Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 20

Mom and I didn’t kiss for long. She seemed to realise I was trying to soften her with a kiss, so she bit down on my lip and broke free. She argued, “There’s no way I will let you leave home! No. Way! Never! You’re my son. What do you expect me to do when you leave? Have you considered my position?! Have you considered your Mom?! You’re Mommy’s only child! You’re Mommy’s only child! How do you expect Mommy to live after you leave?! I’d rather restrain you with iron chains than let you die!”

Her bite hurt. I tasted sweet dew on my lips. I blankly wiped my lips and looked at the blood on my hands without speaking.

Worried, Mom froze. In her soft voice, she said, “Did Mommy hurt you? Sorry, Son, Mommy didn’t purposely bite so hard…”

I licked the blood on my lips dry and shook my head: “No, Mom, it doesn’t hurt.”

I have no idea when I began to consider blood a sweet delicacy. I only had blood for a few days, yet I grew addicted to the taste. I was Mom’s child and the offspring of the Galadriel Tribe, no doubt about that. I was bound to fall in love with blood and mana.

Mom’s gaze froze for a moment, and then she began to quiver. Her lips turned pale as a sheet as though she witnessed the most tragic scene in the world. She revealed infinite despair and sorrow in her fierce and sharp eyes. She gripped the lower part of her dress with a tight grip. Tone weak, she said, “Son… Listen to me… Listen to me… We’re dark elves to begin with… We… we were born needing to suck blood…”

I shook my head with a helpless smile and responded, “No, Mom, it’s been eighteen years. Eighteen whole years. I’ve never seen you suck blood once, nor have I seen you kill anybody. I’ve never had this feeling before, either. I once felt that I couldn’t understand Mera. I felt that she was different to me. I personally killed her. I killed Mera, who was a dark elf, so didn’t I, in a sense, kill myself?

Mom, if I need to rely on sucking blood to survive, I’d rather die. Mom, tell me. Tell me, will you never suck another person’s blood if I’m no longer around? Will you never become a blood sucking demon?”

“I… Son, it’s all right!! It’s all right!! Mommy doesn’t mind! Mommy doesn’t mind in the least! Son, you don’t need to rely on sucking the blood of others to live on, either! You just need to lead a normal life from now! You don’t need to think about sucking blood at all!”

“In my opinion, sucking blood is no different to being a parasite. Mom, you won’t do anything that’d make me grieve. Has that not always been the case? Mom, please. Please let me live a life with dignity. At least give me a dignified funeral.”

Mommy Vyvyan slowly hugged me as sorrow and regret strangled her. She didn’t want to agree, but she had no means of arguing. She must’ve seen how reluctant I was in my heart. She must’ve seen my last shred of dignity as an elf and my bottom line as an elf. She was willing to give up her conscience and bottom line, but I wasn’t willing to.

“Son… Son…”

Mommy Vyvyan gave me a gentle kiss on my face while embracing me. I gently picked her up and placed her onto the bed. I whispered, “Mom… Let me suck out that energy. You’ll be able to return to normal, once I suck it out from you, right?”

I learnt everything Mom did during the day. She couldn’t bring her blue eyes back due to the new mana. The mana was a god’s strength. Whether or not she could stand its power was a question in and of itself; consequently, I needed to extract it from her.

Mommy Vyvyan cupped my face in her hands. She gently panted: “Son, this energy should last you a few days. Son, it’ll only last for a few days.”

“Those few days will be enough,” I replied with a nod. I gently ran my hand through Mom’s blonde hair. I felt myself choking on my words. I looked into Mom’s eyes and clenched my teeth: “Mom, sorry… I can’t stay by your side… I need to take care of you one last time. I hope you don’t do anything risky. You’re forever my most, most beloved Mom. Forever and ever. If I have the right to come back, I’ll definitely live out a good life with you. I promise.”

