I always felt I was useless and should go die, but I still need to live for more than just my mom. I don’t want Mommy Vyvyan to become a blood sucking demon for my sake or to involve more innocent people. Therefore, I chose death. However, I can choose to give it my best to live using my own hands and legs.

Why didn’t I think of that right from the start? Why did I give up? Why did I feel that I had no hope once Mommy Vyvyan found herself helpless? I feel as though I’ve come to comprehend something. I think I now know why Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth view me as a child no matter how much I did. It must be because I give up trying as soon as my moms’ run out of ideas.

They still regard me as their child, who they were familiar with in the past despite me now being the ruler of the North and having done so much. Whenever I find myself in a pinch, I run off to ask my moms’ for help instead of trying to figure it out for myself. I give up straight away just as I am doing now. I even gave up on my own life, so what else could I have pursued with determination? I’m just a child by my moms’ sides, and I become useless once I lose them. This time, I must rely on my own strength to save myself for my mom’s sake, my wives’ sake and my children’s sake. I must save myself with my own two hands for their sake.

I need to find the prophet. I need to return to the Imperial Palace. I’ve only been gone for a few days, yet the North has become a mess. If I leave for good, the entire North will be in ruins. I did everything in my power to conquer the North. I can’t let it just collapse. No way. I need to head back. I must head back. For the sake of the North or for the sake of my family, either way, I can’t die now. Dying isn’t the only way I can save Mommy Vyvyan. I can also save her if I stay alive. She’ll be fine as long as I can return to her side.”

Ling Yue, who was next to me, leaned down. I grabbed her fur and gradually climbed up. She raised her head and, in a muffled voice, said, “Sit tight. I’ll carry you in my mouth if you fall off part way through. It’s not that I don’t want to carry you in my mouth, but your bones would probably be all shattered by then.”

I nodded. Concerned, I said, “Are you feeling all right? You’ve just given birth. Don’t give yourself grief with after-effects or something due to vigorous activity.”

“It’s all right. We once had to give birth while carrying out long-distance raids, so we recover rapidly compared to you elves and humans. Running to the Imperial City is just a warm-up. I should be able to get you to the entrance in an hour; then, I’ll head home, and I’ll still be in time to breastfeed Liu Yue.”

Foxes were gifted with really smooth fur. Ling Yue also just finished grooming her fur. Part of the process entailed spreading something on it, making it even smoother. I did my best to crawl up and rest on her back. She wouldn’t forgive me for plucking her fur, since she cared so much about her tail. She looked ahead and, in a soft voice, said, “Moron, don’t die. You have so many people who love you. How many people would be left distraught if you died? Vyvyan said that was the only way for you to live on; is that absolute? You must do your best to survive. If you give up so easily, I’ll tell Liu Yue she doesn’t have a father. Her father is a brave warrior who can defy the heavens and change his fate. Not a coward who searches for death.”

“That hurts, you know.”

“Hurry up and find a way to live, then. Liu Yue still needs you to take care of her. You’re Liu Yue’s father. You’re a qualified son and qualified ruler. Now you need to be a qualified father.”

“I’m still not a qualified son…”

“Make sure you return alive to apologise to your mom, then. You’re their only son. They would feel so agonised when you decide to die, so shouldn’t you live on and then go see them?”

Ling Yue began to take off and gradually speed up. Her last words to me were, “Live on, Dear. You must live on, not just for yourself, but even more so for our child, me and your moms. You must… live…”


Elizabeth looked at the house in front of her and spaced out for a bit. She never thought that the place she once lived with Vyvyan had already become the Galadriel Tribe’s villa. Maids went to and fro the villa. There was no mistake there were people living inside.

“So Vyvyan brought my son here, since she couldn’t take him to Duargana, huh?” thought Elizabeth.

Elizabeth dismounted. The maids looked at her with stupefied looks. There were no guards at the villa. They knew the villa belonged to the Galadriel Tribe, and nobody was permitted from approaching it, but none of them dared to step forth and stop the woman with seething anger in her eyes. Not to mention that she brandished a sword. Her aura screamed, “I’ll kill anybody who stops me.” Queen Vyvyan was invincible, anyway. Elizabeth wasn’t going to be able to hurt Vyvyan, they presumed.

