Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 14

The Moon is Clear Tonight (Part 2)

Su Xiao arrived!

The Princess and I exchanged glances. She immediately spun around and sprung back onto the bed. While she wasn’t paying attention, I used a palm technique to disperse her scent that lingered in the room. The scent of a woman having been in a room is very noticeable, after all.

I only dared to open the door after I ensured that her scent wouldn’t be noticed, “You’re here.”

Standing at my door was Su Xiao, who was carrying his pillow and blanket. His face was red due to shyness. For some reason, his attitude when he was around me today was somewhat odd.

Usually, he’d be an energetic little angel, yet he was now fidgety and his eyes continued to dart around, yet always avoided making eye contact with me.

‘What’s the matter with him?’

“Xiao, come in.”

Su Xiao hesitated for a moment. He gave me a bow, “P-Please look after me, Big Brother Ming.”

‘Oi! Is this our first night as newlyweds?! Su Xiao is behaving way too strangely today! Could the Five Plucks Heart Enchanting Pill still be in effect? How much did Shiyi feed you?!’

“… Mm, come in.”

“O-Oh, okay. I’m coming in.”

Su Xiao then lowered his pretty face and cautiously entered. His small feet reminded me of a kitty, yet his attitude was similar to that of a newlywed bride. I glimpsed at him with bewilderment. At the same time, he happened to furtively glance at me. When he discovered that I was looking at him, he immediately lowered his face that was completely red.

‘Why did he react that way?!’

‘Why is Su Xiao acting as if I did something to him?! Could his memories of last night… That’s impossible! I didn’t do anything to him last night! Moreover, his internal energy is poor, so he shouldn’t his memories of last night should be faint and minimal. What’s more, if there’s someone who should be surprised, it should be me, shouldn’t it?! Why is Su Xiao more surprised than I am?!’

“Big Brother Ming…”

Su Xiao looked left and right; he was still carrying his blanket in his hands.

“Do I not need to wait for Big Brother Hong and the rest?”

Second Brother and Tang Ye went off to move their stuff, which was why I invited them to come over again in a bit to discuss how to deal with Jin Wangsun. Second Brother lost Night Net Manual and Night Fortress; therefore, he should take this matter to heart. As for Tang Ye, the damn rich punk, the sooner he leaves the better!

“You don’t need to wait for them. Help yourself settle down first.”

Su Xiao snuck a glance at my bed then tightened his grip on his blanket. He muttered, “Can I put my stuff on the bed?”

In a justified and stern tone, I responded, “No! Absolutely not!”

Su Xiao didn’t think that I’d turn him down so swiftly. He widened his eyes with astonishment, “Why?”

“Erm… sleep on the ground.”

Su Xiao reacted with even more disbelief. He hesitantly looked at me the same way a puppy looks at its owner when its owner abandons it, “Big Brother Ming! You’re making me sleep on the ground!”

All of a sudden, tears started to form in Su Xiao’s eyes.

“Don’t cry! You… wait up!”

I sped over to the bed and stuck my head inside.

“Your Highness, Su Xiao wants to sleep on the bed.”

The Princess rolled her eyes. “If Su Xiao sleeps on the bed, where do I sleep?”

I pointed up to the beams above, “Your Highness, your qinggong prowess is advanced…”

“No way! I’m not trying to sleep on the bed, but to hide. With Su Xiao going back and forth in the room, how long can I hide on the beam for? I have curtains to hide myself with on the bed, which makes it the only place I can hide for an extensive period.”

‘She has a point.’

I went back to Su Xiao and looked at his confused expression with my own silent expression.

Su Xiao blinked his large eyes with bafflement, “Big Brother Ming?”

After my silent response, I barbarically snatched Su Xiao’s blanket. I ignored his teary eyes and attempts to stop me. I chose a corner relatively far from the bed and threw his blanket onto the ground, “Sleep here.”

Reacting as though he was angry enough to cough blood, he exclaimed, “What’s the matter with you, Big Brother Ming?! Are you seriously going to make me sleep on the ground?!”

‘Xiao, be a little considerate. This is decent, I tell you. Your Big Brother Ming is going to have to sleep on the beam!’

Nonetheless, Su Xiao looked even more befuddled, “I always thought that you would never make me sleep on the ground even if we slept together!”

‘How about I sleep on the ground, then?! Why do you choose to sleep with me when it comes to sleeping on a bed?! What would people think if we, two grown men, slept together?! I don’t know what would happen if it was someone else, but if someone sees you and I sleeping together, I’d have to put up with even more gossip about me, okay?! What will we do if my name discourages people from signing up to Liu Shan Men in the future?!’

Su Xiao was oblivious to how complex things were for me. He pointed at me, feeling disappointed and resentful, “I was wrong about you. Big Brother Ming, you’ve become a bad guy… Also, also, why do I have to sleep so far away from you, not to mention that it’s so cold over here?!”

I threw Su Xiao’s blanket to the furthest corner, thereby cutting off his view of my bed to a certain degree. The only way to keep warm in my room was the charcoal furnace; however, obviously, it was placed next to the bed. Subsequently, Su Xiao’s corner was fairly cold…

“Well… I’m afraid of awakenings at night…”

“I don’t wake up at night!”

“I’m afraid of myself waking up at night…”

“Still, I don’t need to be situated so far away, do I?! I’ll freeze to death!”

I pressed my hand to my face and responded in a bitter tone, “I have my woes…”

Su Xiao fumed, “What woes?”

“You… wait again.”

Off I went again. I poke my head inside, “Your Highness, with regards to my woe…”

The Princess didn’t even want to bother with me. All I was gifted with was her saliva on my face, “Use your own brain!”

‘How am I supposed to come up with an excuse on my own?! For what reason do I need to force Su Xiao to sleep on the ground?!’

Su Xiao, who stood off to the other side, peered over to my bed with suspicion. Suddenly, he loudly asked, “Big Brother Ming, is the reason that you won’t let me sleep on your bed because you have something you’re hiding in there?”

‘Congratulations, my Xiao! Your IQ has increased again!’

Alas, if I replied in a panic, I’d shoot myself in the foot.  As such, I boldly shrugged, “There’s no such thing. Come and take a look if you don’t believe me.”

Su Xiao looked at me with suspicion. He ignored my ruse. He turned and headed toward my bed!

‘Hold up!!’

I blocked him off, “Stop!”

Su Xiao scanned me, “Wh-What do you want? Didn’t you say that I could look?”

“Since it’s come to this, I have to admit to it. The truth is I do have secret hiding in my bed…”

‘Sorry, Your Highness. It’s your fault for not helping me. You die; I’m not dying.’

I calmly finished, “There’s a woman in my bed.”


I could clearly sense my bed quaking in silence. If I had to describe it, I’d describe it with two words: murderous aura!

The Princess probably shattered her Glass Sabre’s handle when I spilt her secret.

‘I can’t be blamed, though. It was all because you refused to help me come up with an idea.’

Su Xiao widened his eyes. He exclaimed, “Wow, Big Brother Ming, you have a woman in your bed? Why?”

He then seemingly remembered something, which led to him going totally red in the face. He wore on an aggressive expression, “You seduced the female constables? You! Ming Feizhen! I was wrong about you!”

Su Xiao gets along very well with the female constables.

I waved my hand, “Wait, wait, you’re mistaken. She’s not from the female constables; she’s from Apricot Brothel.”

Suddenly, I felt my entire room enveloped in with a murderous aura.


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