Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 16

Time for Schemes. Leave No Stones Unturned. (Part 1)

Night time at Jin Wangsun’s dwelling.

The traces from Ming Feizhen’s rampage in the morning had vanished without a trace. The family slaves Jin Wangsun brought with him were competent, so they were able to return the garden to its original state in a single afternoon.

Jin Wangsun paced back and forth in his room. He didn’t look as though he suffered anything. He was vastly different to his immobilised state before. The seal that Ming Feizhen thought would take Jin Wangsun over a day to release took only half a day for him to release.

Gold and Silver Sect’s Golden Crow Moon Eater Manual is truly a force to be reckoned with in the martial world. Regardless of what style was in question, the manual had a way of finding a way to imitate it. Then, the user will be able to imitate the True Qi of the style for their own usage. Thus, despite Jin Wangsun lacking in the strength department, he was able to identify the uniqueness of Ming Feizhen’s True Qi, which equipped him with the necessary component to release the seal.

Jin Wangsun’s defeat at the hands of Ming Feizhen was meant to be a humiliating incident, yet he inadvertently benefited from it.

The realisation was what Jin Wangsun was deliberating as he paced back and forth in his room.

In order to release the seal, he had to use Golden Grow Moon Eater Manual to imitate the nature of the True Qi that was transferred to his body. As such, Jin Wangsun came to get a grasp of some related information pertaining to the nature of the True Qi. The True Qi was strangely familiar to him.

Ming Feizhen didn’t use Yijin Jing, Taichi Mental Cultivation or Spring Wind Rainy Night Divine Art’s techniques when he sealed his meridians. He used Night Fortress’ arts.

Upon realising that, Jin Wangsun wrote a letter on the wall. The wall remained white and in the same state as per usual. When he pressed his hand onto it afterwards, however, a mechanism could be heard operating. A dark chamber behind the wall was revealed. On the top was a wooden container.

Jin Wangsun took out a book from the container. The words ‘Night Fortress’ were written on it with impressive handwriting.

“Was it seriously Night Fortress’ martial arts? No way…”

Jin Wangsun wasn’t convinced.

After getting his hands on Night Nets Manual, he had his nose to the grindstone the entire time, with the goal of mastering the contents. Evidently, the skills within were vast and profound, especially the two amazing styles, namely, Empty Palms and Night Steps. Being gifted with incredible talent for martial arts as well as having his family’s past down treasure, Golden Crow Moon Eater, at his disposal, literally every martial art style in the land was possible to master. One could make a strong argument that he never encountered any obstacles in learning martial arts.

Nevertheless, even with the enhancement provided by Golden Crow Moon Eater, Jin Wangsun still wasn’t able to master the two amazing styles. Fortunately, they became his lifesaver when he was in a crisis.

According to what he heard, Night Steps was apparently invented by the master of Night Fortress. While Jin Wangsun didn’t explicitly admit to it, after he began to practice Night Steps, he began to admire Night Fortress’ master, who allowed him to become its new master. The powerful and unconstrained nature of Night Steps appeared to be capable of infinite possibilities even to Jin Wangsun, who had read countless books before. After he began training Night Steps, he began to feel thankful that he didn’t actually fight with the master of Night Fortress that day, for if he did, he would’ve ended up as a tragedy.

But nevertheless, the trespasser from today not only possessed unbelievably elite skills, but also employed Night Fortress’ skills.

Jin Wangsun had fought with those at Night Fortress who could be considered leaders. He had even fought with their second-in-command; indeed, not even their second-in-command had reached the Hegemon Realm. Subsequently, the identity of the man who could utilise Night Fortress’ skills and possessed skills superior to their second-in-command was obvious.

“Master of Night Fortress…”

Jin Wangsun had heard of that name countless times in Jiangnan, yet had never seen him in person. He never expected to be beaten time after time when they finally met.

‘I took over Night Fortress, so Master of Night Fortress is definitely here to make things hard for me.’

