Son-con – Vol. 13 Ch. 43

“I honestly don’t get it. Why does His Majesty like going in to danger on his own accord now?” remarked Nier, wiping her sword.

Lucia slowly wiped her dagger, and then checked her gear. In a serious tone, she replied, “That’s what makes him His Highness. He endangers himself for others. That’s how he is. His Highness has always been such a brave, yet gentle and kind, person. That’s precisely why I like His Highness.”

“But things have changed now. I feel His Majesty doesn’t understand that his status is now different to what it was in the past. In the past, he was a Prince, and he had us to protect him…”

“Isn’t the status quo still the same now? We’re still by his side, and Her Highness is also by his side. There is nothing or nobody who is more powerful than Her Highness when it comes to mana.”

Lucia turned around to look inside the room next door. Four of them were inside discussing the strategy to slay the wyrm. Nier and Lucia were outside preparing their gear. Nier was all right, but Lucia wasn’t exactly used to her former weapons, since she had not been on the battlefield in a long time.

Nier sighed: “What I meant was that His Majesty doesn’t seem to be aware of his current status quo. Lucia, how many kids do you have? You have Nona and Vera, while I have the cutest, Daisy. We’re now mothers, and His Majesty is a father. He’s no longer just Her Majesty’s son, and he’s no longer just our lover. He’s now a father. He carries countless responsibilities, yet he still keeps endangering himself. I don’t think that’s a positive. Ying’s business has nothing to do with us, yet His Majesty still wants to put himself in danger. If we had gone home, I’d be in the Imperial Capital looking after Daisy already.”

Nier placed her long sword to one side then picked up a short dagger by the side. She lowered her head as though she was talking to herself. Suddenly, a dagger was up against Nier’s neck. Lucia stood in front of Nier, with her dagger in her left hand on Nier’s waist while her right hand was on her neck. That way, Nier couldn’t run. Tone cold, Lucia stated, “I won’t allow you to attack His Highness however you please. If you think he’s wrong, why don’t you just break up with him? I’m his wife. I will support him and help him no matter what he wants to do instead of complaining at the rear.”

Sternly, Nier argued, “So, you don’t care if His Majesty dies here? Disregarding his life is courageous and kind. That, I know. But he holds Ying in such high regard. What about us, then? Has he spared a thought for us? If something happens to him, what will become of us and our children? Has he considered us?”

“He wouldn’t be His Highness anymore, then!”

Lightning figuratively appeared between the two. Voice harsh, Nier blustered, “He’s no longer the Prince, but the ruler of the North, our husband and our children’s father! He should treat family with more importance now. We’re fine; we can wait for him, but what about the girls?! His Majesty never had a father. Does he want our children to grow up the same way?!”

Lucia roared back, “You shut up!! Isn’t our job to protect His Highness?! With us and Her Highness here, how could His Highness get hurt?!”

Nier took in a deep breath: “What about us, then?! I’m now truly afraid of death. I now understand why only homeless orphans were recruited as Valkyries. It’s because life isn’t worth mentioning when you don’t have any feelings for anything. I could die for His Majesty when we fell in love. That was my duty as a bodyguard. Now, thought, a frightening feeling strangles me whenever I think of the future. I’m afraid to die. I’m afraid my Daisy… How is she going to live on… after I die…?”


Lucia was silent this time…


“Let’s do that, then. Xia and I will advance first. Queen Vyvyan shall take charge of restricting the wyrm within a specific area. Empress Elizabeth, please have the fleet surround it in order to attract its attention.”

“Mm, if you fail, I’ll use my mana dissolving potion, and try to kill it using normal means.”

The mana dissolving potion wasn’t actually difficult to create. I just never made potions before in this world. Consequently, my eyes stung when I simmered the herbs. Mera used to create potions and perfumes the same way. She put up with the strange smelling pot inside of her house that housed only her alone. I was grateful Mera left behind her book.

After using the mana dissolving potion to remove the wyrm’s outer shell, we intended to subdue using cannons and blades. However, I didn’t think we’d need to resort to that. After all, I was confident in Ying and Xia’s abilities. Ying can stand equally against it with a normal sword, so she shouldn’t have a problem, since she had Xia this time.

Ying nodded, and then stood up: “I shall go and prepare, then.”

“Mm.” Vyvyan smiled, and then watched Ying leave and shut the door. She then looked to me: “Son, don’t go this time.”

“Why? I want to go! I must go, not only are you and M-, Her Majesty going, but my wives are going to. How can I stay in the rear and watch?!”

Vyvyan smiled: “Son, what are we going to do if you get in danger? We’re not fighting on land but water this time. And, we’re in an area we don’t manage, no less. We don’t even have a map. What are you going to do if something happens? Do you think you’ll be lucky enough to escape death again? Additionally, if we’re distracted with trying to protect you, how will we focus on taking down the wyrm?”

“I won’t be a burden! I definitely won’t attempt something beyond what I’m capable of!”

“You say that every time, but tell me one time you didn’t run full pelt into danger? Son, you’re no longer who you were in the past. In the past, you could do as you fancied, but you now have wives and children. If something happens to you, what do you want to become of your wives and child?”

“What about my wives, then? What if they die?”

Vyvyan replied in a serious tone: “That’s why Elizabeth and I don’t really want you all to go. More precisely, we were against you killing the wyrm in the first place. However, we’re entertaining you, since it’s your request. As your mom, though, I must tell you: your father, my brother, could be considered an excellent King and a qualified brother, but not a qualified father. That’s why you can’t copy him. Son, you must bear in mind that you’re now the father of three kids. If you must risk your life, you should prioritise your family, not Ying, who you’ve only met for a few days.”

“Mm…” I looked at Vyvyan and went to speak several times. I really wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come to me, as Vyvyan was right. In the end, I argued, “Ying saved my life, though…”

Vyvyan took in a big breath: “What does that have to do with you killing the wyrm? You, by all means, could take Ying and leave. There’s no need for you to take this risk. In short, I’m your mommy, Son; hence, if you want to kill the wyrm, Mommy will definitely help you. However, I hope you think hard about it. We’ve only formulated a plan. We have nothing to lose if we don’t kill it. Think hard about what you should risk your life for. You could’ve done it for us in the past, then for your wives, but what about this time? What are you risking your life for this time?”


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