Elizabeth pushed the door open and went inside. She didn’t know what to do. There should’ve been a fireplace and a sofa upon entering. Inard should’ve been lying on the sofa sleeping, reading a book or grilling something over the fire while Vyvyan and Lorana were preparing food. That wasn’t the case, thought. The fireplace had been moved, while the sofa had been swapped out for a more luxurious one. The carpet was more luxurious, too. The building had literally been renovated to be twice its original size. The old and tattered parts were gone. It was as if the traces she once lived and worked hard there had all been erased. It was just as though she had never been here.

Elizabeth shook her head as if she was trying to throw her despair and grief out of her mind. She climbed the stairs. Vyvyan wasn’t on the first floor. She, therefore, had to be on the second floor. Elizabeth only saw one closed room, so she went over to it, kicked the door open and went in

Inside, Elizabeth saw blonde hair, which was Vyvyan’s symbolic trait. Elizabeth dallied, however, because Vyvyan wasn’t as dazzling as before. Instead, her hair looked unhealthy. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call it a spider web. Vyvyan was kneeling on the ground and totally ignoring Elizabeth, who was behind her.

Elizabeth was surprised, but she pressed her sword up to Vyvyan’s neck, nevertheless. Vyvyan was evidently acting strange, but she was still a powerful elf. There was a chance Vyvyan would send Elizabeth reeling despite having the first-strike advantage just as what happened on the ship.

Vyvyan paid Elizabeth no heed; instead, Vyvyan focused her attention on whatever was in her hands. Elizabeth tilted her head and tried nudging Vyvyan with a few kicks. Vyvyan didn’t respond. Elizabeth started to feel nervous. She circled around to the front of Vyvyan. When she saw what Vyvyan was doing, she nearly exclaimed. Vyvyan was eating clothing. Yes, eating clothing.

Elizabeth recognised the clothes. It was a male’s clothes, and she recognised it was her son’s clothes, based on the material. It must’ve been clothes he had removed. Vyvyan was kneeling on the ground, biting on his clothes and drooling as if it was delicious. She tightly gripped the clothes with her hands, while licking and tearing it as if it was the most delicious delicacy in the world. Her saliva had nearly soaked the clothes. Her lips were bleeding due to the friction of the dry clothes and her lips rubbing against each other, leaving mottled blood stains.

Elizabeth shrieked, “What are you doing?!”

Elizabeth released her sword and grabbed the clothing with one hand. She fought with all her might to snatch the clothing out of Vyvyan’s hands. Vyvyan screamed at Elizabeth as she got to her feet. She lunged at Elizabeth, pushing her to the ground and then tried to rip Elizabeth off to snatch back the shirt.

“My son! My son! Give my son back! My son!! My only son! Mommy’s most beloved Troy… Most beloved Troy… Give him back… Give him back… He hasn’t woken up yet… Don’t disturb him! Don’t disturb him!”

Vyvyan cried out while trying to rip the clothes off Elizabeth. Vyvyan’s eyes were lifeless as though she didn’t care about anything, ignoring even Elizabeth. She focused only the clothes and leapt over to it. Her saliva even dripped onto Elizabeth’s face.

Elizabeth didn’t go easy on Vyvyan. She strangled Vyvyan, and then flipped her over onto the ground. She then pressed her weight down on Vyvyan and thundered, “Come to your senses!! This is a piece of clothing; this is not my son!! Where’s my son?! Where’s my son?!! Where did you send my son?!”

Vyvyan meekly let go. She wasn’t even willing to resist. Elizabeth released Vyvyan out of fear of strangling the latter to death. Who would’ve thought the woman lying there drooling with lifeless eyes was the Queen of elves? She was no Queen; she was a maniac. Elizabeth screamed, “Where’s my son?!! Where’s my son?! Where did you take my son?!!!”

“… It’s all over… It’s all over… It’s all over; it’s over; it’s over; it’s over!! It’s all over!! Everything is all over! My brother, my husband, my son are all gone!! They’re all gone!!!!”


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