Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 08

Ever since maids came to the house, I finally found the Duargana vibe. Back when I woke up in the Imperial Palace of Duargana, I’d find maids going back and forth, busying themselves. However, they were prohibited from touching my food, as Mommy Vyvyan insisted on cooking for me regardless of how busy she was.

During the day, I ate with Mommy Vyvyan, while the maids cleaned the room and took our clothes for washing. Next, they’d prepare our clothes for the next day. I must admit that, while life alone with Mommy Vyvyan was quite blissful and peaceful, it was sometimes lonely. With the beautiful maids now going back and forth, the house finally felt lively and warmer.

I sat on a chair in the flower garden, watching the maids go back and forth inside the house. Some maids were on the second floor, which was where our room was located, carrying bed sheets and hanging them out in the sun.

Honestly, I had never been to the villa; or rather, I didn’t remember it. Troy’s memories entered my mind after I used magic, but I couldn’t recall them again. It was as though I had a very realistic dream but couldn’t remember a thing after waking up.

After having lunch, Vyvyan and I sat at the table in the flower garden over some tea. Below was the place where Vyvyan personally planted a flower a few days ago. However, it wasn’t quite level. I felt as though I was stepping on two different surfaces. The space under my right foot was tough as though there was a rock beneath.

On the small table in front was an exquisite tea and tea cups. The tea tasted nice nice. I had a small sip. The fragrance dispersed in my mouth. The taste made me feel a little nostalgic, but at the same time, it tasted a little foreign.

The tea wasn’t the sort of tea you could have at a tea house on the street. That must be why I have both nostalgic and foreign sentiments, I guess. I could still remember Lucia and me spending time on the streets and occasionally having tea with Mera. The tea we had then was a far cry to the tea I had at the villa. I felt nostalgic about the past for some reason, though. I wondered if the nostalgia was attributed to my encroaching death.

I looked at the clear tea inside, but all I saw was some steam. I looked up. I could seemingly see Mera’s gentle smile behind her black veil.

I was eager to go back to see my girls and hold them. I didn’t want to leave without a goodbye even if I had to die. I wanted to bid them goodbye before leaving even if I’d have to live with Mommy Vyvyan in the future. However, I needed to ask Mommy Vyvyan about it.

Ever since moving to the villa, Mommy Vyvyan’s gaze had always been on me. She looked at me with a caring and comforted look, triggering embarrassment and shyness. That being said, it seemed a little creepy. With the serious way she looked at me, I doubt I had a chance to leave.

I picked up my cup again. Just as I went to have a drink, however, I suddenly heard a shriek overhead. Both Vyvyan and I were blindsided and bewildered. By the time we reacted, I suddenly felt something heavy smash into me. It was a very soft object and contained a scent I was familiar with. Whatever it was, wrapped me up and buried me in a warm darkness.

I struggled with all my might for a while. The sun and oxygen finally returned to me. I looked at the blanket I had thrown aside and looked up. I subconsciously pressed my hand on Mom’s at the same time I looked up, because I noticed Mom’s gaze turn exceptionally hostile and also the fluctuation of mana. If I didn’t stop her, the individual would probably have been killed already.

I saw the maid standing overhead was suspended in the air. I could sense the invisible hand holding her up. I quickly looked to Mom and anxiously said, “Mom, Mom, it’s all right; it’s all right. I’m sure it was an accident. Plus, it was just a blanket that fell down. It’s okay. It’s okay. She’s just a maid who slipped up. There’s no need to be so violent, is there…?”

“She dared to sneak attack you, Son. She tried to sneak attack you!” Mommy Vyvyan roared as though she was on the brink of madness. She strangled the poor young girl as though she wanted to snap the girl’s neck, and then reduce her to pieces by slamming her on the ground.

“No, no, I’m certain she didn’t plan to attack me. Mom, calm down! Who would attack with a blanket? She just happened to accidentally drop it when she went to hang it. It’s all right. It’s all right, Mom. Calm down. I’m not hurt, either. It’s all right.”

Vyvyan stared at me for a long time before her blood-red eyes reverted black to blue. She slowly released the girl and placed her before me. The maid dropped to her knees as soon as her feet touched the ground. She looked deathly due to being suffocated. Additionally, her lips trembled as she knelt before me, but she was so afraid that she even forgot to cry. She was just a very ordinary elf. She was as ordinary as Luna was.

I didn’t know why but when I saw the maid kneeling on the ground, silently shedding tears, I was suddenly reminded of Luna, who I saved. The scene where I met Luna for the first time was the same as my meeting with this maid. Luna was tied up and thrown onto the auction platform to be freely touched as if she was a pig. Luna wore the exact same expression at the time. I saved Luna back then, and I felt I could save the maid now, as well.

I touched the maid’s head and, with a smile, tried to placate her: “It’s all right. It’s all right. I understand that you just dropped the blanket due to a slipup. I’m not angry, and you don’t have to worry about anything. I won’t be angry, so you don’t need to be nervous. Just be careful next time.”

The maid’s gaze was still filled with terror, so much that she seemed unable to speak. I didn’t know how to comfort her myself. All I could do was stroke her head. I met with her eyes. She was practically a copy of Luna. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was a shadow of Luna. I asked myself, “Why do I feel this way? Why do I still feel that Luna is by my side? Is it because I’m too broken hearted? Is it because I care about Luna too much?”

I didn’t know the answer to my questions, but I think I saw Mera in my mind for a moment. Perhaps people see scenes that bring back memories when they were about to die. Perhaps they remember people in the past and things in the past…


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