Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 01

The Maiden Wishes Her Lover Is Safe and Sound Through the Long Years

The beauty in the room and I made eye-contact. She had to cover her small mouth.

She was an amazingly beautiful girl, but not tall. However, she possessed mesmerising and unforgettable proportions.

She had a most slender physique, an elegant neck and captivating shoulders. While she wasn’t thin as a piece of thin cloth, it’d be a universal consensus that she’s a little too skinny. Her slim waist and similarly slender legs that had no excess fat were able to imprint a deep impression upon first sight.

However, in spite of her slender physique, her rack was ample. It was as if all of her bodyweight was found on those blessings. The young beauty was dressed in a light yellow suit of clothing to be worn in the palace that looked formal, yet pretty. Though it was meant to be a perfect fit on her, owing to her over-developed breasts, it appeared as though her rack was overstretching her clothing, which displayed the suppleness of her blessings.

Her mannerisms were also graceful, thereby making even the action of covering her mouth due to surprise attractive and lovely.

Having seen the appearance of her family members many times, I knew that most of their family members had large back eyes. The difference between hers and her younger sister’s was that despite having large eyes, her young sister had an imposing gaze that only looked beautiful when she grumbled in a flirtatious manner, while she has large eyes and rosy cheeks, thereby always emitting a graceful and gentle aura.

While her younger sister used a plum blossom style of makeup, she used a thin layer of rogue and light makeup, which made her skin resemble hibiscus rising from clear water. In other words, her skin was clear and without a blemish.

I haven’t seen her in months. It took every brain cell I had to escape her last time. I never imagined I’d bump into her here all of a sudden.

She’s not a skilled fighter, and she’s physically weak. Realising that somebody had come, she immediately took two steps back. Her rosy cheeks turned pale, which showed her sick condition.

Seeing her stupefied me a little, so I subconsciously asked her, “Sh-Shouldn’t you have gone to the offer sacrifices to the gods with Empress Dowager?”

The beauty replied without thinking for some reason, “She decided to stay on Mount Zisheng for a while longer after making the offerings. She will be staying there to talk to the priest for some days. I heard Sister Hong was back, so I came back first to see her…”

The moment she finished speaking, the both of us froze in place.

The reason I froze was because I was regretting it!!

I shouldn’t know that she went with Empress Dowager to the mountain! Only those immediately around her would know that she went with Empress Dowager to Mount Zisheng! It’s supposed to be a secret! I only know, because I received a letter about it! Others should be under the assumption that she’s living at the palace in Hangzhou.

‘That’s not the point here, though!’

‘I understand you coming to the capital to visit your sister, but why did you come to Jin Wangsun’s place?!’

Fortunately, I didn’t shout everything out; otherwise, given how familiar we are with each other, she’d recognise who I am if she heard my voice again.

Despite that, however, the beauty seemed to pick up some clues from my appearance. She stepped forward. The terror in her eyes had diminished a little. She softly said, “Y-You’re…”

“Sorry for the intrusion.”

I quickly shut the window then turned and left.

‘I can’t stay here!’

When I turned in a rush to leave, I suddenly felt somebody’s gaze of surprise on me. Jin Wangsun, who was lying on the ground and gasping for life, looked at me with great surprise.

A-Hu is too rigid. All I did was increase the power of my attacks, and that was enough to knock him up onto a tree, whereas Jin Wangsun lay on the ground with dignity and remained about thirty-percent conscious. He glanced at me with surprise then revealed a suspicious gaze before it finally turned to terror.

I adjusted his expression, only to discover he was thinking of something disgusting!

‘Because I’m the flower picker, yet showed no interest for the beauty inside, you thought that I came for men, didn’t you?!! Fuck you! What makes you think that I’d go for you two freaks?! You think I’d go to the trouble of spending an entire afternoon to give you two an ass whooping?!! I don’t even give Su Xiao a chance when he’s begging for me!! Wait, what the heck did I just say?! Don’t make me repeat so many times that I don’t like men!’

‘Don’t change the topic! Why did you call her to your place? You trying to steal the man’s wife from him while he’s not around? You have a death wish?!!’

The beauty inside called out in a gentle tone, “Wait, can you please wait a moment?”

Despite the beauty inside being flustered, her speech remained graceful.

The beauty chased after me from behind. She was quick, but she’s not tall and can’t fight; as a result, she was totally red in the face after a meagre few steps. Her face was red as if she was shy or angry. Her snow white twin rabbits mischievously bounced as she ran. The sight of that led to even Jin Wangsun, who was lying on the ground, harbouring ideas for them.

I gave him a boot to the face, causing him to loudly groan in pain.

‘The fuck you having feelings for another man’s wife for? Did you grow another nutsack?!’

“Mister, you…”

The beauty caught up with me, but didn’t seem to dare come into contact with men, and thus, stopped several feet away from me. She gently panted as she asked, “Do I know you…?”

I swiftly waved my hand to deny it!

Nevertheless, the beauty looked around then in an incredibly surprised tone, asked, “Eh? Wh-Wh-What happened to Master Jin’s courtyard?”

The beauty seemed to only realise the tragedy that befell the courtyard at that moment.

I beat anyone who could be classified a human being to the ground with either an iron pole or a bamboo stick. Gold and Silver Sect’s fearsome broadsword wielder, A-Hu, was whacked up onto a tree. I sealed his meridians, so he won’t be able to use his true qi for at least three days. Jin Wangsun was in a similar boat. However, to make him feel disgusted, I played whack-a-mole with him using the bamboo stick, which was why he was now able to lay on the ground. Truth be told, it was actually because it took him a long time to get his legs out of the ground.

Jin Wangsun painfully cried, “Pr-Pri-, Mistress! He is a molester! You must hurry and escape!”

‘What Jin Wangsun didn’t expect, though, was that I was the one who was fleeing!’

I swiftly hid behind the rockery. My aim was to look for a blind spot to escape, so that that they wouldn’t know where I fled off to. I heard light footsteps from behind, but I didn’t think much of it, as I knew that she couldn’t stop me even if she wanted to, since she couldn’t fight.

From the other side of the rockery, the beauty asked, “Mister… we know each other, don’t we?”

I responded with silence. Truthfully, I was preoccupied with searching for an escape route.

But the beauty’s voice sounded more confident after a moment of deliberation, “F-Fuma… is that you?”


‘Fuck me, your deduction skills are literally a cheat skill! How are you so confident with just a single sentence from me?!!’

I swiftly jumped on top of a building without looking back; then I quickly fled without even choosing my direction prior.

The fear of being discovered lingered within me as I fled.

‘Why on Earth was she there?!’

‘I don’t need to worry about Jin Wangsun anymore. I know what he’s got up his sleeve: a sabre style, which is a bunch of haphazardly mashed together moves, The Shoulder Belongs to Me Grand Art, and night steps, which he may have learnt. Once the matter with Night Fortress is settled, I’ll take back his skills.’

‘As for A-Hu, he may be a skilled combatant, but I’ve figured him out, so he’s useless in the Fuma candidate selection. His Majesty may have chosen ridiculous topics to compete in, but I have absolute confidence that I can handle them now.’

‘The only thing I didn’t expect is that she’s Jin Wangsun’s backer in the palace.’

‘Who is she? She’s none other than the Emperor’s pearl, our nation’s first Princess to get married, Princess Jingan.’


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