Mom covered my mouth. She tilted her head and shakily whispered, “Don’t say that sort of stuff again, Son. Son, don’t make Mommy think of this sort of stuff over and over. If this is what you’ve chosen, then Mommy can’t stop you… Son… Mommy… Mommy really hopes to be able to save you. Mommy truly wishes…”

“It’s all right. It’s all right, Mom.” I wiped dry the tears on her face. The tears Mom shed from her blood-red eyes resembled blood. I hugged her and kiss her on her face. I quietly elaborated, “I’ll forever be your son, Mom. Forever. Mom, let me help you extract the mana, and then I’ll go on my last journey. I want to visit the places I came from, the places I went to, the places I fought at and the place I lived with my family at, and say my goodbyes to them.”

“Son, sorry… Mommy… has tried Mommy’s best…”

Mom did her absolute best. She did everything in her power to try and help me recover. I know how much she sacrificed for me. I knew well and truly how much she gave up regardless of the cost for me to lead a normal life. She did her best, but magic couldn’t revive the dead in the end. Understand that, I nodded: “I know, I know.”

Mom gradually sat up. She removed her dress, revealing her gorgeous body. Her smooth skin and sexy body exuded her charm. Mommy Vyvyan gently pulled me into her embrace. We stopped everything to feel each other’s warmth, because we both knew that if we wasted my already depleted mana on this, then I might die on her. However, there was something more important requiring my attention.

“You can’t suck blood this time, Son. This mana didn’t enter Mommy’s bloodstream and meld with it. It’s just mana that hasn’t been integrated with Mommy’s body.”

Mom pushed me away a moment after. She stroked her smooth and flat belly. Mommy Vyvyan’s belly was different to Mommy Elizabeth’s. Compared to Mommy Elizabeth’s belly that had a very clear Adonis belt, Mommy Vyvyan’s was much smoother, and she didn’t have any excessive fat on it. Her perfect hips are usually hidden underneath her dress, so nobody ever saw them. Today was the first time I earnestly scanned Mommy Vyvyan’s belly.

Mommy Vyvyan stopped her hand on her belly button. Elves had different belly buttons to humans. Perhaps it was because their power comes from the moon. Their belly buttons bore a stronger resemblance to the shape of a crescent moon. Mom seemed to be a little shy, hence covered her face. She pointed at her belly button and, in a timid voice, sad, “It’s here, Son. Right here. The energy is in my belly. You need to absorb it into your body via my belly button. Don’t worry. Our belly button is also one of the locations we can release mana from; therefore, you just need to bite on it and suck from it the same way you suck blood.”

I blankly looked at Mom’s perfect crescent moon belly button. I was so shy and astonished that I couldn’t utter a single word.  Perhaps my thinking was too simple. I never thought elves would have such a twisted method. I couldn’t believe they practiced belly-button play. I never sucked anybody’s belly button!

“What’s wrong, Son? You won’t be able to last without this energy. Mommy is ready. Come, Son.”

Mom lay flat on the bed, pointing her smooth and white belly toward me. I felt my face gradually burn up and my heart beat speed up. My worn out heart began to race. I touched Mom’s belly I grew up in with my shaky hands.

“Ugh… Son… your hands are slightly hot…” Mom’s body vigorously jolted. She shyly looked at me and softly giggled: “We’ve already gone further beyond before. Why am I feeling shy now…? This is nothing compared to it… and… it’s also a very normal treatment…”

“This reminds me of full-moon nights in the past. I was incredibly embarrassed back then, as well. I kept thinking how sexual something so normal was.”

Mom chuckled, and then gently stroked my face: “Do you still remember what I told you, Son? Being a Mom is actually nice, because Mommy can always be by your side and can kiss you whenever Mommy likes, because I’m your Mommy. Don’t worry. You have to leave tomorrow. We can do anything tonight. Mommy will satisfy your desires.”

“Would your body be able to handle it?”

With a giggle, Mom replied, “If it’ll be enough for Mommy to pay you back after.”

Despite her giggle, I noticed tears in Mom’s eyes. That must’ve been the shortest night in Mom’s life. Of course, that was also applicable to me. It might’ve been the last night Mommy Vyvyan saw me, and it might’ve been my last night.


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