Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 50

*Knock. Knock. Knock.*

I placed the novel in my hand down and went over to open the door. Outside was Vyvyan, who had her blonde hair down. She looked at me with an amorous smile and asked, “How are you, Son? Are you asleep?”

“No, but I’ll be sleeping now.”

I felt somewhat perplexed. I didn’t know what she visited me so late at night for. Normally speaking, Vvyvan wouldn’t come to me on her own accord, especially so late, unless something came up, because she was aware of our relationship issues. After all, Lucia and Nier’s room was next to mine. Lucia was active at night, too. If someone found us together, Vera’s birth origins would be exposed. A berserk elf could kill an infant.

Vyvyan answered, “Isn’t that nice, then? Son, let me in.”

“Ah, oh, uhm.”

I couldn’t make Vyvyan wait outside for too long. I, therefore, made way. She shut the door behind her. She then looked around and, with a smile, commented, “Son, you always keep your room clean and tidy no matter where you go.”

“Mm, I’m used to it.”

It was a habit I adopted from the world I came from. Plus, I learnt how to tidy my own room after Luna’s departure, and I figured out how to wear my clothes. Vyvyan walked up to the side of my bed and sat down. She then pat the spot next to her: “Son, come sit down.”

I sat next to Vyvyan. Baffled, I questioned, “Mom, is something the matter?”

Vyvyan gently reached her hand out and rested my head on her thigh. I was a tad confused and lied down on her thigh. I had no idea what was going on. With a soft laugh, she stated, “Nothing special. Mommy just wanted to spend time with you. You now have your own wives and children, so Mommy doesn’t have many chances to stay by your side. Son, Mommy wants to spend some quality time by your side now.”

I nodded: “Uhm…”

Mom’s hands gently slid across my forehead. She hummed a melody that sounded distant, yet familiar. It was same the feeling as when I lied on Mom’s thigh during my childhood. Vyvyan stroked my head whilst maintaining her smile: “Son, did the necklace I give you drop into the water?”

I nodded: “Yeah. I lost literally everything when I encountered the wyrm, including the necklace…”

“No wonder why I suddenly couldn’t sense you. Fortunately, Mommy prepared something else by your side. Otherwise, Mommy wouldn’t have known you were in danger this time.”

“Luckily, I was saved.”

Mommy Vyvyan let out a heavy sigh: “Yeah. Luckily, you were safe. Mommy always wants to protect you. Mommy doesn’t want any danger to befall you, but Mommy has realised that Mommy is gradually becoming a little powerless to protect you. You don’t listen to Mommy, after all. You always go wherever it’s dangerous. First, it was Lucia, then Luna and this time, Ying…”

Mommy Vyvyan sounded quite displeased. She sighed again before laughing in a soft voice: “Fortunately, you’ve always been all right. Mommy can always protect you in spite of you always going to dangerous places, and look over you until now. Previously, Mommy felt you were still the kid in Mommy’s arms despite you being taller than me. However, you’ll forever be a kid to me. It’s just that you now have children and wives. Subsequently, I suddenly feel as though you’ve grown up, and you’re no longer a man who’s inferior to your father in any shape.”

I silently looked at Vyvyan. I didn’t know if Vyvyan detected something. After listening to her, I pondered, “Why did she suddenly come to me to say all this? She didn’t show any odd signs during the day, yet she suddenly came to me to tell me all this at night. Under normal circumstances, she should be on the other boat with Ying and only come over during the day. This feels the same as that day on the sandy beach. The confident Vyvyan confided her fears to me. The island is very meaningful for us, as it was where both of us felt fear. I came to learn what I truly feared, while Vyvyan felt powerless when she faced a power created to counter her.”

“Mom, did you sense something?”

I started to feel a little sleepy while lying on Vyvyan’s thigh, but then I switched on again. Sadly, my enhanced hearing senses as an elf didn’t provide me with any information. I didn’t hear anything besides the sound of the waves during the day.

Vyvyan’s expression turned stiff. She quietly responded, “Mm… I guess you could say that. Mommy was mistaken. Mommy should’ve realised it sooner. Son, Mommy has suddenly realised the wyrm feeds on mana, which means Mommy and you are its ideal meal. It’s also very cautious; it doesn’t appear unless we’re on the water. Its perfect meal is now finally on the waters… We’re in its hunting grounds… Mommy should’ve realised it sooner. Mommy should’ve realised it sooner…”

“No, Mom, it’s not your problem. If it has come knocking, let’s take it down following our original plan. It doesn’t matter if we’re in its hunting grounds. Let’s let it know who the prey is here!!”

I then heard horns blown from the deck. Mommy Vyvyan jumped to her feet. In her serious tone, she said, “There’s no mana in these waters; therefore, you won’t have any odd reactions even though it’s a full-moon night tonight. However, you are not to use magic no matter how intense this battle becomes. Am I clear? You mustn’t use magic no matter what, understood? You are not to use magic no matter what!!”

Vyvyan cupped my face in her hands. She sternly looked at me. I nodded: “I understand, Mommy Vyvyan, I understand.”

“Good,” replied Mommy Vyvyan.

Mommy Vyvyan stood up, and then went to the door. She turned around to look in my direction. Mom’s reluctance to leave and gentle smile displayed her beauty and melancholy underneath the clear moonlight. The moonlight came and went similarly to ripples on the ocean, beautifying her so much that she looked surreal. She smiled then took in a deep breath before opening the door to leave.

The flames on the deck were visible and the horns were audible. That said, they were only noticeable for that split second. When Mommy Vyvyan shut the door, it appeared as though she didn’t intend to let me outside to see what happened. I didn’t know if Mommy Vyvyan or Ying noticed its presence, but I hoped everybody could fulfil their duty and knew what they had to do.

I took in a deep breath and gazed at the moon. To be honest, I almost forgot about the full-moon night business, and Mommy Vyvyan was with me. As a result, I didn’t pay any heed to the full-moon night.

I looked at my hand.  Under normal circumstances, I couldn’t approach the moonlight, but the area was the same as the desert I went to. I didn’t feel anything in particular. I transformed into a ginormous mana vessel on full-moon nights. Not only could I provide mana but could also utilise magic. I saying that, I imagined something incredibly frightening would happen this time if I utilise magic. After all, once the pressure in a bottle that was about to break built up inside, the entire bottle should implode to bits.

Mommy Vyvyan told me, “Son, you must know why you risk your life.” I thought I found the reason to risk my life.

I stood up, went to the door and left the same way Vyvyan did.


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