A realisation suddenly found its way into Jin Wangsun’s mind. He recalled what Ming Feizhen said back there, “He said… he came for Princess Honghzhuang… why? Could he have some sort of connection to the Princess…?”

Jin Wangsun carefully pondered over everything, “On the day that I sent men to beat up Ming Feizhen, the Princess was with him… Why were they together? Ming Feizhen, Mount Daluo, Night Fortress…”

Jin Wangsun suddenly felt that he had found a key; alas, he couldn’t put his finger on it. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone. He had the immense power that supported the nation; he had the power of one of the Seven Champion White Princes at his disposal. He just needed to have the thought. As for verifying the thought, that wasn’t his job.

Jin Wangsun looked up, “A-Hu!”

The large man awaiting orders the entire time outside pushed the door open. With a palm and fist salute, he responded in a deep voice, “Young Master.”

“Are you feeling better?”

“Thanks to your incredible healing skills, I have recovered fifty percent of my strength. I will be able to fully recover in two days.”

Jin Wangsun put his hands behind him, “Good. Do you have any news on the identity of the individual that I asked you to look into? I’m talking about the one that snuck attack me in the palace that day.”

“Yes, Young Master. I have copied the palace records and curated a list of suspicious individuals.”

“List of suspicious individuals?” Jin Wangsun sighed, “The one who attacked me that day came and went as fast as the wind. His qinggong was highly-advanced. In my opinion, he mightn’t have entered through the front door if he wanted to enter the palace, let alone sign in. Keep investigating it. You must provide me with a detailed conclusion in a short time frame.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Additionally, carefully look into the Princess’ conversations and activities after returning to the capital. The more I know the better.”

“Yes, Young Master. With the Fuma selection right around the corner, do we need to do anything?”

Jin Wangsun replied, “Of course we do. We can’t just wait for victory to fall into our lap during this time. That’s all talk. We have to do something. A-Hu.”


“Henceforward, lead our elites around the city and make things hard for Ming Feizhen in every way possible. You come up with the ideas yourself. Just don’t spare him.”

Over the last two days, the Big Golden Vat nickname spread throughout while the name Jin Big Underpants also became popularly known throughout the capital. Even if the Emperor spared him and allowed him to leave his abode, he wouldn’t be able to walk the streets with his head up.

Jin Wangsun was infuriated when he thought about how all of his current suffering was because Master of Night Fortress beat him into a vat, and Ming Feizhen gave him the nickname Big Golden Vat that day.

“When you give Ming Feizhen grief, don’t pull any punches. As soon as you see an opportunity….” A cold look appeared in Jin Wangsun’s eyes, “Beat him to death!”


Su Xiao’s migration to my room came to an end.

Second Brother and Tang Ye soon arrived together despite not planning it

I called them over to discuss how to deal with Jin Wangsun, but I already had an idea in mind.

Truth be told, dealing with Jin Wangsun was Night Fortress’ business. I never intended to drag Tang Ye into it. However, Her Highness was also in my room. If Second Brother goes off and talks about the Divine Moon Cult, I’ll be carried out on a stretcher. Hence, by having Tang Ye present, Second Brother won’t speak thoughtlessly.

I did consider just telling Second Brother that the Princess was actually hiding in my room, but he’s a megaphone. He’ll definitely tell Shiyi about it. She wasn’t too happy about me partaking in the Fuma selection to begin with. If she found out that she shared a room with me… I’ll be dead meat!

I don’t have the foggiest idea as to what Shiyi will do when she gets angry!

One time, a female hero who got too close to me once thoughtlessly challenged Her Grand Majesty, Shiyi, when she was angry about her being close to me. As a result, Shiyi went and burnt down the maiden’s house in a fit of anger. The maiden went to get even with Shiyi, only to be beaten to a pulp!

After that time, I started to behave myself around Shiyi and never dared to bring a girl home…

‘Man, I envy Shifu.’


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