Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 48

I thought there would be a miracle. Isn’t there always that final day, that final moment where the main protagonist proves his victory when everybody is in despair? You know, where the epic music is played and the main protagonist has a flame in his eyes? Isn’t there also the plot where the main female protagonist is the only person who understands him, and they fall deeply in love at first sight? That only happens in movies, though. I transmigrated, but I still hadn’t seen such a scene out of a fiction story.

Three days had gone by. The ocean was still peaceful as though the wyrm had disappeared, yet as though it never existed. There wasn’t a single wave. It was so peaceful that it was suspicious.

We couldn’t continue waiting any longer, Ying and Xia understood that. We had to leave after the third day. They could return to the island later if they wanted, but I had to leave no matter what. I knew what Mom was thinking. She agreed to their request, but the reality was that you needed time and money to travel from the North to the island; there was no way Ying and Xia could earn enough, even in an entire lifetime, to return to the island. Therefore, it was impossible for them to return once they left. I didn’t want to tell them, because I was still slightly worried and scared.

Nier’s words stuck with me; it was similar to choking on a fish bone. I had to protect my family and wanted to go home to see my girls. I wanted to be by Ling Yue’s side to witness my child’s birth. It was good news the wyrm didn’t show itself the last three days, for the reason that we could peacefully return home and I wouldn’t feel as though I missed anything.

It wasn’t bad to have a peaceful trip home. I promised Nier I wouldn’t let them meet with danger, so I wouldn’t pursue hot-headed emotions in the future. The main reason I protected Ying and Xia, was because I saw my former self in Ying. I determinedly protected Ying, rescued Xia in the middle of the night and even planned to go and challenge the wyrm, because I had lingering feelings for my former self, but also felt a tinge of reluctance. In the end, my perspective changed; there was nothing bad about a peaceful trip.

Though I couldn’t achieve my previous goal, Nier and Lucia had some fun on the island. They couldn’t swim, since they didn’t have their swimwear. We strolled along the sandy shore and went exploring in the forest. It wasn’t as leisurely as what we originally planned; nevertheless, I guess we did get to have some fun on a small island. Sadly, I didn’t find what I was after.

Wasn’t I supposed to come across some secluded reverend or some ancient artefact on a desolate island that would allow me to reach the pinnacle of life? Why didn’t I find it? I didn’t even see a second village, let alone a cheat weapon. I couldn’t believe there were only so many people on a small island.

Besides more trees than I could count, there was virtually nothing in the forest. The forest spread across the entire island. However, according to what Lucia said, the forests were very barren. There was nothing useful. There wasn’t much that could be used. The trees were also useless. The forest was the most ordinary type of forest. It might be useful for making paper in the future, but that was the future.

The villagers didn’t have any maps of the ocean, either. I intended to form a navy that could travel long distances to carefully explore the island. It might become a place where my navy would be able to replenish supplies and whatnot. Then, I needed to find a good place to construct my overseas villa. Then, I’d take my family to visit the island annually for a vacation in summer. I think there was a decent idea. Although the island didn’t have nice scenery nor was it comfortable, it had the potential to become a nice place. If I wanted to do that, though, I needed to locate the wyrm and slay it.

Those were future plans; the priority was to leave. I went through a lot on the trip. The wyrm attacked me. I met Ying and Xia, and then spent some time on the island with my wives and moms. The trip wasn’t for nothing in the end. At the very least, I got to see the island. There might be other islands around. The culture on the island couldn’t possibly have been invented by a few meagre people.

I knocked and then pulled the door open. I saw Ying and Xia. They were done preparing and were sitting to one side silently. I said, “Let’s go.”

Ying nodded: “The wyrm didn’t appear?”


Ying stood up: “I guess that is something to be grateful for in a sense. After all, we will be able to get there in peace this way. Xia will also be able to have a blissful life, I guess. Life here isn’t suited to her. If your nation is a peaceful nation without war as you said, then that place would be the place suited for Xia.”

“As long as I have you, Sister, I am fine with anywhere,” said Xia.

From behind Ying, Xia used the floor as support to try and sit up with all her might. I walked over and gently carried Xia up. She leaned my chest and didn’t say anything. However, she wore a tender smile. A gentle smile finally appeared on Ying’s straight face. With a smile, she said, “Xia seems to really like you.”

Xia placed a hand on my chest. In a sincere tone, she responded, “That’s because, while I cannot see Mister’s face, I can tell he is very gentle, for his chest is very warm. He holds me just as gently as you do, Sister. He could rescue me, was willing to protect you and is willing to give us a home. Sister, we are truly very fortunate to have met him.”

“I, on the other hand, think I’ve given you both quite a lot of trouble,” I said.

“If we’re talking about the process, I would agree,” remarked Ying. She walked up to me; however, her line of sight wasn’t on me but Xia. She gently stoked Xia’s hair and tenderly said, “I need to acknowledge that I really want to have Xia again. I was so afraid when Xia was by my side, as I was afraid of losing her again. Xia is my sister. I really want to see her and be by her side.”

I passed Xia to Ying. Ying dallied for a moment before taking Xia. Xia leaned into her sister’s arms and silently smiled. I turned around and softly said, “Hurry up and come to the harbour, then. I’ll be heading over, first.”

Ying nodded: “All right.”

Just as I arrived at the door, I suddenly heard, “Thank you.”

I stopped at the door. It was the same scene as when I was lying on the ground, watching Ying leave from behind and thanking her. Mere days had passed, yet our roles were reversed. Nonetheless, I believed she was smiling as I was at the door. It wasn’t a big smile, and I wasn’t emotionally excited. It was just a satisfying feeling and felt very warming as though we should’ve done everything we did before, but it was actually just for a “thank you”.

“You don’t need to thank me,” I opened the door and gave her the same response that she gave me back then.


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