Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 05

The huge fox napped on the ground in a curled up position to protect her child. Ling Yue’s belly bulged. Her child’s pulse inside her was noticeable. Although she was asleep, it wasn’t wise to approach her, she’d attacked with her sharp claws as fast as the speed of wind.

Standing from a distance, Nier looked at Ling Yue’s bulging belly from a corner and softly asked, “Ling Yue, aren’t you angry?”


“That is correct. Miss Ling Yue will be giving birth in the next few days, right? Miss Ling Yue has been in a very bad mood recently. At night, she will often howl, waking us up. Further, she has been more aggressive as of recent. I would assume it is because she is about to give birth. I would advise against approaching her right now. Otherwise, she may hurt you. After all, she is highly vigilant at the moment,” Evelyn said.

Nier hesitated for a moment. Ling Yue wore a peaceful smile, bringing Nier’s pregnancy memories to the surface. Nier thought of how blissful she felt when she stroked her belly, and she thought about how eager she was for her husband to return to her side. Ling Yue most probably shared the sentiment.

The reason Ling Yue was so aggressive was due to her vigilance. She must’ve attacked everybody nearby out of concern for her child’s safety. If Troy was with her, she wouldn’t be so uptight; she’d most likely still be gentle. Ling Yue was ready to give birth, yet her husband wasn’t by her side. Instead, it was Nier who came to inform her how Troy almost lost his life and was taken away…

“Am I… being too cruel?” Nier asked herself.

Nier, who never spared a thought for anybody’s feelings, was now hesitant for the first time. She felt she should inform Ling Yue. Nier needed Ling Yue. Ying refused to help her, which meant Ling Yue was the only one who could defeat Vyvyan. Ling Yue could also absorb mana, and she was, perhaps, on par with Vyvyan’s mana once she accumulated mana. That being the case, there was a chance that Ling Yue could defeat Vyvyan.

Nier was conflicted; she couldn’t tell Ling Yue. Perhaps it was her sentiment as a mother that allowed her to think in Ling Yue’s shoes. She could comprehend how much despair Ling Yue would be overcome with if she heard something happened to her husband if she was Ling Yue.

Nier went to speak but hesitated. Quietly, she stated, “It’s nothing. I just came to check on Ling Yue. I’ll be taking my leave now, since she’s all right.”

“Miss Nier, I really want to know if something has happened to Troy. For you to come here to see Ling Yue at this time, something definitely must have happened to His Majesty, right? Miss Nier, tell me. What happened to His Majesty? I will definitely provide you with any assistance that I can,” said Evelyn.

Nier shook her head. She turned around and said, “Nothing. It’s just that that Ling Yue is about to give birth. As someone at His Majesty’s side, I had to come and check up on her; that’s all. Seeing as Ling Yue is unwilling to see visitors, I shall not stay any longer. Goodbye.”

Nier ignored Evelyn calling out to her from behind. She bit down tightly on her lip as a means of stopping herself from trembling. She wanted revenge. She wanted to find her husband. She could understand how Ling Yue felt, but who could understand how she felt?

Nier told herself, “Why is Lucia refusing to go? Why isn’t everyone uniting to bring Troy back? Why did that bitch take my husband? Why does nobody stick up for me? It seems I’m the only one who truly loves Troy. Those women just prattle about it. I know I’m not a match for Vyvyan; however, I, at least, know I can’t allow a woman to just unreasonably snatch my husband the way she did. Why are they so weak? If I must die, I’ll die finding my husband!

I know that I don’t have a chance against Vyvyan, so I tried to recruit two people, namely, Ying and Ling Yue; however, the two turned me down, so I can’t stop here. I must find my husband even if I have to do it alone and even if I’m bound to die. I must bring my husband home even if it’s just his corpse. I’m the only one who can put my husband to rest. I married Troy, so I gave him my body and soul. I must find my husband even if it costs me my life.”

Nier walked up to a horse and wrapped her cloak tightly around her. She headed off into the distance with unshakable determination.


“Good morning, Son. You woke up a little early today, huh?”

I woke up to see Mommy Vyvyan opening the cupboard to grab new clothes. Her skin shone underneath the sunlight as if it was suet. Her long blonde hair was splayed behind her, helping her white sleepwear stand out. She was slightly up on her toes, consequently emphasising her perfect curves. She smiled as she took out a sky-blue dress and held it out in front of her to check the fit. She tilted her head when she looked at me and softly giggled: “What’s wrong, Son? Does this dress look good on Mommy?”

I nodded. Light colour clothing was very becoming of Mommy Vyvyan. Elves seem to look good in green clothing. Mommy Vyvyan, however, looked very good in a blue dress, too. The sky-blue dress of her emphasised her blue eyes…

“Wait!” I stopped myself. Somewhat perplexed, I asked, “Mom, why have your eyes turned red? Is it a full-moon night already? Why have your eyes turned so red?”

Mom froze. She rubbed her eyes. By the time she opened them again, her eyes were blue and contained a tinge of a joy: “What are you talking about, Son?”

“Mom… Your eyes…”

“It’s fine, Son. Mommy sometimes feels tired. You don’t need to worry about Mommy’s eyes. Mommy will recover with a few days of rest. How about Mommy call some maids here. They can leave at night and come back the next day.”

I hastily replied, “Just let them live in the house. If that can reduce some of your burden, I think it’s fine to have some maids come here.”

Mom had to take care of me and the house, and then had to provide me with mana in the evening. It was understandable for her to feel exhausted. It was great to hear she could have maids come to the villa. With them alleviating her of some of the chores, she wouldn’t need to be so tired, and I wouldn’t feel so bad about it.

Mom resolutely cut me off: “We can’t do that. They’ll disturb your sleep at night if they stay here. Son, Mommy must ensure it’s tranquil, so Mommy will have them leave at night, and come back the next day.”

I didn’t think there was any point in arguing otherwise, since I just wanted to take some of the weight off Mom’s shoulders. Mom wouldn’t work at night, either; therefore, it didn’t matter if we had maids or not. I nodded: “All right, then, as long as you’re not tired, I’m fine either way.”

Mommy Vyvyan walked over with a smile. She placed her dress down and gave me a hug. She laughed in a soft voice: “My Son is so kind and understanding. Mommy is truly touched. I promise to look after myself so that you don’t have to worry. Needless to say, you absolutely mustn’t let Mommy worry. Son, take a look. Does Mommy look good in this dress?’

“You do. That dress complements your eyes!”


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